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  1. I understand that and have admitted that multiple times since, once in the same post you are quoting. You admitting you said the same thing I was saying when I said they are making it up as they go is new and is a clear example of a larger problem. "Reworking the rule book from the ground up" is just a nicer way of saying "Making it up as they go." Also this did nothing to hurt my pride as I don't care. If anything it helped my pride because honestly not one person here has said even one thing to genuinely change my mind. I also feel like I changed some peoples perspective, as I came back with the wicked retorts they had no responses for. Or maybe they were just embarrassed, either way, go team.
  2. But it isn't really. Print enough non-random decks to make sure you tested everything that needed to be tested. If they used all random decks to test with they're just not that smart. Read above.
  3. While I agree with basically everything you said, It's also kind of my point. How did this much get through that they didn't notice? Severe lack of playtesting, or caring. Either way not good. You shouldn't have to word it any differently because they should have put in the time to make sure at LEAST the golden is rule would be true. But another failure.
  4. That's a whole lot more speculation. In reality the game played very smoothly and over 99% the way they Intended.
  5. I'm aware there not actually official and that was my point. Why is it ok for him to spread speculative information?
  6. I have the same one you have. Read GOLDEN RULE. By that you COULD modify turn 1.
  7. I know it still deals with the turn one rule but.. In the original rule book there was nothing stopping you from modifying the first turn, so by the GOLDEN RULE you could modify turn 1. Why have a golden rule if it's not actually true. Since they have changed it twice. In the original rulebook you could stun creatures that are already stunned. In rulebook 2 you cant. Now you can target them again. Are Brad's rulings official or no? If not why is it ok to spread speculative information?
  8. Ok well I'm not good at quoting people here I guess, not sure how this got the the top. Anyway, I can totally agree you were justified with the tone of your original post. I honestly never thought it would turn out to get this much attention. I do regret the words and tone I chose to use in my original post. I posted it after literally minutes of waking up to this news, which I also regret and wish I would waited until I wasn't angry about it anymore. That being said I still stand by the original message, and again the loss, which I know you and others don't think is real, even though it had a bid on eBay that was retracted before I woke up, was the breaking point. Everyone is saying can people paying a lot of money for decks are taking risks. Ok I can accept that. How are you ok with being a risk. It shouldn't be. You should be able to be confident if what you are buying. What about just the average player worrying about if there deck is going to change soon, not be able to use them or the decks not work the way they did when they got them and spent time trying to learn the deck. You can write it off as me complaining but it's not good for the game Now this is where I'm kinda shocked by what read.. You are really ok and would stick with the game if they reworked the whole rulebook from the ground up, which I kind of suggested was happening when I said it feels like they are making it up as they go, only to get much hate, but people are ok with you saying it for some reason. Yes I was, until I started get hate mail from this bitchslapper character. Apparently someone in here is a bit sensitive. One of my main issues is the sheer amount of thing that are broke. How do the developers not know the rules to there own game? Unfortunately, I'm not sure it can be fixed. Way too much got through the "playtesting". That was my bad. I was in alpha, it feels that long to me I guess. So they had 1 major rule change with the first 2 years. I'm ok with that number, since they weren't having to clarify every other interaction in the game. As you read I have also played hearthstone since before the beta wipe. Saying keyforge is created perfectly compared to hearthstone is, in the nicest way possible, nonsense. I like keyforge more, but keyforge has had way more issues than hearthstone ever had.
  9. Ok back in. Rhom - read through previous reaponses, if you have something to add after we'll talk. Ishi - Thanks for a real post this time. If what you say about the next 20 years by some miracle happens to come true then you got me. My point is though at the pace they are changing and rewording things, the game will be drastically different in even a years time. Also I can't be the only one seeing constant confusion at game stores. How is that healthy.
