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  1. https://www.galacticqualifiers.com/ Next one is April 13-14 in the UK https://billetto.co.uk/e/uk-galactic-qualifier-milton-keynes-2019-tickets-308606 Seems like if you buy a ticket to go you can register on the first day to play.
  2. Made these 12 proxy cards today. Used Staples for printing, 110lb white cardstock, landscape. Total cost was about $1.40 Even though its 110lb card stock its still pretty flimsy so I just put the actual card in the sleeve as well to help keep them from bending. Here is the link for the Word Doc that has all 12, if you using staples you should be able to upload and print: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wjh9bnvpicklb10/StarwarsDestinyProxyTradingCardsPersonalUse.docx?dl=0 If this isn't allowed please remove. Otherwise if you decide to use them, enjoy! Matt the Radar Technician is Kylo Ren (The tormented one) btw
  3. I want to say yes. Think of it as redeploy, if a character dies and you redeploy the equipment to a character who has not rolled in yet, you may then roll that dice in when you activate that character. If you follow this scenario It should not be an issue. Roll in TOA -> Opponents turn -> Your turn: Play an ambush card (Hidden Blaster for example)-> Move TOA to another character -> Roll in character that now has TOA with your additional action from Hidden Blaster Regardless if the die was resolved or in your pool you can still move TOA to another character and the dice goes with it.
  4. Thats some pretty bad advice with how often it is stated that FFG has issues with their wording. Also if you payed attention it was nipped and all I said was I was waiting for the official response so that the arguing in my group was over, yet it seems people like to have a high horse on this forum sometimes :P
  5. You've made it quite clear as to where you stand for Free Fall and I have given mine, why do you keep trying to bicker over it lol? This whole "I am right and you're wrong" is the same issue I am having in the group I play with and this is why I emailed FFG for an official response on the matter. Since you are not an official spokesman for FFG you're interpretation is not the final say just as mine is not either. As for the cards you mentioned those are pretty clear as to what they do. Seems like the argument you had over Free Fall being too powerful was squashed with Force Misdirection and you're grasping for straws here but I digress. I am done with this back and forth though so good luck to you bud.
  6. This card costs 1 credit and could remove all your opponents dice just because you matched a symbol. The whole "its to powerful too be interpreted as the person playing Free fall gets to choose" just doesn't make sense at that point even with ambush. Remove all their dice and guess what they will probably do next? Claim, which means you can take all the additional actions you want.
  7. In my opinion ambush and removing one die is not really that powerful if my interpretation was correct. being "three times more powerful than any other removal" seems a little over exaggerated when there are other cards that are very powerful for low cost that are worse than removing only one die and taking an additional action. Also it would be fair to say it should say "Have an opponent choose a die, force them to remove it." instead of what it says now. The point I am trying to get across is that this card can be interpreted in two different ways and that is why I said I hope FFG replies to my email and sets that in stone in their own words so that its confirmed and there is no room for doubt in the group I play with.
  8. Well if that is the case I accept it, but still hope FFG Sends an email to seal that nail in the coffin cause the dispute still isn't over in the group I play with. Oh well
  9. woops! I edited the text in original post. I still hope FFG clarifies if they choose or not because it can still be seen as you choose or they choose without it signifying exactly whats to happen. The only argument I hear is its too cheap and has ambush to let you choose but I digress.
  10. If you're talking about the new Vader the effect, it is if a dice is removed during an opponents last turn, not your turn. I highly doubt FFG intended this card to have ambush and pay 1 credit to have an opponent remove one of your dice, that would make 0 sense.
  11. Yeah the wording is odd on this one. I just decided to remove it from my deck to avoid the arguing. Maybe FFG will add a holocron about this card. Since there is no specifics as to what dice they are removing it can be interpreted as in they choose one of their dice, or person playing the card chooses a dice. Its a mess. Yes its cheap, and theres ambush but still FFG needs to work on their wording on some cards.
  12. The group I play with have come into a disagreement for another card and I hope to get some more insight from other players. ---------------- Free Fall Ambush Force an opponent to remove one of their dice. Cost: 1 ---------------- The card states to force an opponent to remove a dice, one side of the group I play with thinks the opponent chooses which die to remove. The other side believes the person playing the card are forcing them to remove a die of their choice. Looking up other cards that involve dice removal there is almost always wording the revolves around forcing your opponent to choose a die to remove.. In this case the wording can go either way depending on how its interpreted. Personally when I see this card I see it as you choosing which die you are forcing your opponent to remove. Thoughts? Was unable to find any other posts regarding this card. Edit: Originally I had typed "Force an opponent to remove a dice" but it should have said "Force an opponent to remove one of their dice". Since it doesn't say they get to choose I still believe you get to choose if you play the card but it can go either way I guess with that wording. I messaged FFG to clarify how its interpreted.
  13. According to the FFG rules on shields: • Each character can have a maximum of 3 shields at one time. If an effect would give a character more than 3 shields, ignore the excess shields. With that being said does that mean you are allowed to give a character a 4th shield which would then be ignored keeping them at 3 and allowing you to play certain cards? For example Loth-Wolf Bond "Give up to 2 of your Blue characters 1 shield each. You may activate those characters in the order of your choice." This clearly says to give them 1 shield each, and the rules say if an effect would give a character more than 3 shields the excess shield are ignored. But the shield was still given which fulfills Loth-Wolf Bond's text right? There are other cards as well which you could give a character a shield to do something. The fact that the rules does not state that the shield must be given only that it would be ignored makes me think you could. I emailed FFG about this but haven't received a response so I figured id ask here.
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