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  1. My current tokens are currently taken from a couple of fan made resources, which are amazing, whilst I wait for my other tokens to be delivered. However, I would like to see something that was official that can help new / recreational players through print and play or even distribution at LGS.
  2. I know that printed tokens aren't that great, especially compared with some of the 3d printed tokens available from other vendors, but it's a starting point. Pokémon include tokens in their theme decks so it would be good to have something from an official source. I think these will also be good for beginners to Keyforge, especially if it's their first card game as they may not have dice or other items that could be used as tokens. Having it located next to the rules on the website can give all players a one stop URL to getting started and all the equipment needed. Just need someone at FFG to action this, I'm sure it's not a difficult job for one of the graphic designers as the starter set have already got versions of the tokens.
  3. Would it not be possible that FFG could make a downloadable print and play set of tokens that anyone / new players could access to start off with? Something similar to that of the tokens in the starter set? Would be good to include this as a PDF in the rules section of the website, so people can print and get started straight away.
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