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  1. This is not an example of the difficulty of getting torps to work at low I. Colonel Jendon is. Wedge + ST isn’t necessary for Airen + Dutch to work unless you want to give a lock to I6. Also, Airen Dutch is all about getting Dutch to work, and since Dutch only gives one lock, this lock is almost always given to a fellow named pilot, like Luke, Dreis (more likely to roll focus), ten numb, etc. Dutch is excellent action economy without help, but with airen you can get him around the Initiative locking problem to lock everytime you get in range. Swarm Tactics is still 3 points. Didn’t go up at all.
  2. For those of you who would like to reference the older PDFs, here's the links. Unfortunately, the links to the wave1 release (Sept 26th release I believe) now go to an error page. Could someone supply the file? Original Rebel QB Original Empire QB Original Scum QB (Here for reference, same as V3 but page 3 is blank) Rebels V2 Rebels V3 (V2 fix) Empire V2 Scum V2 Rebels wave1 Empire wave1 Scum wave1
  3. This is an excellent refinement. My reasoning for even trying to use undefined left and right 180 degree arcs was because restricting usage to only foward and rear arcs would prevent shots without penalty to the sides, at least while still retaining use of the gunner. However, you are certainly right, this would be excessively complicated and out of x wing 2.0s design space, at least without a new FAQ. I’d also still present the idea that the enemy gets an extra defense die, as I don’t think sacrificing an action is enough of a penalty My apologies for such a belated reply
  4. Sounds great! Though I was anticipating a cost decrease for large ships anyways, it still probably wouldn't be enough. I assume that they overpriced large ships on purpose at the beginning as a precaution and had planned to lower the cost later on, or at least it seems so.
  5. I'd like a gunner that improves attacks in general as well. I’m confident they’ll add one considering the simplicity.
  6. Here’s my attempt at implementing a gunner to x wing second edition that’ll help target acquisition with turrets that won’t be utterly broken or turn it into a 360 degree turret. Basically, what this gunner will do is broaden your 90 degree arc to 180 degrees, but if the shot isn’t made in the 90 degree arc, you can’t mod your dice and the opponent rolls an extra defense die, portraying the gunner frantically rotating the turret to get a potshot in. To clarify what I meant, a ship pointing it’s turret arc left with this gunner equipped would be able to make regular turret attacks in it’s left arc and penalized turret attacks in the left half of it’s front and rear arcs. Obviously, this gunner would need to be restricted from being equipped onto dual arc turrets less we get 360 arcs again, or: (1) Turns dual arc turrets into single arc turrets with this gunner equipped. (2) Has a different effect on dual arc ships, turning them into single arc 180 degree turrets without penalties. As for cost I’m not so sure, but I’d say maybe around 9 points, but I’ve only tested this in a couple games. I was also thinking about adding to the ability something along the lines of “after performing a turret attack, rotate the turret to the arc the target of the attack is in” so that since, the gunner had rotated to fire in another arc, the turret should now be facing that arc now. I’d love to hear your opinions or ideas on this and have you guys test this out!
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