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  1. Yeah, even in the stories Gandalf is always coming and going. He disappears, the group gets into trouble, and sometimes he shows up just in time to bail them out. Bombadil is also treated that way in the books. I'm not a game writer, but maybe you could have an ability in certain adventures to call for help from Gandalf (or a song for Bombadil). Just like one skill card in the deck or whatever. Just spitballing. Maybe so, but some of us actually are fans of Tom Bombadil. I agree he wouldn't work as a player hero, however.
  2. Hard to argue with that. I love Bombadil by the way. But I like the way Lord of the Rings: the Card Game handles Bombadil. He's part of the encounter deck, so he comes out of the adventure that you are on, and helps you. They could do a similar type of thing with him here, in an expansion set in the Old Forest and/or the Barrow Mounds. I'd definitely like to see a Bombadil mini.
  3. Cool that you've actually worked out some stats. I never sat down and counted how many successes there were. Still, none of the cards you can buy have successes on them until you hit the ones that cost 12 points. So you could fail the first five adventures before you get up to 12 points.
  4. I'm wondering if buying the early cards are a good idea or not? On the plus side, they give you some skills that you can use, but on the con side they don't have any success icons on them, so you are decreasing your odds of getting a success when testing. It helps that you can trade them in for better cards later if you do buy them, but still. What do y'all think?
  5. So tonight I played adventure #4 (the Inn), and got my first win lol! I didn't even have to do any fighting (odd since it's a battle map), so I didn't get to try out those two attacks. It occurs to me, however, that when you attack twice, that means you can get counterattacked twice. Isn't that correct? I'm working from memory here, but I don't think the enemies get exhausted from counterattacking. Or do they? Maybe I'm thinking of attacks when provoked. Anybody remember how it works?
  6. I just played this adventure, it's the first one that I've won so far lol. The spy was NOT the dwarf. The fact that the app switches it up is great news, gives the game much more replay value. Although I think Faranim is right, if you know what clues to look for, this is a very short adventure. Probably helped that I tested well though, there's some luck involved there.
  7. On second thought, I think I'll just go ahead and play through. Who wants to go backwards at this point? Besides, I always intended this first run through to be a dry run anyway, to learn the rules and mechanics of the game. The bit where you can move twice by travelling is what confused me, I guess. Being able to perform two whole actions should open up a lot of possibilities, I can't wait to try it out.
  8. Actually, I think I'm going to start over. I just realized a major mistake I've been making. I didn't realize you could attack twice in an action phase, for some reason I thought traveling was the only action you could do twice. 🤔 I still might lose, but that could make a big difference. I didn't think the battles seemed quite right.
  9. Pfft, I've just finished adventure #3, and I've lost all three so far! This last one I came so close to winning though. It's not easy trying to apply first aid to some ranger in the woods with one hand while using the other to fight off five orcs trying to kill you, lol.
  10. Wow, picture and everything, thanks, that makes it very clear. I believe I will give that a try.
  11. I've played the first two adventures now and lost both of them lol. In hindsight, I can see mistakes that I made, things I could have done better, and rules I overlooked that could have been to my advantage. For some reason, I tend to forget about the abilities on the big Tarot-sized cards at the bottom. Specifically, like Aragorn's ability to scout 3 every turn (along with a nearby hero). I've thought about starting over for that reason. Anyway, I've decided this game is like one of two things: 1) It's either like a video game along the lines of many of the EA Sports games; Where you start out weak but you build your character up along the way. At the beginning you can't really beat Roger Federer or Raphael Nadal, but by the end you get your character built up and you can whip up on them. 2) OR it's like a video game where your character gets stronger along the way, but the challenges you face also get stronger, so the level of challenge remains about the same all the way through. Which one is true?
  12. The spaces in my Planko box are too small for the cards to fall flat, that would be a pain. They do get flush with the walls however, which makes them tough to grab. Could you be a little more specific about what you mean about the triangles? Do you mean you bend them into sort of like half pyramids which hold the cards away from the walls a bit? Just Elmer's glue and Foam Board then. Does that really create that strong of a bond? I'd hate to have something holding cards to fall apart.
  13. Those look great. How are they held together? Hot glue gun? How sturdy are they? I have some Planko boxes, but sometimes the cards are kind of hard to grab out of them. I like that you have the spaces built in so you can get your fingers in there.