  10. Ok just for Kriswall, but in a good way though. The only actual mechanic changes your pointing out to me, that haven't already been talked about are the card limits being added to the game, tapping artifacts to turn them off, and the legends rule change. Everything else isn't a rule of the game. EX. Interrupts just got added in with instants, the functionality stayed the same. Adding the tap symbol didn't change any functionally, im not even sure you you mean by ending monocolor artifacts. Bury is just another word they used to use, again nothing functional changed. I brought up X Wing because you thought bringing up another game run by FFG, where they do the same thing, only it was so bad they had to rename the whole game, would be relevant. Also I was in no way discounting it, I was pointing out the only other game you said was also run by FFG. And also only 5 changes in hearthstones 10+ year existence. Again YEARS after the initial release.
  11. Ok I'm gonna stop posting now. FFG has definitely seen this by now. So I guess thanks for the help everyone? Look around and talk to people at stores, I'm not the only one talking about these issues.
  12. Kriswall -Yes slight exaggeration not quite 30 about 26 I guess. Your also right I forgot about those two. But ok still 5 major rules changes in 26 years. FFG had done that in a months, and already changed rules they changed once already, which I'm pretty sure hasn't happened in any other card game. Also I did provide examples you just decided they didn't matter I guess. Eternal, hearthstone, pokemon. You know, the only other card games people actually play. Also for the X Wing game.. are you really gonna count another FFG game in this conversation. I actually had to look it up. FFG is there only put company doing this. Also the fact the they RENAMED the game after all the rules changes should tell you something. How is that healthy. Edwin - Again, changing cards and changing core rules aren't the same. Also again, I did not get into keyforge trying to make money. It just so happens until they changed the rule I would have been able to. Losing the money was just the breaking point for me. Wonder - Because whether you want to accept it or not these are real issues.
  13. Someone tell me which card game has ever launched with this type of release. There hasn't been one, not sure why so many people say there are. I don't think there is ideal solution but the one thing you don't do is change your core rules. IT IS FFG fault the game is in the state it's in, look around the internet I'm not the only one who feels this way. Wether you take me serious or not these are real issues with the game. Theyve got themselves so twisted I truly believe they're making the rules up as they go. I never said there was a solution. I'm trying to bring all this up so they can fix/avoid I don't know do something different in the future.
  14. Ok for clarification, I opened the deck myself. Yes I was upset the rules they changed again did cause me to lose out on money that otherwise would have been a sure thing, because yet again they decided to change a core rule. But me losing out on the money was only the breaking point. My play group and myself have had issues with this game since day 1, with the lack of rulings on basically everything. Then they have no communication for like a month and finally put out a video that answered almost nothing. They release a couple more videos to help "clarify" issues in the community. Only to backtrack or straight up change the way a core rule works, they supposedly clarified. This has cause so many issues for my play group and other people I see at local stores. One person plays a card thinking they just read the ruling last week it has to work this way, only to be sadly mistaken. People arguing they have read the rule works one way and the other person swears they just read it works a different way. I have bought 4 boxes of decks, one of my friends has bought 7 boxes and multiple others have bought 2 or 3 boxes, and were all seriously considering not playing anymore. Yes, I know if me and my play group and friends were to all quit playing it would be almost nothing in the grand scheme of things, the thing is I know were not the only people who feel this way. So like I've read a surprising amount of times, are all theses constant rules changes "healthy" for the game. Because from what I see in the real world tells me different. Ok moving on. I feel like some people here are making some of my points for me... Lokekar - I'm not sure how this applies, I didn't buy the decks with the intent to resell them. I bought them because I enjoy the game and am addicted to seeing what the next name on the deck is going to be, and I guess trying to find one I thought was actually good. I just so happened to keep seeing people posting they were looking for decks that had what one of mine had in it, and were offering an absurd amount of money. Also, "And based on how your comments sound all that needs to happen is wait for the next rules change for everything to be reversed again..." made me chuckle. Rabbitball - So the consumers have to be punished because the company either didn't do the job well enough, or didn't have enough people to do the job correctly, or probably both? I'm not sure any other company in the world gets away with that. To be fair, yes I