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    Vince79 reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in Mirkwood Cycle   
    Song of Wisdom + Burning Brand
    Song of Kings + Steward of Gondor (at least before you get A Good Harvest)
    Dain,  Dunedain Mark/Warning,  Campfire Tales in four player games,  and Dunedain Signal if you don't have ally Arwen.
    Vassal of the Windlord,  and of course the all-powerful Boromir.
    Frodo,  Ancient Mathom,  and West-Road Traveller.
    Fast Hitch, Gildor's Counsel, Strider's Path
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    Vince79 reacted to dalestephenson in Mirkwood Cycle   
    Neutral: Song of Wisdom (for A Burning Brand)
    Leadership: Dunedain Mark, Dunedain Warning, Dain Ironfoot (in Dwarf decks)
    Lore: A Burning Brand, Rivendell Minstrel (if you use songs), Strider's Path, Fast Hitch (with Hobbits)
    Spirit: Ancient Mathom, Elfhelm, and in Rohan decks Riddermark's Finest, Eomend, Westfold Traveler and Westfold Horsebreaker
    Tactics: Boromir, in an Eagles deck The Eagles are Coming, Vassal of the Windlord, Winged Guardian, Eagles of the Misty Mountains, and Support of the Eagles.
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    Vince79 reacted to Amicus Draconis in Mirkwood Cycle   
    The best cards in my opinion are Dúnedain Mark, Dúnedain Warning, A Burning Brand (with Song of Wisdom), Ancient Mathom and Support of the Eagles with a Winged Guardian. Dáin Ironfoot is stellar, as long as you have a lot of dwarves on the table.
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    Vince79 reacted to franzvong in A strange game...   
    Indeed it could be the case. It could also be that I played it defensively, mostly storing cards without success symbols (usually the ones with the most class/character-related effect). On the other hand, most of the impression comes from the fact that you don't really do much more than revealing cards from the deck, it's hard to convey a flavour with such a "generic" mechanic
    I agree with the comparison with GH, but it can be hardly ignored. In the end I suspect most of Journeys has been developed after the release of GH, so I would aspect some influence. Anyway, I think this will be solved with expansions and thanks to players' feedback, so I'm not that much worried
    I think too much emphasis has been put on a single trick, that while it works and it's funny, it's also equivalent to a dice roll in the end (modified and tempered by deck building, so to be fair it's a bit more than that). I would have prefered if skill tests and combat would use two different mechanics, this from my point of view would have helped both in differentiating characters and giving a bit more variety to the gameplay.
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    Vince79 got a reaction from Wandalf the Gizzard in How to Sell (Almost) the Whole Collection on eBay   
    I understand how you feel because I am something of a perfectionist/completionist myself.  But seriously, why get so hung up ONE single scenario?  There are literally over 100 others (including Nightmare versions ).  There's bound to be one in there that doesn't strike your fancy, it's just the law of averages.
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    Vince79 reacted to Tokhuah in Early review from No Pun Included   
    Once I heard the British accents I turned it off because everyone on that island works for Games Workshop.
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    Vince79 reacted to Shirys in The next Flop ?   
    This won't deter me from playing the game but i can understand how you feel.
    Gloomhaven has no dice and it ain't a flop, it uses cards for character actions and combat results. FFG seem to have developed a similar, strong mechanic with deck building which is a step outside their comfort zone. Really eager for that. Plus you can select different class (or path) cards for the same hero as the campaign unfolds - you can even gain experience to have stronger effects with cards of a specific class. You want to level up another class? you can.
    About the heroes, Elena is new and kinda cool (never heard of her), and Beravor is a nice addition that was first introduced in the MEQ boardgame from FFG. She was also present in the LotR:LCG but kinda lived in other, more popular heroes' shadow. Kinda glad she's part of the original pool of heroes. I agree with you that the Legolas-Aragorn-Gimli trio might seem like straight out from the microwave oven, meself would have opted for new B-Team characters instead, but at least half the characters stand out from the usual powerhouses and inevitable no brainers. In future expansions, if FFG can introduce at least one new character like they did for MEQ, that would be nice.
    Never had any issues with rules overload from FFG (except some of their older games like Arkham Horror 2nd ed). Everything is easy to understand, well laid out, clear explanations and streamlined. Try playing Sword & Sorcery. Even after several sessions, i'm still spending as much time looking into the rule book for clunky, hard to grasp rules than playing the game. Doesn't happen with our favorite gaming company here. For example, the rule books from Arkham Horror:LCG are among the best 😃 
    The mini battlefield is intriguing and i can't say much about it, but it is exciting that you can explore "indoors" as well as "outdoors". Some dungeon crawling mechanic in the works for that game? let them clever guys at FFG surprise us with more content.
