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  1. Thanks, that must be it! However 40-49 status seems very low for that, if the Karo "A Karo was a high ranking advisor to a daimyo. They were sometimes the rikugunshokan of an army of that daimyo as well, his minister, or his chief magistrate. One of his duties were to handle the daily affairs. " (https://l5r.fandom.com/wiki/Karo) 40-49 would be equivalent with a gunso, or ANY magistrate, not the chief magistrate?
  2. Pg. 305 of the rulebook mentions a Darō for the 40-49 status scores. What is a Darō? They are not mentioned elsewhere in the book and Google was not my friend for this question.
  3. Really interesting setting and cast, will be following!
  4. So this is where I am at right now. Clear Water Village shifted for it to be on the shore Golden Cliffs Village (named after larch trees) added - this will be a minor lord for my PC's to serve (and the more I dig into the Yasuki the more I think we are going to have such fun with this ) Black Crane Estates left in position of Shadowlands map Friendly Traveller Village as well Assumed Crane hold most of the northern 'island' - and according to lore they still have an outpost at the tidal landbridge, which I assume crosses at Clear Water Village Thoughts?
  5. @Kitsune Sachiko I have to second @klatschi0212's comment - your maps are gorgeous! Don't suppose I could tempt you for a foray into Crab territories?
  6. Aaaand I just found the answer to the 'where are the rapids' riddle in the 4th Edition 'Strongholds of the Empire': "While the River of Gold is wide and slow-moving for most of its length, a set of rapids to the north of Clear Water Village prevent it from being fully navigable. The Crab have gotten around this by building a small river port above the rapids. Over the years this has grown into a small satellite village, North River Wharf." This is pretty much what I was working to, so yay!
  7. Honestly I appreciate the effort, but it seems to me that the geography in both maps and descriptive are a bit of a mess. With the potential for immersion breaking out-of-character confusion for both GM and players. At least with the helpful comments here I know enough to mark up my own map so I can give my players a consistent story.
  8. Magnus, that is indeed the only description that remotely makes sense, although there really would be no river flowing south if there were a quick, smooth runoff to the south. But leaving base geographyt aside I cannot come up with a better explanation. I am still stumped by the Kaiu wall though, as (in I believe EE) the suggestion is made that it is more a defence against the Crane, using the Shadowlands as an excuse... Invasion up the unnavigable stretch of river...
  9. Alright, thanks! And it's not just the cartographers, the writers are just as suspect Mmm. So Clear Water 'Village' is Hida, not Yasuki?
  10. On the map on pg. 9 of Shadowlands I see the island east of Earthquake Fish Bay marked as Yasuki, and the land (island? - see my question regarding river flows...) to the north of it marked as 'Souther Crane Lands'. Yet the text on page 64 describes how the Yasuki Estates are also known as 'Black Crane Estates'. They are described as 'overlooking Earthquake Fish Bay'. Yet the Black Crane Estates marked on the map on pg. 9 are nowhere near Earthquake Fish Bay. In Emerald Empire, pg. 128, there is reference to the Scorpion Bayushi and the Crab Yasuki families working together to fight back the river pirates. This seems to suggest the Yasuki DO have holdings on the river, and not just the island east of Earthquake Fish Bay. How far north do the Yasuki holdings extend? Where is the border between Yasuki and Crane? And Yasuki and Hida? Where is the Yasuki 'Black Crane Estates' located? Is someone trying to drive me mad with all these apparent disconnects? Am I missing something obvious?
  11. The flow of rivers has me deeply puzzled as well. Looking at the River of Gold, it flows down from Scorpion only to fork at the Fox Clan's Palace: "South of Scorpion lands, the river forks. The smaller branch runs east to the ocean, while the main trunk of the river continues to wind southward." This short stretch to the east is apparantly navigabe, because: "The Fox Clan's palace is built overlooking this juncture. The Fox's inability or unwillingness to stop Mantis raiders from sailing in and attacking Scorpion shipping has been a sore point between the clans for some generations." Okay, except for rivers forking being a really rare thing, I follow it so far. But then I get really thrown by the southern arm: "The last navigable stretch of the river ends at Clear Water Village-in truth, a city-and below that, the river becomes an impossible tumble of rapids and waterfalls." So if both arms from the Fox Clan's palace lead down to the same level (sea level), the drop over both is the same. Given that the southern arm is MUCH shorter than the eastern arm, I'd expect the southern arm to be calm and fluid, and I'd expect rapids and waterfalls in the eastern arm. If there are no waterfalls in the eastern arm, then the atitude drop cannot be much. So how do we then have the southern arm travel a long way, and then suddenly hit rapids and waterfalls at Clear Water Village? Did the water flow uphill just because the kami want to enjoy the waterfalls to the south? Or am I missing something and did I misread the whole thing? Also, what direction are the Kaiu Wave Walls facing at Clear Water Village? " Clear Water Village is the Crab Clan's best trading port, and as such, it is heavily fortified, with conventional walls surrounding it on land and the immense Kaiu Wave Wall securing the harbor against attacks from the sea." Do they protect upstream (to the North) or downstream (South)?? Given how the river becomes non-navigable I guess they must be facing north, but then they'd protecting against attacks from the river, not to the sea? Edit: The sidebar on pg. 65 of Shadowlands states that the wave walls protect the mouth of the river... So that would be... South? Towards the non-navigable part???
  12. Quoting from Shadowlands - which just landed on my doorstep today - on the Curtain Walls: "Rokugani generally imagine these massive walls being constantly lined with Crab troops; they likewise believe that , should a curtain wall ever be breached, the Empire would be in imminent peril of being overrun. This is not true, however. While the Crab do, indeed, make a determined effort to hold the threatened sections of the curtain wall, they know that a single, linear defence is simply too fragile to be reliable. Accordingly the main purpose of the curtain wall is to delay attackers, giving the Crab time to marshal and maneuver forces behind the Wall, ..."
  13. Thanks all for all the helpful responses! I will give my players the following options: Samurai from within Family, attended Family school or other Clan school Samurai from within Clan, attended their own Family school (preferred) or other Clan school I will need a story from them why they now serve this daimyo Samurai from outside the Clan, will need a reason why they joined the Crab and this Family in particular I am leaning towards Yasuki or a minor family within the Yasuki - primarily because this seems to offer a more diverse range of adventure options
  14. I assume that applies to the Great Wall? because I do not believe Hadrian's Wall would ever have paid itself off that way
  15. I have a little bit of beef with the 'fail' in this bit: "The historical Great Wall was a bit like the the Roman Hadrian's Wall in that the assumed function (keeping out hordes of enemies) was something it generally failed at mainly because the old military adage of 'defend everything and you defend nothing' and opponents could overwhelm local forces and get past." The very layout of Hadrian's Wall and the reinforcing forts some depth behind it suggests that the purpose was never to be a hard stop for an invading army. It was to delay and to channel - allowing troops in depth to mass and contain the invasion. So you are right in that the Great Wall and Hadrian's Wall could not 'keep out hordes of enemies' - but I' put forth that for Hadrian's Wall at least the intent was never that simple.
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