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    Various questions

    Marines DO take Fear tests. P277 "When a PC is confronted by such a frightening event or adversary, he must take a Fear Test; this is a Willpower Test, modified by how frightening the thing is. If the PC passes this test, then he may continue to act as normal. If he fails, however, he succumbs to Fear." Which is then what triggers the -10 to Willpower in solo mode or Cohesion damage check in squad mode.
  2. I am necroing this thread just to comment my support for a Mentat Duke.
  3. JohnDoe244

    New character acquisitions

    Thanks. I figured as much. (Only War has a black box in its supplements saying what extra equipment can be added into character creation in its supplements.) I've looked through old threads and their seemed to be some debate over whether you could take a vehicle as your single acquisition by RAW.
  4. JohnDoe244

    How do you rule the relic bolt gun

    I would give it the trait RAI. RAW, it does not have the trait.
  5. The character creation rules on page 34 of the Corebook state: "Each character may then use the group’s starting Profit Factor to make one Acquisition (see page 272) of a single item from Chapter V: Armoury with an Acquisition Modifier of +0." I realise people houserule and handwave this, but RAW - is there anything to say you can instead pick from one of the RT supplements (or one of the related games like DH)?