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  1. New Version 3.1.4 for HotAC+FGA AI, which updates the HOTAC+FGA AI to version 7.2, the latest version on Boardgamegeek as of 6/26. To check out the new HOTAC+FGA AI, go here: x-wing-ai.com or download for offline use here. Many thanks to Hipsu for letting me know the new FGA AI was out! R/ TC2
  2. New version 3.1.3 for HotAC+FGA AI, which adds Maneuver Tables for every ship to the "Stats" section of the Main Page and also on the Ships page. This helps a bit when you want to see what maneuvers an AI ship is capable of performing, without having to go to another app to look it up. To check it out, go here: x-wing-ai.com or download for offline use here. Many thanks to sirjorj of xhud.sirjorj.com for permission to use his Maneuver Tables for this project. R/ TC2
  3. Tomcattwo

    IOS AI App?

    Hello Gupa-nupa, I coded the x-wing-ai.com web app and I own the website for it. I have not converted it to either an android or IoS app. x-wing-ai.com is free and will remain that way. The IoS app you referred to was written by another guy. Here's another way to get x-wing-ai on your iPhone or Tablet - for free: simply download the xwing_ai2.zip file onto your iPhone or tablet, unzip it and run it on Safari or using a local HTML viewer from the app store. You can download xwing_ai2.zip file from the x-wing-ai.com website: go to the Info page (click on the "i" icon in the upper right corner) and there is a link to download it on the Info page. Or just click this link : http://x-wing-ai.com/dist/xwing_ai2.zip Glad you are enjoying the app. Give it a try also using the new HOTAC+FGA AI that I just finished coding. The HotAC+FGA AI is the best available (in my opinion), created by Claes Sorrenson and Flight Group Alpha. There are 27 ships available in that AI (8 Empire, 8 Rebel, 9 Scum and 2 FO). All of the AI variants (1, 2, and HotAC+FGA AI) are included in the zip file (and on the website). R/ TC2
  4. The new HotAC+FGA AI is complete! Please see original post for details...Thanks to Hipsu and Wolfshead for playtesting! R/ TC2
  5. Hipsu, pls msg me. Thanks. Beta is ready for review. Wolfshead, PM sent. Regards, TC2
  6. All FGA/HOTAC Empire ships are done (Decimator, Lambda, Tie fighter, Tie Intetceptor, Advanced, Defender, Bomber, Phantom), First order (Tie fo and Tie SF), Rebels (8 ships -x,y,a,b,z,yt-1300,yt-2400,VCX-100(Ghost)) are now done, as well as 3 of 9 Scum (z, y, M3A). Only 6 more scum ships to program and FGA/HOTAC AI will be done! I should have a beta out this weekend. Looking at the other solo threads and this very interesting article https://www.goonhammer.com/x-wing-flying-solo-part-3-machine-vs-machine/ , there is definitely usefulness to programming this for Flight Group Alpha (HOTAC plus FGA) AI. 27 ships (of ~85 total x-wing minis) is almost 1/3 of the way to a full blown very decent solo AI. I don't mind doing the programming if Claes or others in FGA want to write up good AI for additional ships outside of the 27 I have already done or am about to finish for HOTAC+FGA) . With 27 different ships sporting HOTAC/FGA AI, this app takes a lot of the work out of flying solo, and provides a much-improved AI fight whether you are actually playing HOTAC or FGA scenarios or just playing for fun. It's much more competitve than my AI 2nd edition app. R/, TC2
  7. Status update on Flight Group Alpha (FGA) AI inclusion in x-wing-ai: I started coding about 4 days ago. So far, I have all the functionality properly working, and I have all 4 factions from FGA on the app and running on my test bench. All of the Empire ships have fully functional AI, and tonight I just finished adding full functionality for both First Order ships (TIE/fo and TIE/sf) . I also added Flee table information/maneuvers (for ships with hyperdrives installed) for each ship this afternoon (that functionality wasn't included in the HotAC AI). I only have one Rebel ship (T-65 X-Wing) and one Scum ship (BTL-A4 Y-Wing) coded so far, but both are working properly. 12 ships down, 15 to go. I should be done and have it published by the end of this week. Hipsu or Wolfshead, please let me know if you would be willing to check my work against FGA's AI cards to make sure I got them all correct. If so, when I have it all coded, I will send you a link to the Beta so you can download it and check it out for me. Thanks, R/, TC2
  8. Hipsu, I quickly reviewed FGA. It's do-able. May take me a week or two. I don't plan do the python code - I'll just hand-jam the data into a new ship's file and rewrite the HotAC AI us file to accomodate the new ships (19 of them). R/, TC2
  9. Hello Hipsu, I'll take a look at the FGA page and see how big of a project that would be. I wasn't even aware there WAS an Imperial campaign 😲! In AI 1 and AI 2 (non-HotAC), it is easy to add additional ships, since the AI_shipsX.js JavaScript file is updated by using a python "builder" based on an easy-to-populate .XML file or files. But the AI 1/2 are not as "sophisticated" or as complex as HotAC AI. For HotAC AI, I had to make a lot of additions to the AI_shipsX.js file to add the new phase functionality. Since there were only 8 Imperial ship types that were needed, I just did a one-off manual build of that file rather than trying to update the python generation files. If I then expand the number of both factions and ship types included in HOTAC AI, then I might be looking at a bigger project of needing to rewrite the python generation files, and I'm not as proficient at python programming as I would like. I'll have a look and see if what you ask is a do-able thing. R/ TC2
  10. At some point in the future, I might look at coding the FFG AI into x-wing-ai.com (assuming they will allow me to do so without intellectual property issues becoming problematic), but right now my head is mush because I just finished coding HotAC AI into x-wing-ai See post here ... Regards, TC2
  11. Here are .png files for each faction. Unfortunately I don't have the Update icons These are all 100 pixels x 100 pixels. Regards, TC2
  12. See original post for update information on the addition of "Heroes of the Aturi Cluster" Campaign AI 2nd Edition to x-wing-ai! Regards, Tomcattwo
  13. Thanks, great tutorial. I constructed my table this afternoon. Couldn't find a Cosco table at any nearby stores or on line, so I bought this one from Amazon: Flash Furniture Black Folding Card Table (33.5" x 33.5") for $39.52. A 4' x 4' x 15/16 sanded plywood panel from Lowes ($14.92). Black felt (72" x 2 yards) from Amazon ($23, but I didn't want to go to any nearby fabric stores right now). I had some slotted (rather than hex head) 3 1/2 inch x 1/4" bolts, flat washers and nuts in a bin in my garage. I used a thicker 15/16" plywood for a sturdier (though heavier) playing surface. After bolting the plywood to the folding table, I decided the bolts were just too long, so I lopped them off with bolt-cutters to about 1" below the underside of the folding table, then reassembled it using the flatwashers, a lock washer and a wingnut. That way, if I want to, I can dismount the felted panel from the folding table for separate use (may need to cut a small slot in the felt over each bolt in order to hold it for disassembly). The whole thing stores under a bed in a spare bedroom, nicely out of sight when not in use. Props to JoblessPunk for sharing this great idea and a really good tutorial. R/ TC2
  14. ROFL - Electronic Arts....
  15. See first post for details on the Update of xwing_ai2 to version 2.0.2! R/ TC2
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