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  1. Vince79

    How many losses?

    Nope, I guess I missed that rule somehow. I guess I inadvertently cheated then. Well, you learn something every day. Thanks for the tip. It's hard to say if not using it would have made any difference in the outcome or not. I had a lot of money on the board, lol. Oh well, back to the drawing board. I was trying to consider the difference between Wallard's deck and the one I was using. Seems like the main difference is he paired down the allies, keeping the ones with the most value. Having less allies allowed more event cards to come up when I needed them, or so it seemed.
  2. Vince79

    How many losses?

    Well, I must admit I feel a little foolish. I used your deck and defeated Escape from Dol Guldur on the second try. Fairly easily, in fact, although I did get a lucky draw with two Steward of Gondors available almost immediately. Then I had enough Gandalfs and Sneak Attacks to take out the Nazgul before it even left the staging area. So you have my thanks, this scenario was a dark cloud hanging over my head. I didn't think this kind of victory was possible.
  3. Vince79

    How many losses?

    Yeah, maybe like one in a thousand. Again, waste of time. Hoping to get lucky one out of a thousand games is not good strategy
  4. Vince79

    Journey to Rhosgobel

    Spirit is my favorite sphere, but of course they're all limited. You need Lore for this one because of the healing. Like I said, I get spoiled with Leadership because I like the extra money (greedy in life, greedy in the game lol).
  5. Vince79

    How many losses?

    Thanks, I will try that deck at some point. I use the exact same heroes and attachments, but you pared down the variety of allies and added in some events (compared to mine). I also appreciated the strategic notes. I don't really have a problem with picking the prisoner, because if you don't it's just a waste of time completely. I've seen guys on YouTube playing this, and if they get a draw they don't like they just say "That counts as a loss" and move on to the next one.
  6. Vince79

    Journey to Rhosgobel

    On second thought, I'm not sure Bilbo would work that well. I was thinking he had two will and he only has one, plus he's pretty fragile with only two hit points. I'll still probably give him a try.
  7. Vince79

    How many losses?

    What deck do you use for it then? I've seen people on the net claim to beat it 50% of the time solo, I just don't buy it. Do you pick the prisoner? Give yourself unlimited mulligans on both the card deck AND the encounter deck (as I saw a guy on YouTube doing)?
  8. Vince79

    Journey to Rhosgobel

    Yes, you are right. Besides, Glorfindel can only heal one wound per round, not very impressive in this case. I suppose at the right time, in the right situation it would come in handy though. My normal go to deck is Leadership/Spirit with Aragorn, Theodred, and Eowyn. So for this one Glorfindel basically plays Eowyn's role as primary quest hero. Plus he provides access to the Lore cards, which are handy in this scenario for both the healing and card drawing. I do want to try this with Bilbo, give me a chance to use him.
  9. Recently finished this scenario so thought I would post about it. I like to use only cards that have been released up until the point of the scenario's release, so it's about in the middle of the Mirkwood cycle. Also, I play solo one handed. Obviously you need some Lore cards because that's where the healing cards are (this quest is about healing an eagle). I also played Leadership so I can get the resources to pay for cards to play. Once you get used to having Steward of Gondor around, it spoils you. My strategy was to tear through the quest as quickly as possible, to avoid putting more wounds on Wilyador. And hopefully in the meantime you come up with a healing card and an athelas, at least. I find it takes me about five rounds to get through the quest (give or take a round or two). I was playing with Radagast and some eagle allies in the deck, but really if you go through the quest that quickly, Radagast isn't going to build up many resources to heal with himself, or to buy eagle allies, so he isn't all that useful (he has a cost of 5) except for questing (will 2). So it's more about the athelas and the healing cards. I played Aragorn, Theodred, and Glorfindel, with Glorfindel mainly questing. If I got a Steward of Gondor, I slapped it on Glorfindel so he could buy the Lore healing cards. I've also seen a suggestion of using Lore Bilbo, because he provides more card draw. Probably worth a go.
  10. Vince79

    How many losses?

    I've come to the conclusion that it's pretty much impossible to defeat Escape from Dol Guldur solo one handed using cards from the Core Set (or even the entire first cycle) - UNLESS you just happen to get really, really lucky with the card draw. Meaning the draw from both the player deck and especially the encounter deck. I keep coming back to it, but it seems like a waste of time. I don't consider getting lucky to be a good strategy. There are numerous guys who have said they've defeated it one handed. Who knows how many tries though.
  11. Vince79

    How many losses?

    How did you beat Escape from Dol Guldur? I'm only up to Journey to Rhosgobel (just finished that one, loved it). I can usually win in two or three tries by forming a deck specifically to beat it. Except for the Dol Guldur one, I still haven't won that one, not even in easy mode. As long as a scenario doesn't require me to put multiple enemies in the staging area before the game even starts, or puts multiple enemies out per turn, I'm cool with it.
  12. I enjoy playing good, so I don't feel limited by it, but I'm sure there are people who would enjoy it.
  13. Vince79

    2nd age expansion

    I'm a big fan of The Silmarillion (and some of the other books based on that material). So I'd love to see it. Not sure about the licensing issues though, ideally the Tolkien Estate will become more lenient in the future about what they license out.
  14. Vince79

    Guess the New Cycle

    Since it sounds like so much has been covered already, how far away do you think we are from a second edition? And would that make people happy or angry?
  15. Vince79

    Hi, I’m new

    Welcome to the game. I think you will be able to get what you want, as long as you have two things: patience and alertness. I've been playing for about six months, and I didn't know if I would be able to get everything I wanted, but as of right now I'm only missing two adventure packs. I benefited from the recent release of a lot of material around the beginning of the year - I had a feeling they were going to release more stuff after the new year, and they did, even more than I expected. But as has been said, it tends to sell out quickly so you have to jump on it when it becomes available. Best of luck to you!