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  1. 7472 grunts at Gunslinger's comment about being property. "Doesn't mean we have to like it" he grumbles morosely. When Gunslinger is done, he thinks for a moment before replying. "I guess it wouldn't hurt being Spearhead again. Feels like starting from scratch. Or the closest thing to it I could hope for. Let's just pray my bad luck doesn't rub off on you lot." He stands at attention, ready to move on.
  2. 7472 gives Gunslinger a macabre grin. "Seems strange to be thanking the Colonel for giving me to you. If it's all the same, I'd rather at least pretend I'm a human being and not a piece of property. That said, looks like you get to 'keep' me after all, to use your word." He then regards Slugger. "Explosives? That's not me. I used to be a squad leader like loverboy over here, but since Geonosis, my squads tend to be put in the thick of the fighting. My pod brothers called me Spearhead, since my guys were usually first into combat. Since then, I've had other squads, and a few demotions, and they brought with them other nicknames; Survivor, Jinx, Deathwish, and a few that I probably shouldn't repeat. Sorry if this is a lot, but you should know what you're getting by taking me on."
  3. 7472 pockets his flask and stands, offering the colonel a tired salute. "I've served in a few already. I don't see how one more could hurt." He checks to make sure that he still has all his equipment with him.
  4. Brecor takes a sidelong look at Den, nodding in approval. "If I may add to the sergeant's query, what, if any, intelligence do we have regarding this self-styled Pirate Queen?"
  5. 7472 offers a swig of his flask to Gunslinger, breaking the silence after a few moments. "You lead your men well. They're a tough unit. I wouldn't have guessed it was their first mission from the way they acquitted themselves out there."
  6. Results 1eF: 2 Light Side [1eF=LS/LS] Copy pasta: link bbcode
  7. 7472 spends most of his time writing a report on the action he saw, as the only known survivor of his old squad. He logs the casualties, then roams around the camp for a bit, nursing a flask of cheap liquor. He feels out of place in this camp, among clones he hardly knows. He finds a relatively quiet spot to sit and enjoy his drink as much as he can, watching the other clones celebrate the recent victory.
  8. I'm a little unclear as to where exactly our characters are at the moment.
  9. Brecor Surit strides into the room, his officer's uniform crisp and close-fitting, his movements rigid and precise. Standing at attention, he offers a firm salute to Colonel Yularen. "Lieutenant Brecor Sturit reporting in, Sir. I apologize for the slight delay. I was detained carrying out a series of last-minute orders of some urgency on behalf of my superiors. I give you my assurances that my tardiness in no way reflects my capabilities as an officer or my commitment to whatever assignment you see fit to give me." Though he lowers his arm following this introduction, the Lieutenant remains at attention, awaiting further orders while examining the other soldiers present.
  10. Just got my tech issues sorted out. I'll be able to start posting tomorrow.
  11. Alright, I'll figure out what to get as the personal weapon and item. For now, I'm leaning towards Ship Captain, so that's likely what I'll go with for my Universal spec.
  12. Results 1eC: 0 successes, 1 threat [1eC=Th] Copy pasta: link bbcode
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