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  1. Agree, some of the categories seemed useless, and in effect have a lower short term impact than the less severe wound.
  2. AH. We certainly missed the doubling and the bonus successes. Honestly I think that was desperately needed for it to be a finishing blow. I may actually be more on board with the rules as written (as opposed to 'as read'....) than what you are suggesting. Regarding the categories, I got kind of lost on what the jey difference between some of the categories above 'serious wound' is supposed to be. I do agree that the skirmishes seem less of a threat and that a fix may be wanted there.
  3. How so? I don't have the rules in front of me, but unless a lot of opportunity is rolled we are starting at deadliness 7 -> let's say 9 with 2 additional opportunities. With a few successes this is reduced to 5 or 6. And in case of a 1-handed katana it is 2 points less still. Off the top of my head we needed to be at 9 or 10+ to get to a 'game over' result. I mean, I saw one finishing blow from a single handed katana reduced to a mere flesh wound... Yes, luck was a factor here. But building up to the climax of the 'finishing blow' to only see a fizzle... Meh.
  4. I definitely did not miss the finishing blow rule. But to my surprise the 'finishing blows' turned out to be not very finishing. Wounding - yes. Finishing? Not at all. And that was with a katana. So the finishing blow inflicted grievous injuries on the opponent, but by merely switching to another ring they could happily keep fighting. And inflicted horrible wounds on the player we all expected would already have won by then... 'Ahaha! I will bite you to death!' ??? Note that this was in a duel with no armour. I hesitate to think how bad that would get if armour is worn. It really rained on the parade of the player who really aced the game to get the opponent to enter the battle with as much strife as possible, did not reward the good RP. Not what I'd like to see as a GM.
  5. Some observations having just wrapped up a short L5R campaign, and currently running a SWRPG campaign and having read the Genesys rules: I find the dice results MUCH easier to resolve in L5R than in SWRPG. The various outcomes from a single die roll in SWRPG do seem cool, but in effect I find myself frequently struggling on how to make a specific result _interesting_. This may be a case of 'just ask for less rolls', but I don't think it is just that. I do like the mechanism for difficulty dice rather than a target number - but it does take some time to figure out which dice all end up cancelling eachother. The skill rolls in L5R actually seem pretty straight forward. I like the brief discussion 'sounds like you're being tricksy here - air?' and think that adds a dimension. We hardly ever fall back to the skill descriptions to parse it out in detail, so it doesn't _feel_ like it grew 20 skills to 100 skills. I was initially worried players would just game the system and try to always describe an action as 'their strongest ring die' but in actual practice found this a rare occurrence. The duelling system is clunky and it seems almost impossible to kill someone. Even allowing the use of 2 opportunity to crit with an iajitsu kata duels still took far too long and felt like a slogging match - reducing the other players to spectators. We may have played it wrong, but I expected it to be 'game over' when the first participant got compromised - instead they took a severe wound and the fight continued. I don't want to resolve duels with a single die roll, but this is too far in the opposite direction. Range bands... They are fine for a theatre of the mind approach or with a 'loose' map based approach. I didn't really see a problem there - in either L5R or SWRPG. SWRPG drives me nuts with how rules are spread out between the main book and splat books. Less of an issue in L5R. Roll & keep mechanism in L5R: I like it, and it is a clear nod to the past editions of the game. Genesys: I found the rulebook very bland and uninspiring. Perhaps to be expected for a generic system, but there is nothing there that has me excited to use it for any campaign I am currently considering. None of these systems strike me as particularly elegant solutions, which I originally had high hopes for them to be. Maybe they just haven't started to sing for me yet, but... I'm not entirely sure I'd run L5R with the rules as written again. I may even look at Blood and Honor as an alternative. Star Wars/Genesys... I probably will not run that system again unless I suffer a real change of heart over the coming sessions.
  6. I've been thinking the same, my players certainly did seem to enjoy the 'managing a manor' part of the Pendragon campaign I ran 2 years ago.
  7. If anyone needs a version with transparancy for the white part, let me know. I made them to put tags over the portraits for my campaign wiki, such as: https://tomesoflegend.org/lo5r/index.php/Naoko
  8. My pre-order is now showing the book in stock at Wayland Games. However the book is not shown 'in stock' in their catalogue. So I guess they only received the pre-ordered quantities, at this time.
  9. Thanks, that must be it! However 40-49 status seems very low for that, if the Karo "A Karo was a high ranking advisor to a daimyo. They were sometimes the rikugunshokan of an army of that daimyo as well, his minister, or his chief magistrate. One of his duties were to handle the daily affairs. " (https://l5r.fandom.com/wiki/Karo) 40-49 would be equivalent with a gunso, or ANY magistrate, not the chief magistrate?
  10. Pg. 305 of the rulebook mentions a Darō for the 40-49 status scores. What is a Darō? They are not mentioned elsewhere in the book and Google was not my friend for this question.
  11. Really interesting setting and cast, will be following!
  12. So this is where I am at right now. <img> Clear Water Village shifted for it to be on the shore Golden Cliffs Village (named after larch trees) added - this will be a minor lord for my PC's to serve (and the more I dig into the Yasuki the more I think we are going to have such fun with this ) Black Crane Estates left in position of Shadowlands map Friendly Traveller Village as well Assumed Crane hold most of the northern 'island' - and according to lore they still have an outpost at the tidal landbridge, which I assume crosses at Clear Water Village Thoughts?
  13. @Kitsune Sachiko I have to second @klatschi0212's comment - your maps are gorgeous! Don't suppose I could tempt you for a foray into Crab territories?
  14. Aaaand I just found the answer to the 'where are the rapids' riddle in the 4th Edition 'Strongholds of the Empire': "While the River of Gold is wide and slow-moving for most of its length, a set of rapids to the north of Clear Water Village prevent it from being fully navigable. The Crab have gotten around this by building a small river port above the rapids. Over the years this has grown into a small satellite village, North River Wharf." This is pretty much what I was working to, so yay!
  15. Honestly I appreciate the effort, but it seems to me that the geography in both maps and descriptive are a bit of a mess. With the potential for immersion breaking out-of-character confusion for both GM and players. At least with the helpful comments here I know enough to mark up my own map so I can give my players a consistent story.
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