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  1. I could see Predator being in a possible second talent slot since your action is being used doing tractor shenanigans. It at least gives you one reroll when firing out of your primary bullseye arc. Edit: I think I am unclear on Pinpoint Tractor Array; is the rotate action not your action for the turn? If not, then I think I use Marksmanship in the second talent slot.
  2. This is the only time I miss points on cards. Do I pre-order 2 or 8?
  3. Also very likely. If there is an upgrade to add Salvo to other/multiple ships General Tagge is going to be fun to use.
  4. Maybe Salvo builds your dice pool from what is available on your attacked arc that matches the initial attack. Also, you can only return fire from the attacked arc into the original firing arc. Example; an Arquitens attacks from it's front arc into an MC80 side arc at medium range. The MC80 can only Salvo a blue and red in return from the side arc into the front of the Arquitens instead of it's full battery. Option 2 Salvo has a set dice pool and mechanic similar to Counter on squadrons.
  5. I completely agree it is a double edged sword. If done well the new X-Wing products might offer enough of the Armada experience or simply enough of something new that X-Wing players see no need to justify a second miniatures game. And with how FFG overlaps their designers the new product lines might be outstanding in each game but too similar when compared to one another. Even w/ everything happening in a short time period I expect it to still be a tough sell. Thanks for the well wishes.
  6. I am also seeing a chance to grow local communities a little more. X-Wing has always been a death match game but with the excitement around the new Epic rules from it's community (assuming they are objective based as advertised), the smaller fleet scenarios & full campaign in Rebellion in the Rim, and Clone Wars on the horizon this may be the best time to start recruiting new players into Armada.
  7. Check out Gold Squadron's recent tournament videos on YouTube. The thumbnails are the lists for each player and I'm pretty sure I saw at least one match up w/ that setup.
  8. I have been trying out something similar to this. Darth Maul Perceptive Copilot General Grievous DRK 1 Probe droids Hull Upgrade Scimitar Hate Separatists Drone x4 Energy-shell Charges 196 pts. Grievous and the hull upgrade make Maul tankier while the perceptive copilot gives a second focus for the second primary attack or defense. Haven't tried Dooku b/c my force charges are rarely full. Grievous is hit or miss depending on what your opponent targets first/what you present your opponent to target first. I have been finding the Sep Drones could be dropped to lower initiative to add Krakken or struts. Been only facing higher initiative named pilots so far so my having I3 vs I1 vultures makes no difference in play order. Probe droids have been fun to use gaining locks w/ the vultures while disengaging.
  9. You convert currency into expansions. Is one delivery pizza worth 1 Arquitens with 1/3 flotilla for a tip?
  10. Is it possible to not turn this place into the toxic dump that is Twitter?
  11. Boarding party. Sabotage a turbolaser, ordnance, or ion cannon upgrade.
  12. For fun, a little jank, and if you do not want to hear from the folks in your local group for a few days I have this Scum list I call Emon Aholes: Emon Azzameen Trick Shot Tractor Beam Cluster Missles Proton Bomb Inertial Dampeners Shield Upgrade Slave I Sunny Bounder & 2 Cartel Spacers Mix between Ion Cannons & HLC (198/200 w/ 2 HLC & 1 ion but all 3 can carry ion for 200/200) The M2s tie up ships while Emon flies around dropping/launching stuff at them. Went through a mini x-wing swarm by running 2 off the board.
  13. Hyena 2-? depends on point cost & different configs on the different pilots. If able to have 3 w/ some sort of ordnance on each for under 100 points and not all I1 I would get a 3rd. Silencer 0-1, Tie s/f 0-4 been trying to limit my factions since I play Imps in Armada (SSD coming soon), epic seems to be on the way, & a small group of players here are looking into Legion as well.
  14. BCW has a whole section dedicated to photo size sleeves, pages, and toploaders. I have used them in the past for larger sized cards in other games. The downside is most of their products are sold in quantities larger than what you will need. I either split them w/ other players that need them or pick up the few I need off Ebay. Also, if the card ends up being closer to 3.5x5 then you can use sleeves designed for over sized Magic commander cards.
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