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  1. thanks! ill use that tip in my next draft game!
  2. is outer rim outlaw not a good character to include?
  3. i guess that might be the reason the shapeshifter is there
  4. Are there any other websites than miniature market, coolstuffinc and eBay to get destiny singles online and ships to Australia?
  5. is there like a website or an app that tells you where they have destiny tournaments or casuals near you?
  6. I just checked the rules reference and the second option with only having one copy of the power action is correct
  7. To be honest, I could really like more diceless characters to come in play. The Ewok is nice, but how about the villains? Also, I would appreciate if more neutral characters came out. What do you think?
  8. Can I use Kanan's ability, resolve his die and use impulsive and resolve Kanan's other die then resolve impulsive?
  9. I'm planning a deck using elite Kanan Jarrus and elite General Rieekan with Fortify. Here is the link: https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/29404/shieldmill-1.0 Can you recommend some edits?
  10. I don't think we have any restrictions
  11. gokubb, thank you for your answer but my friend only has 1 die for Darth Vader
  12. My friend and I were thinking of playing SoR Vader, Awk eKylo verse Con eKenobi and Leg Luke. Who do you think is going to win?
  13. I think you CAN move the damage, but one of them would be ignored. The character would be defeated but I'm pretty sure that the 'then' after moving three damage abilities trigger. 3 damage is removed from the character and only 2 is dealt to the opponent. The other damage token strays away, never to be dealt... until you take another damage, of course!
  14. The reason for having two copies of a card in your deck : 1. That you are more likely to draw the card and be able to play it 2. Just in case your opponent discards that card but you still want to play it 3. So you can use it twice
  15. single die: okay, cheaper price (when deck-building) Two dice (also called elite): better, more expensive (when deck-building) Very useful cards and feel like you need it very much: 2 copies Okay cards: 1-2 copies Not really good cards: trade them with others who need it or just keep them as your collection.
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