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  1. Emperor Palpatine: Good old Stormie, which I was able to get actually look good for the first time. Haha, in my opinion at least:
  2. 2nd Darth Vader: 2nd 74Z Speeder Bike Unit:
  3. Chewies demon eyes look funny All minis look great!
  4. Luke Skywalker:
  5. E-Web Heavy Blaster Team Unit: Good old regular troops, to fit my Hoth table: @Lord Ashram: How do you like them apples...uh, eyes now? I used your recommended technique, it worked pretty nice!
  6. Thanks, great to have some comments from the masters! 😂 Thanks!
  7. Yeah, looks really good. Would make great idea for the table itself to play on!
  8. Well, there is only so many opinions and advices how to do the eyes. But thanks, will do my better next time
  9. Newest diorama is 5/5. I also like what you did with Scarif dio and the water looks really really nice!
  10. HAHA, yeah.. I'm not good with the eyes yet.. And you can't really see from the pictures his mouth either so I think that makes him look a little "slow".. But check out my Han "Demon eye" Solo I just finished! Thank you! Everything posted here is my newest paintings. I will post at some point my very first one from january 2019.
  11. murkkumise

    My paintings

    Here is few pictures of my latest paintings. I upload more photos when I take more photos 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team: Director Krennic & Death Troops: Chewbacca:
  12. That rock piece looks nice! And not to mention having 3 at-at’s is quite impressive as well!
  13. Thanks. Yeah, my apartment is really dim.. I need to get me some proper lights 😅
  14. Hey, I have made some progress with my Hoth terrain and here is folder for pics: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/98ar4jgekxhszui/AACRV11wuA2GaDHgZAp67GOSa?dl=0 Uploading pictures here is impossible and for some reason I can't get my pics on imgur, reddit etc. So here is my dropbox link!
  15. Today I finished some trenches/rocks and one bigger rock piece. Hope you enjoy, I know I do!
  16. Thanks! It’s supposed to come on top of my echo base, so it’s removable and more decorative piece for the base. Base is going to be playable from inside.
  17. Today I finished mountain for my table. I had styrofoam bottom, added some bits and pieces of trash on styrofoam and started coating with wet paper. Then I added few more layers of wet paper soaked in water-glue mixture. Then I painted it with black and added white to it. I'm quite pleased how this turned out. This piece is going to be on top my echo base:
  18. Hah, great convo up in here! Yeah, it actually looks like holotable.. Today I made this "mini ion cannnon" or something like that. I think it would play great as an objective
  19. Haha, I didn’t even think about that.. I mean, objective token doesn’t provide any kind of cover so.. But yeah, that remain thing sounds good :D
  20. Thanks! Me and my girlfriend were cleaning the house, throwing away old stuff etc. Then she found four of these pieces. I have no idea what they are, maybe something to do with curtains? Haha. Anyway, I was like ”Hmm, maybe I could make something for the game out of these” and came up with the objective token thingy. As I said, I’m not sure what they are supposed to be in the game.. Maybe old transmitters or something. What do you think it looks like? :D
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