    I would say don't miss out because i feel there will be a lot of good adventuring in there.
    Hope you enjoy the game as much as i know i will  
    PS: I'm a FFG, Terrinoth AND LotR fanboy.
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    Vince79 got a reaction from Felswrath in Dead Marshes   
    I agree with you, that to me "until the end of the phase" and "at the end of the phase" sounds like it is still happening within the phase.  
    But it appears that the official ruling is that it does not, and that Felswrath was mistaken, if I read everything correctly.
    My suggestion is that they should have said that the escape test occurs BETWEEN the quest phase and the travel phase.  Can't get much clearer than that.
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    Vince79 reacted to Halberto in Return to Mirkwod   
    Denethor scying can beat it very consistently. Hero line up eowyn denethor and theodred. Key playing unexpected courage on denethor asap to consistley avoid enemies. Use Hannamat to scy at turn end and then use denethor to fix the encounter deck. Works a lot better if you have 2 or 3 copies of unexpected courage for more layers of deck manipulation. The rest of the deck is devote to quest and combact support for light enemies. Northern tracker is great as always in cycle 1 and 2.
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    Vince79 reacted to JolliGreenGiant in Return to Mirkwod   
    I read about someone using Denethor, to scry out the big bad things (Attercop, maybe Hill Troll, some treacheries), and tried that myself.  I think he improved my deck's performance notably, although I still only bat about 33% against it solo with him.  I would second going fast, and packing threat reduction.  Maybe give Denethor a try as well.
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    Vince79 reacted to mttrchrds in Return to Mirkwod   
    I don't believe it was ever designed with solo play in mind.
    It can be beaten if you try and rush through as fast as you can and hope that Attercop doesn't appear. But this sucks as a strategy and delivers a very poor solo player experience. I'm a reasonably new player but don't believe this scenario is worth the heart ache (I'm hoping not to experience many more like it in the future). I'm also playing solo progression style and almost through Khazad Dum.
    Take the player cards (there are a few good ones), and move on to KD would be my advice.
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    Vince79 reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in Return to Mirkwod   
    The best strategy for solo is to sprint-quest like a madman for the finish, pack lots of threat reduction, and avoid enemies whenever possible. Especially on stage three, where if you start to slow down, it's game over. And yes, it's probably easier than EfDG.
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    Vince79 reacted to dalestephenson in Return to Mirkwod   
    Quest hard and hope Attercop doesn't show up.  It's a quest that doesn't scale well, but it *can* be beaten by a solo deck much more easier than Escape from Dol Goldur, IMO.
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    Vince79 reacted to sappidus in Binder organization   
    I cannot speak to the specific binder linked by mttrchrds, but all binders with built-in pages that I personally have encountered have pockets that accommodate (at least) 3x single-sleeved cards each, though some get snug if the sleeves are thick enough.
    This includes Ultra Pro, Ultimate Guard, and Dex Protection brands. Note, however, that loading 3x cards into all pockets on both sides of every single page may not be tenable, depending on the specific model. (Whether it has a soft or hard cover is the essential factor.)
    Similarly, all card pocket binder pages meant to go into a 3-ring binder that I've encountered also hold (at least) 3x single-sleeved cards per pocket.
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    Vince79 reacted to Albershide in Binder organization   
    I ended up ordering these:
    In the description they state that they fit sleeved cards. What's great about these is that they are black, double sided and you get 50 separate pages which is a place for 900 cards. The separate page thing is a huge benefit, giving you great flexibility adding new cards without having to rearrange everything. At this point this won't fit my collection but it's very easy to add more sheets to it.
    And I ordered this to hold them:
    If you are in the US you can get some really fancy LOTR themed binders like these:
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    Vince79 reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in Binder organization   
    Well, the Ultra Pro nine-pocket binder I use does.
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    Vince79 reacted to Durins_Father in Downloadable strategy guide for first 2 cycles   
    Hi all,
    Thanks to the recent surge in Patreon subscriptions, we have passed the $30 mark. This means I have to stand by my promise and give everyone something special, so here it is.
    Vision of the Palantir is proud to present a full printable strategy guide on the first 2 cycles of the game, including art work, statistics, and jokes!
    The file can be downloaded as PDF from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hbxfm2sfpwakhvw/Vision of the Palantir Guide Volume 1 - The Early Days.pdf?dl=0
    The file is quite big if you are looking to print it, with 139 pages and most featuring colored images. But it is great to have a physical book where you can read all about the strategy on the scenarios of the first 2 cycles.
    More of these bundles will be made public as the blog and the Patreon page reach new milestones. I also need some time to prepare the next set, but Volume 2 has all scenarios covered already, so we should be able to produce that one relatively quickly.
