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  1. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll play it again, solo at some point and see if I can see if I missed something. What has thrown me off is that the exploration cards have a very clear division between flavor text and mechanical effects, so I may not have been expecting to find actual game elements that impact the game there.
  2. We just had a game of 4 player Discover Lands Unknown. It was the island map scenario 1 . A specific item is required to advance through the game, however it appears that there isn't a mechanism to obtain that item. Maybe we didn't find it yet, but we have already investigated all the landmarks on the board. I found the Exploration card number that is required, but there doesn't seem to be a means to draw it. We ran through the game for 5 hours, which included character that can respawn resources and it never came up. The feature tokens didn't have the number needed, either. We ended up giving up on the game as it was 1AM and there was no way to win. Am I missing a piece or am I just confused/not handling things correctly? As a side question... what is the correct process for gathering features, and respawning them... Should we: 1. After gathering and spending the resource, return it to the features pile? 2. After gathering and spending the resource, put the spent resource feature in a discard pile? When respawning features should they be drawn from all available feature tokens, or drawn from only previously unused tokens? (Some have calls to Exploration cards and it seems like it can make a difference in the game) I'm being a little vague so not to spoil, I'd be happy to provide more details if requested.
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