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  1. Happy to see the Geonosian Fighter, hopefully the LAAT is not too far off for Republic! Thanks for sharing man.
  2. False. While Filoni chose to write him out he was still Canon thanks to the graphic novels. Alas Legends now.
  3. Durge, really wish the character wasn’t thrown away by Disney
  4. @BigBadAndy yeah I don’t know what happened there, used to be lots of activity in the painting forums when I still played Hordes. Armor looks pretty unique, with such fine details I totally understand the fatigue and lack of desire for touch ups. Look forward to seeing what you do with Tomanatsu. Graduate classes started up again so I’m not really finding time to paint at the moment between that and my day job, kids, and home revisions. I should be back at it early June though!
  5. I had hated K2 was not in any of the LCG sets but the rest of the rebels from Rogue One were. I had hated K2 was not in any of the X-wing Expansions but the rest of the rebels from Rogue One were. I noticed he along with a few other nifty cards were given out as the LCG got the axe... Anyone had the set available for sale? Would love to complete my LCG collection. Feel free to PM me!
  6. I had been considering that as well and was meaning to check and see if any precedent had been set by the other minicrate. I also had pondered the possibility of getting another figure who is not a member of the 7 great clans, such as an oni or possibily a notable character like Yoritomo. Along the same lines as the Naga. We’ve seen concept art for Kaito Kosori and Shosuro Sadako so I would assume at least Sadako will be in the next wave to distribute the love amongst the clans (no more than no clan member per wave). After them I’m fine with them being tight lipped on the releases. I like the surprise!
  7. I’d be willing to bet she is the next month after Shoju but wouldn’t mind if we got another surprise with a mounted Unicorn of some sort!
  8. I think Bayushi Shoju kind of confirms there will be a second round seeing as PP had previously revealed concept art for 7 figures total (6 per month +vip bonus) and Shoju was not one of them. These are indeed a blast to paint. I hope it keeps going for awhile to get many iconic characters!
  9. The next L5R mini after Daidoji Uiji is a surprise as PP strayed away from the revealed concept art! Those duplicitious Scorpion... Pretty excited to get some paint on this one.
  10. Took some time but here’s my Matsu Tsuko! Finished her up last night and am overall happy with the end product. Faces are something I desperately need to improve with, female ones especially, so the open helmet of Tsuko made me nervous. Not Golden Demon by a long shot but do feel like I’m getting a little bit better! Tried to have the capture the feel of the Ikoma plains with the tall wind swept brown “grass.” I do wish PP would provide higher res studio models, it was tough trying to use the grainy pic as a point of reference for colors. Wasn’t able to finish her in the Feb like I had hoped (daughter was born😀 and a necessary paints arrival was delayed 😕) but am still keeping my growing L5R collection fully painted!
  11. I had some early forays in plastic with the initial Convergence release and the Naga was soooo much better in comparison!
  12. @Manchu @Schmoozies Metal, plastic, restic, resin, finecast, whatever. I literally had no clean up besides washing off possible mold release agent remnant. I am very impressed with the quality regardless of material. I’ve bought models from many differant lines and manufactorers and these have been some of the cleanest sculpts. I would be happy to provide better pics of the bare metal if that might be an incentive to encourage some of you to jump on board?
  13. @BigBadAndy Unless the piece is too heavy I usually just score the contact points then hold the model in an angle so that gravity works with me. So for example Togashi Yokuni’s sword points were pointed straight up. To echo @Manchu‘s statement I’ve heard people swear by zip kicker but have never needed it. Also if the glued piece is heavy enough I worry the weight will break down the glue bond I also pin it. These L5R model arms are light enough I doubt it will be an issue. @Matsu Kenshin they might bounce back and forth with material. From what I’ve seen from their other minicrate line some modes are metal others plastic. Admittedly I feel details are often crisper on metal but know some prefer plastic.
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