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  1. Don't we use a corps from our list instead of those figures?
  2. What are the figures of the nemodian and pantoran for?
  3. only from command cards or from coordinate
  4. I think I would use these BX Commandos as a full unit with vitro swords, and comms jammer, and if you have the points add tenacity
  5. TIE wing


    With gunslinger on rex, can I attack more than just two different units in range if there are more than just two? (1st attack via attack action, 2nd attack via gunslinger, can I continue to gunslinger off of the additional attacks?)
  6. TIE wing


    stormtrooper 1: Quick! Shoot it! stormtrooper 2: *misses and shoots his foot* snake: Have you heardss the Talesss of Stormtrooperssss 2 the Not-So-Wisesssss?
  7. TIE wing


    first time hearing it - what is it?
  8. TIE wing


    mah na mah na
  9. i think ahsoka would be a better choice than anakin as a 100-110 pts commander
  10. why isn't the mark II allowed?
  11. I didn't know we HAD inboxes on ffg
  12. It seems I cannot send a message to you
  13. I think aggressive tactics is better than esteemed leader. Endurance is one of the must haves on Grievous as he only has a courage of 2. Having 2 B1 units with HQ helps so after one unit uses it, the other one can use it next turn. Maybe try this 9 activations 787/800 (so add in some upgrades you want) Grievous (Endurance, Aggressive tactics) Count Dooku (Force push, Force reflexes, Force choke, Aggressive tactics) B1 Battle droids (5 in total - 2 with HQ and 3 naked) BX commando (tenacity, vibrosword) x2
  14. Does anyone know any place that sells individual upgrade cards? I need more cards like aggressive tactics and strict orders but my local place ran out of upgrade packs. Thanks in advance!
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