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  1. To be fair, it’s a pretty well known fact about the show. It’s not too bad of a spoiler. I apologize anyways. You should probably watch the show 😛
  2. I kind of like the idea that the character moves on while still lost in time and space. My friend argues that because the ancient one was destroyed, along with the power that sent that investigator to be LITAS, that they are considered dead. My opinion is that since ANY Ancient One has the power to send someone LITAS that the investigator technically could be brought back. They’re not dead, they just lost lol. Like Barb in Stranger Things...before she got dead.
  3. Here’s the scenario; we finished the final mystery and won the first game of the campaign. One of the characters was lost in time and space at this time. The question I have is; will that character continue on into the next game, or are they considered dead/nonexistent?
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