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  1. Does not sound fun and it definitely happens but managing your health efficiently is a part of the game. By that reasoning why declare as a defender against Rhino at all until you flip the boost card? If it is not enough to kill you than it seems a waste to exhaust your hero at all. I think the difference of opinion is individual play style. In your scenario I don't see playing a defense buff before the boost icon reveal as much of a gamble but staying in hero form with almost no health against a villain known for high attacks is.
  2. I think the situation you use them in determines how much of a gamble it is. A low health hero engaged with minions would probably use one to completely block the villain attack to stay alive or if Rhino has attachments and his attack is already high before the boost card. Or if your character is the 'tank' and will block for other players. Kinda depends on your character's play style and how you built the rest of your deck.
  3. I believe you played this correctly. Under "Cost" page 5 of the RR "While a player is paying a cost, that player must pay costs with cards and/or game elements they control".
  4. By my understanding of the rules this particular card would trigger at step 2. The timing is based on the replacement effect "When your hero..." not Hero Interrupt (defense). Hero Interrupt (defense) is a game state that you must be the target of an attack and defending with your hero but does not determine when it happens. "When your hero defends" triggers the replacement effect. I am basing this on "Enemy Attacks" page 6 and "Replacement Effects" page 14 of the rules reference. Hope that helps.
  5. All those are listed on their site as well. The one I listed has a different name.
  6. There is an expansion due in that may be the next stand alone scenario. Some folks in the miniatures section found on the Lion Rampant Imports product pages a lot of upcoming releases for all FFG games. There is another product release that month that thematically sounds more for Innsmouth cycle.
  7. The same distributor also list the mysterious FFGSWM39 Dial Pack.
  8. I like to run DP-23 clone upgrades and since they are range 1-2 they are already moving across the board and can "escort" R2 & 3PO across a battlefield with 3PO generating tokens until late when R2 can make a break for it and complete the secret mission. Distract/inconspicuous keeps them alive early rounds while soaking some shots late. It is possible to get the best out of R2 & 3PO in the same game but it is also a little transparent.
  9. I like that idea too. Most situations that is still a lot on the line without being completely over the top. Depends on how reckless you like your Anakin. The dice not being able to be modified again feels thematic too. Kinda like Anakin pulls some random plan out of thin air and rushes into with no regard for a plan B.
  10. If Anakin allows dice rerolls maybe it has to be all dice. Kinda capture that 'good isn't good enough I have to be great' attitude with a large risk and it ties into the Vader commander showing Vader more experienced and disciplined.
  11. codytx2


    It would be neat to see an essentials expansion with the damage deck, obstacles, range tool, movement tool, objective cards, and dice. Give new players an option to skip the original core if only playing Clone Wars and allow existing players to add Clone Wars without the need for a tradition core set with unnecessary components.
  12. Don't remember "Let the old folks die off so I can get my haircut" as an official campaign slogan. If it bothers you so much that you have to correct people when you travel maybe don't bring the same attitude back. Other people having a *** attitude doesn't justify you having one also. You are right I should of not let myself be pulled down with the rest of the morons.
  13. Libel an entire state based on one person & we are the ones rude, crude, & primitive? Gotcha. Not everyone is a cultist that automatically agrees with everything our leaders say. Stop projecting.
  14. https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/45724/asmodee-reveals-june-release-plans Low info article mentions 4 Legion SKUs due for release in June. My guess is Iden, Cassian, Droid Tank, & Vital Assets.
  15. F*** you and the horse you rode in on. How is that for Texan for ya?
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