can see a few little things getting through, but base rules need to be known and how they interact with each other. How about changing rulings you made after the initial release. To me that's points to they're making it up as they go, which probably isn't the best idea. Krashwire - No worries. I know the lottery example isn't the exact same, but I'm not sure it's that far off. I was told when I bought the decks these are the rules. The rules randomly changed and I suddenly lost a lot of value. Basically if any other company would say "these are the core rules to this game" those are going to be the core rules to the game forever, because they have done the work required to make sure the product they are putting out actually works like intended. I'm not sure why so many people are giving FFG a pass. I know FFG doesn't care about secondary markets, and to be fair I could have done a better job in the original post to try and convey that. But what they need to care about it not setting up situations where keyforge players are actively arguing with each other because they cant agree on the rules. Whether it be from lack of rulings, or clarification, or backtracking on a rule they already changed, or changing a new core rule. Jeez, just the fact I can type that sentence out and it be legit seems bad. The prospect of the volatility being driven by the players does bother me, as I'm sure people here wont believe, and to be fair my original post was an angry post. But im almost always happy, and want to see others around me happy. That being said, I won't be really angry about it or anything, because sadly I expect that from the general population, (and I would blame the players who can't think for themselves in that situation.) I don't expect that volatility to come from FFG. Also, Im not sure Im fully understanding what your trying to say. Are you saying the volatility will come from the general population who doesn't agree with someone popular? And im not sure, how would I find myself in the situation I am in now?
  15. O boy ok, here we go. Palpster - Yes, ironic. The sheer amount of rules changes isna disaster, they aren't even sticking to rulings they made around a month ago. CaptainIxidor - Read above. Also I'm glad to have clarifications, especially early on. Full out base rules changes, the month they are supposed to be starting official tournaments after months of no communication is something else. In magics 25ish years of existence the only base rules changes have been removing Mana burn, adding the stack and taking damage off the stack. Each coming YEARS after the release. In fact which game has ever even changed a CORE rule. Not magic other than the 3 I mentioned, not pokemon, not hearthstone, not eternal, so I'm not even sure what your talkin about. I'm ok with cards changing or something, but again this is not the same thing. Starbane - I actually appreciated your post, thanks. However, other than selling a couple Karns I opened in Dominaria, this was my first time trying to sell anything. Also yes the people who bought jaces only to have them banned were furious, as they should have been, and it definitely hurt the game as a whole for a long time. Other cards games needed to learn from that. Kriswall - They DID cost me the money by changing a core rule - not clarifying it - changing it. The base rules should have been set. I keep reading games do this but I've been playing card games for 30+ years and have never come across a game that changes it core rules. Cards change and get banned from time to time but everyone is talking like base rules change the all the time which just isn't the case. Krashwire - I appreciate your post up until you kinda called me dumb(very critical thinker,) but other than that you put real thought into your post. Kinda like my last response though, it was a very real loss and they did cause it. If what people are willing to pay doesn't dictate the worth of something what does? EX. You play the lottery and get 5 of 6 for some thousands of dollars. However the day you go to collect they change the rules to say you have to have 6 of 6 to win anything. Is that also just an imaginary loss? You were told you were going to get it from an official source, even though you didn't actually have the money. Hinomura - I appreciated your post also. However, you highlighted one of my issues, which is the lack of any type of communication other than a couple videos here and there which they "clarified" some rules. Some of which have been changed already, again. Ishi - Your post and this response are a waste of time, I thought it was pretty obvious I was upset. Wonder - Yep I was angry, but posted it exactly where I needed to make sure FFG saw it. Poposhka, again - like some of my other responses, what other card games are out here changing there core rules weekly? Honestly im not sure how so many of you are ok with it. Chadmart - I don't really have anything for you as that kinda just seemed random to me. Hinomura, again - That was kinda funny. Saluk - Well we would be arguing for awhile. Do they do any testing before they sent out a "finished product." I would also argue your second point is completely wrong. If the time to invest in something isn't when it's new and cheap then when? When it's common and expensive? Seems wrong to me.
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