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  1. I had some early forays in plastic with the initial Convergence release and the Naga was soooo much better in comparison!
  2. @Manchu @Schmoozies Metal, plastic, restic, resin, finecast, whatever. I literally had no clean up besides washing off possible mold release agent remnant. I am very impressed with the quality regardless of material. I’ve bought models from many differant lines and manufactorers and these have been some of the cleanest sculpts. I would be happy to provide better pics of the bare metal if that might be an incentive to encourage some of you to jump on board?
  3. @BigBadAndy Unless the piece is too heavy I usually just score the contact points then hold the model in an angle so that gravity works with me. So for example Togashi Yokuni’s sword points were pointed straight up. To echo @Manchu‘s statement I’ve heard people swear by zip kicker but have never needed it. Also if the glued piece is heavy enough I worry the weight will break down the glue bond I also pin it. These L5R model arms are light enough I doubt it will be an issue. @Matsu Kenshin they might bounce back and forth with material. From what I’ve seen from their other minicrate line some modes are metal others plastic. Admittedly I feel details are often crisper on metal but know some prefer plastic.
  4. Matsu Tsuko came very early this month! Blu-tacked her together to get a glimpse. As excited as I am to paint her up I’m on hold until some paint comes in 😕 These are great models!
  5. @BigBadAndy thanks man. I’m trying to make the bases indicative of where the model, or model’s clan, are from. Those are old left overs from a Gamesworkshop Woods set I had for Wargaming. Figured it would let me work with my limited space to try to give off the suggestion of Shimomen Mori. Here are the PP forums: https://privateerpressforums.com/ (does not seem to be as much activity there as here but figured as PP made the models) The minicrate page with place to upload painting minicrate models: https://www.mini-crate.com/ (place to upload files is at the bottom of the page) They have still yet to post mine ... May seem silly but I’m posting these guys everywhere in hopes the partnership between PP and FF continues 😎
  6. Tried to stick close to the art it’s based on and as some constructive critics have suggested I could have lightened up the underbelly more but there is a more visible discrinction in person. Not as good as my Togashi but still happy!
  7. @BigBadAndy looking good! If you have an account on the Privateer Press forums you should post them there for more exposure for the line. Also on the mini-crate page there is a place to upload your finished mini pics that requires no account if you would be interested. Looking foreard to getting Matsu Tsuko here in the upcoming days, I’ve got a plan for her golden Lion armor! I’ve also got a decent picture of my finished Naga I’ll post once I resize it appropriately. I like your idea to use a bigger base, more real estate to work with when basing. I like your flagstone! Hope we keep seeing these pop up they are a lot of fun to paint. 😁
  8. Liono58

    L5R Miniatures game

    No harm in constructive criticism! I hear what you are saying but do feel the distinctly different greens looks better in person as my lighting is far from ideal. Maybe another picture will better differentiate the colors but alas miniature photography is still a skill that alludes me haha. If you are a subscriber please post your painted models too! There does not seem to be a ton of advertising for these and I hope the line will continue after this first wave. Sorry for the sideways photo, not sure how to adjust it here.
  9. Finished Naga Hunter with base intended to capture feel of Shinomen Mori.
  10. Liono58

    L5R Miniatures game

    Finished up the Naga Hunter today. I don't think it's as good as my Yokuni but am pretty pleased with how it turned out. Was trying to capture the feel of Shinomen Mori with the base.
  11. Liono58

    L5R Miniatures game

    You can purchase single ones but need to do so in advance. Currently Hida Tomonatsu is the March model and you have until Feb 5th to “order” one. After that you can sign up for the next one, and so on and so forth. Unless I misunderstood the minicrate guidelines you can “subscribe” for a single figure.
  12. Liono58

    L5R Miniatures game

    Thanks man! It was a lot of fun to paint, if you start with the harder to reach recessed areas it makes the detail work a lot easier! Glad to see some others painting them up as well, hopefully others jump on the Mini crate so the line continues! Based on his art I really want to paint a Hida Kisada 😀
  13. Thank you very much! I use cork for some bases but this one is actually bark. I make sure it has plenty of time to dry out, you can speed this up a variety of ways, after doing so I brush on a few coats of PVA glue. Doing so allows the glue to soak into the bark which makes it tougher when it dries. I trim most of the tab off the feet leaving little ones underneath each foot then using an exacto knife and file, I slim the remaining tab down until it looks like part of a brass rod. I then align the model where I want on the base and drill two small holes into the bark. I dry fit to make sure everything lines up and when I am ready to affix the mini to the base I put some super glue into the drill hole and some clear drying model glue on the bottom of the feet. This allows my tabs to grab hold of plenty of the base interior and the feet to be secured without worried about fogging potential paint on the base. Hope this helps! I really like this model and had quite a bit of fun with it and look forward to painting the others. The Naga is pretty straight forward and I've already started mapping out what colors I would like to use for Mastu Tsuko.
  14. I have yet to see many painted ones but I only got mine last Wednesday so I’m hopeful mini crate subscribers just haven’t got to them yet as they are so new. I’ve been posting mine everywhere (unfortunately likely seem conceited) in hopes of attracting new subscribers. I’m only a new recuit to L5R but have been doing a lot of reading on the background and hope these minis keep getting cranked out. Hope to see yours painted!
  15. Great models! I recommend everyone picks them up! @BigBadAndy that Naga is looking great