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  1. Hi all I have a quick question regarding the Beginner's Boxes. I have been listening to the Faniable soloshot podcast and got inspired. I have purchased the F&D core book and a set of dice. My plan is to run a short campaign (1 year or so) or the published adventures for my home group. What I was wondering is how basic is the Beginner Boxes. Since I have the core book, would the BBs give the players a basic rule book that they can use for every day play and reference mine as needed. Could they get one of the other two boxes if they wanted to play a race or career not in F&D? I thought that if they needed to buy a set of dice, then for an extra $25 bucks (dice is $25 and BB is $50 in Australia) if they could get a basic rule set, that might be an good option. Thanks for your help Taffy
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