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  1. Thanks again, guys! Very fun, looking forward to next year!
  2. Just signed up, really looking forward to it. Thanks for putting this on @Rfrankum
  3. Very nice! I'll be there! I just have to figure out how to play...lol
  4. That is a good point, an ISD may just be a better use of Boarding Troopers, especially when you combine it with the Avenger title, & Pryce. All the goodies in one nice well wrapped present. I am guessing you are saying to use Demolisher instead of Boarding Troopers, which seems fine as well. I don't think we want to use Boarding Troopers on a Demolisher, Ordinance Experts just seems better, then spending two defense tokens. I like your list. I imagine it to be played a bit slower. I imagine the ISD's would want to cut the board and more methodically corner their prey. The squads would be in more of a support role, protecting flanks, or chasing down crippled ships, or whatever else is needed. It's two ships, I just think it would play different without. In fact your list is probably better overall, it just seems more balanced playing well more of the time. My thought is that the Quasar would move in and push hard on the alpha strike. You would be trading the quasar and squadron wounds for a large ship.The quasar could use the extra 4 squad command to help some squadrons get the jump, then slide in behind. Instead of having the Quasar, sitting back throwing the Squads into the fight to soften up the defenses, for the ISD to close in, the Quasar would get into the brawl. If the Quasar follows the squadrons in after throwing them, it presents a different choice for an opponent. They can blow up the Quasar, but the rogues will continue to be a pain, or other squads if the Gozanti is squad commanding. By committing the Quasar to the fight, you force the issue. You would need first player, and activation advantage to complete the one-two punch, if done though I don't see that ship surviving to fire back. Failing that you wold hope the squads to carry it. However if there is no whale to trade up for with your Quasar, or if the single whale is successfully screen by smaller guys, then it is just over costed.
  5. Let's just call it, "Motti's Avenger Initiative" Just occurred to me the other night, that you could run a Quasar I with boarding engineers, minister Tua ECM, Gozanti, and an ISD-II Avenger (or Cymoon). -Qausar can strip the shields, to setup Avenger. -Not running Sloane gives you flexibility to run what squadrons you want, maybe some rogues or black dice friends like defenders. -Or you could go with less squads and do something other then two ship -8 hull, 7 shields, redirect and brace with ECM, should get some work done before it goes boom, it will definitely go boom though. I haven't really played Quasar or ISD's, I am working my way through building a different Motti fleet design. I probably won't get a chance to try it for some time, so for those who have the experience, what am I missing here?
  6. Thank for the heads up @Thraug . We will be updated this thread with more details soon.
  7. No entry fee. Free give away to participants of Star Wars Armada promo cards, and Sling Paint accessories. Games will be played as a standard Swiss tournament where participants play 3 rounds with 400pt fleets. * Everyone will receive a promo assault proton torpedoes upgrade card, either an X-wing squadron promo or Tie (interceptor or fighter) squadron promo depending on faction played, and set of 8 Sling Paint Command tokens ( 2 of each command type).* * Players who qualify will receive an Early Warning System upgrade card with corresponding Sling Paint Chaff token, a Demolisher/Home One promo ship card, an additional set of 8 Sling Paint Command tokens ( 2 of each command type), and an Star Wars Armada 2016 Initiative Challenge metal coin. * Keep it casual, have fun. All welcome. I have reserved the private game room at Millennium in Rocheste for July 20th. If you have any questions ask here. ** If you haven't played the game and are interested, let me know, and we can show you how to play before the event. ** ** If you are light on ships, squadrons, or cards, let me know what you need and you can borrow one for use in this event. ** More details coming soon. Feel free to ask questions. Looking forward to seeing everybody! ***Note I removed some of the previous concepts to keep things simply being a first event. I like trying to to different things, but I think that is something best worked up too. I am asking Spectre8174 and WigTii from these boards to facilitate this, as they have been working on building the Armada group at Millennium. ****
  8. Bounty Hunter's and Rogues I plan to organize a Relaxed Tier Unofficial Tournament. It would just be a standard Swiss tournament following FFG guidelines, except for the following rules. Being a Relaxed Tier event, I want to foster an environment that encourages more diverse play, allowing for other measurements of success than the leaderboard alone. With the goal being to bring together a mixed group of players, from casual to competitive, I feel like the event structure should reflect that. I would appreciate feedback, is this something you would be interested in? Any suggestions on bounties or rogue fleet designations. ( Keep in mind each rogue fleet category would represent an additional prize pool & leaderboard, so the number must be kept to 4 or less, to ensure the ability to provide intriguing prizes as rewards, the Bounty Hunter would represent only one large additional ) When players register for the tournament, they must choose to play as either a Bounty Hunter or Rogue Player. In addition to all normal FFG rules they must abide by the following rules Bounty Hunter *Unless your Opponent Qualifies as a Rogue Player, anytime you remove from the game one of the below bounties add the corresponding pts to your total score for that game. Additionally, you qualify to win prizes based on the total bounties collected in the tournament. Bounties Demolisher 3 pts, Yavaris 4 pts , Avenger 4 pts Bail Organa 6 pts, Pryce 6 pts Toryn Farr 9 pts, Brunson 9 pts MJ 12 pts (any 2 of Maarek, Morna, and/or Jendon you must kill both) MMJ 20 pts (you must kill all three, does not stack with MJ you either get MJ or MMJ) Rogue Player *For each category you qualify for you will compete against other fleets in total score for prizes awarded to that category. You can not collect bounties and your opponents can not collect bounties from kills against your fleet. A player registered as a Rogue Player must qualify in at least one or categories below. Rogue Commander - (your fleet commander must be one of the following) Sato,Bel Iblis,Cracken,Mothma,Organa Konstantine,Ozzel,Screed,Tagge,Tarkin Rogue Squadron - (your fleet list can not contain any unique squadrons) Rogue Agressor Fleet - (you may only have ships in your fleet whose name has at least one of the following words or phrases in it’s title: “combat”, “assault”, “torpedo”, “Support”, “Class I”) Rogue Command Fleet - (you may only have ships in your fleet whose name has at least one of the following words or phrases in it’s title: “command”, “scout”, “Cymoon”, “Carrier”)
  9. Does anyone know if these Armada Fridays draw a decent regular amount of players? It is a bit of a drive for me, but if people are playing regularly there I would be interested in coming down, once or twice a month. I just wouldn't want to drive there and have it be empty Armada speaking.
  10. Hello Frank, I live in Elmira, and work in Ithaca NY. I and two friends are starting to play. Played a total of 3 games so far :), but I know I will be looking at finding a group soon. Probably my two friends will as well. Like you, I have two kids, and basically only have every other weekend to play. Direct message me here and we can exchange contact info.
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