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  1. He'll stay behind for now, barring anything new happening.
  2. Results 2eP+2eA+1eD: 3 successes, 3 advantage [2eP=S/A, S/S] [2eA=S/A, A/A] [1eD=F/Th] Copy pasta: link bbcode
  3. Spearhead hefts his scattergun, backing up towards the repeaters. "We need to lead them to the big guns!" He continues to fire on the approaching hordes.
  4. Results 3eP+1eA+1eD+2eB: 3 successes, 1 advantage [3eP=S, -, A] [1eA=S/A] [1eD=Th/Th] [2eB=-, S/A] Copy pasta: link bbcode
  5. Can't shoot horde 1 anyways, since I've got a blast weapon that would likely hurt Gunslinger even on a success.
  6. "I'll hit Gunslinger if I fire at that mass with this thing! We'll need someone with a more precise weapon! I'll hold the others off!" *He turns towards one of the other hordes and fires with his scattergun, trying to get as many enemies in the line of fire as possible.*
  7. Yes, it was intended as funding. If it helps us all profit in the long run, I can lend a hand where possible.
  8. Sonnray scratches his head, a slight look of concern flashing across his face. Nevertheless, he recomposes himself before speaking: "I understand. As long as you understand that I'd be a lot more comfortable sealing the deal if you all had working swoops. Once you've recovered the vehicle, we can seal the deal."
  9. Sonnray looks at the others quizzically. "I'm not exactly sure I'm following the conversation... Are you racing with a malfunctioning swoop?"
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