    I hope this helps some people in having a physical (or at least offline) resource to fall back to. Thanks for the great support and we will do our best to keep up the good work.
    On a side-note here, I will be having some real life getting in the way of blogging for the next 6 months (graduation stuff), so I will have to tone down the frequency of content. But I'm sure that my co-authors will be filling in some gaps. If there is anyone willing to cover a scenario that hasn't been covered yet, feel free to reach out, and I'll get you started as an author.
    Good luck with your games,

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    Vince79 got a reaction from GILLIES291 in Hills of Emyn Muil   
    I liked Journey to Rhosgobel, actually.  Healing the eagle made for a unique quest.
    Back to Hills of Emyn Muil, I had read that location lock was a possible problem in this scenario, although I never ran into it.  I usually have a strong questing deck, that's probably why I like Spirit so much.  In this case, my heroes were Eowyn, Eleanor, and Denethor.  Denethor is great for defending.
    With the latest reprint, I was able to pick up the Dead Marshes adventure pack, which is the next scenario up, so I got it just in the nick of time.  The only other pack I'm missing right now is in the Dream Chaser cycle.
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    Vince79 reacted to Felswrath in Hills of Emyn Muil   
    Yeah, that mission really needs a tailored deck for it. I was seeing a lot of people saying that you need healing for it, but I found the main things you need are ranged/eagle characters and encounter deck manipulation to avoid the killer treachery cards. I did the stats on it, and approximately 3 out of 5 of the cards in that scenario deal direct damage, and then if you don't have eagles or ranged the bats and crows will attack undefended all the time!
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    Vince79 reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in Hills of Emyn Muil   
    I really enjoy playing Journey to Rhosgobel, but it rarely hits the table for one reason. You have to use specific type of deck, or build specifically for that quest. I couldn't just bring a Dale deck I had ready for a pick-up game.
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    Vince79 got a reaction from Felswrath in Hills of Emyn Muil   
    I liked Journey to Rhosgobel, actually.  Healing the eagle made for a unique quest.
    Back to Hills of Emyn Muil, I had read that location lock was a possible problem in this scenario, although I never ran into it.  I usually have a strong questing deck, that's probably why I like Spirit so much.  In this case, my heroes were Eowyn, Eleanor, and Denethor.  Denethor is great for defending.
    With the latest reprint, I was able to pick up the Dead Marshes adventure pack, which is the next scenario up, so I got it just in the nick of time.  The only other pack I'm missing right now is in the Dream Chaser cycle.
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    Vince79 reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in Lord of the Rings "Updrade kit!" Thank you, Chad!   
    Well played, CotR. Well, played!
    The underestimated stock part at the end nearly killed me.
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    Vince79 reacted to Felswrath in Hills of Emyn Muil   
    I enjoy it from a relaxation standpoint as well! I just played it after Journey to Rhosgobel which was awful! And it was a nice cool down. One thing that I'd like to house implement is a second quest card. This is the final quest in the cycle to feature the Dol Guldur Orcs. As such, I really like the idea of a final showdown with Ufthak. I've considered either 2A"Search the encounter deck and discard pile for Chieftain Ufthak and add him to the staging area. 2B "5 quest points While there are less than 5 quest points on this quest, Chieftain Ufthak gains a resource at the beginning of the quest phase. This quest cannot be defeated if Chieftain Ufthak is in play. When Chieftain Ufthak leaves play, the players win the game.
    Or remove the quest point aspect on 2B (and extra resource gain) and every time Chieftan Ufthak gains a resource, you must put an encounter card into play upside down as a Tower Guard from the Escape from Dol Guldur.
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    Vince79 reacted to TwiceBorn in Hills of Emyn Muil   
    I'm one of the few who enjoys this quest. While I wouldn't want them to make location heavy quests a regular thing, one was fine by me. I thought the location art was beautiful and I really felt like I was on my own overland trek through a picturesque if uninhabited part of Middle-Earth. I think of it as a rare "relaxation" quest. 🙂  Haven't played it since 2014, though.
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    Vince79 got a reaction from JonG in Happy Tolkien Reading Day!   
    Well, I like the whole book, and The Silmarillion too.  And the Hobbit, though not as well as the other two.
    But the Fellowship is definitely my favorite, like you say, it's just magic, it has such wonderful atmosphere.  You can feel all the green, if that makes sense.  They used to say that people who read about Middle Earth would like to go there, and the world in the Fellowship sounds like such a pleasant place.  And even though the films give no love to them, my favorite chapters are The Old Forest/In the House of Tom Bombadil/Fog on the Barrow-Downs.
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