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  1. Hello everyone Just a quick note to let you all know that I am withdrawing from this game. Good luck and may the dice gods bless your rolls!
  2. Is that Saul? If so, then do I need to roll initiative?
  3. Saul shoots the female trooper a warning look, and then deliberately slowly, swings out of his bunk and follows the troopers out of his cell.
  4. Saul listens as the muffled sound of the klaxons pierce the thick durosteel walls of his prison cell. We've arrived He thinks to himself. Time to put my training to good use. The rebels will never know what hit them.
  5. I have a cool idea. As he is a spy. He is a loyal Imperial subject raised on a core world, he is fully indoctrined and believes serving the Empire and the Emperor is the highest service one can do in the galaxy. He has been trained in the art of social infiltration and he has a special talent for slicing. He has been placed in the brig as part of his cover story, so it looks as though he is working for the Empire under duress but in reality, it is an attempt to get a rebel cell to recruit him into their ranks. He will do whatever it takes to plant evidence that he is secretly undermining the Empire in the hopes that it will get the attention of a rebel cell. Does that work?
  6. I kinda had him worked out to be a loyal member of the Empire. However, he is supposed to be more of an agent rather than a techie. Does that work?
  7. I'm not entirely sure what my character's position aboard a Star Destroyer would be. He is an Imperial Spy, with a specialty in slicing. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Work in progress spy Saul Invictus http://swsheets.com/c/ujq5zm95z-saul-invictus
  9. I'm here too. I have this idea for an imperial spy. He's a trained slicer, looking to infiltrate the rebellion.
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