  14. I got the Plano 3700, although I needed to make a few extra dividers out of box cardboard (fits perfectly). It's a little large, but I was able to fit all the cards and minis in it. I used the 3500 for the tokens, as the OP suggested.
  15. Well, that must have been frustrating. It's a bit of a chore for me to find the time to set up and play a round, that would be bad to reach a certain point and have to start over.
  16. Since it was my first game, two things struck me: Legolas being a better fighter than Aragorn didn't seem right to me. I'm sure Aragorn will probably do better as he gets better weapons and whatnot, but right now Legolas is a killing machine with that Great Bow that works off of his agility. Plus his weapon is ranged. I also mentioned I lost. I think the game lulled me into complacency lol. It started out fairly easy and I was maxed out with inspiration and wasn't taking any wounds. Then at the end they kind of dropped the hammer down. I should have expected it and saved more resources, but I got sloppy.
  17. Okay, I saw that helmed head in the left corner and wondered about it, but I thought it might have just been the "threat symbol", because it was right next to the threat bar. Also makes sense that parties of orcs stay together. Thanks, Hannibal.
  18. I like the app myself, I didn't find it intrusive, I thought it added to the experience. People who are critical of the game say things like it tries to be all these different things and fails at all of them, but I don't agree. I find the sum of all the parts to be an enjoyable experience. With the app, it's sort of like playing a video game, but you also have the hands on physical experience of a board game. You get to explore like a dungeon crawler, and you get to manage your decks like a card game. Or you can look at the app sort of like a portable dungeon master in a box. I also found it added greatly to the mood, theme, and atmosphere with its music, dialogue, and effects.
  19. I played my first game finally (and lost, but that's besides the point). Thought it was great fun, but I ran into a few questions: 1) The app had told me to place two orcs on a certain place. Then in the Shadow Phase, it told me to move an orc two spaces and attack. Cool. When the next Action Phase came around, I attacked the orc. When I clicked on the picture of the orc on the bottom left, it had the health meter for both orcs. And since I did extra damage on it, it damaged the second orc as well. But I had only moved one orc, the second one was out of range. Should I move ALL the orcs that are in a party when the app tells me to move one? Or should I only enter enough hits to kill one orc, even though I had scored more? 2) Is there a place on the app where you can check if you are in darkness? At one point the app said "The entire map is now in darkness". This was never mentioned again, so does that mean the map stays in darkness for every turn until it says it isn't? Or does it only last the rest of that turn? It seems like there should be some sort of icon or indicator that shows that the map, or a part of the map, is in darkness. It seems like you should be able to look at the screen and have it be obvious whether or not you are in darkness.
  20. Nice paint jobs! Is it wrong that I have no desire at all to paint my minis for this game?
  21. You had 18 allies in the deck I referred to, just FYI. Having a lot of allies was serving me well until I got to that Escape from Dol Guldur quest, so I just left them in. Apparently I took the Beorn's Path "50% allies" rule a little to literally, or maybe I just didn't read in depth enough. As @dalestephenson mentioned, Beorn's Path recommended playing two handed solo for Dol Guldur, so I didn't pay too much attention to it. I like to play one handed solo, playing two handed is cheating lol (just kidding).
  22. The main difference between your deck and the one I had been using is that I had been following the Beorn's Path rule of thumb of having 50% of the cards be allies. What you did (from what I gather) is to keep the low cost allies, and only kept the more expensive ones if they were useful and offered clear value (Faramir, Norther Tracker, and Gandalf). All of those cards are core cards, as you know. The core set has some great cards. Whatever the reason, I've had a lot more success with your deck, so I've been using it as the basis of any Leadership/Spirit deck that I try to tweak. For the first cycle anyway.
  23. As much as I'd like to take credit, I was getting very lucky draws. I had Gandalf, Steward of Gondor, Celebrians Stone, Unexpected Courage, Wandering Took, Test of Will, and Dwarven Tomb (which I used to recycle Test of Will) as my opening hand. And I didn't even have to mulligan! I think I only encountered one enemy the whole game - the rest were locations or treacheries, plus I was able to get the two Athelas I needed. I believe it took four rounds. So I was really lucky, but it proved it can be done. Besides, it was mostly your deck.
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