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  1. I've thought this myself. I accidentally clicked the wrong thing and kind of messed up the round. It wasn't a major thing fortunately, but it did make me wonder why there wasn't an Undo button. I suppose it's to keep people honest and from using it as a mulligan. Still.
  2. For some reason, I've been hung up on playing Into the Pit, I don't know why. Usually once I beat a scenario, I move on to the next one. I don't even like this particular scenario, but for some reason I keep playing it. Anyway, I've been using variations of your deck, and I really like it. But for some reason, I haven't been able to win a game with it. I'll be coasting along doing well, and some nasty effect will take me out. Even though it seems like I should be winning. Could just be bad luck, but I think the Leadership/Lore/Tactics deck performs better on this particular quest. Maybe because there are a lot of cheap heroes, and because Tactics is good at killing. I'm guessing it's one of those things were one deck or another is more effective against a particular scenario. I bet the "spirit" deck will do better against others. At any rate, I'm really impressed with how powerful a dwarf deck can be. I suppose it's the first fully functional race themed deck the game had?
  3. Hmm, I was thinking it only applied on Battle Maps because of the second quote I gave. But I guess you could read that as only applying to enemies with ranged weapons. Even better! It seems like I always end up making it harder for myself than necessary.
  4. Spirit is my favorite sphere, so I really like your suggestion. I can see a few tweaks I'd like to make to it (I'd definitely want three Miner of the Iron Hills, for example), but I'm going to try your deck out in my next game.
  5. Sorry, I shouldn't have used the word "Nearby", but what I said about counterattacking stands. I was actually thinking about "Adjacency" and "Range". If you look up "Range" on pg. 21 in the Rules Reference book, it says: "A hero and enemy group are in range of each other if they occupy the same space". "During an adventure on a journey map, a hero and enemy group are in range of each other if they occupty the same space or if they are in spaces adjacent to each other". To counterattack, the enemy has to be in range of the hero. So on a battle map, unless the enemy has a ranged weapon, a hero with a ranged weapon can fire on the enemy from an adjacent space without fear of counterattack.
  6. I agree sprinting should be valued. Actually, I think you should keep cards for all the skills - Rest, Guard, Strike, Sprint. It may be that the Aragorn/Legolas Captain//Hunter combination I was using featured less sprinting than Pathfinder though. The other problem I had with hitting up search tokens is I didn't seem to investigate the right ones. I mean most of them are useful, but I missed out on a lot of the bigger prizes it seems. My impression is that it isn't blind luck, there's some logic to which ones you should choose to check. One thing I noticed about the Battleboard vs the Journey Map, the rules for "nearby" are different. So I was able to stand one space away with Legolas shooting enemies and they couldn't counterattack, because they're not considered nearby on the Battleboard. Whereas they would be on the journey map.
  7. I haven't seen a thread like this, so I thought I would start one. Most of us have had time to play a campaign or more by now, so: What kind of suggestions or advice do have about playing a winning game? What sorts of strategies or tactics do you use? I'd start, but I was 4-8 in my campaign, so I think I'll take the listening role for now.
  8. At the time it almost made sense that it was intentional. There was a big battle going on, and the troll pops up out in the dark area. Kind of like "Oh look, there's a troll out there, he's far off now, but he'll be coming". But I imagine you're right, it's probably a bug. There were also some errors in the way the app was fitting the puzzle pieces together, but it didn't make any real difference to the game - spacing was the same, as were the cave entrances. Legolas as a hunter is such a killing machine. I'll probably try Beravor and Legolas for the next campaign, what have I got to lose? I will miss being able to scout 3 though, that really helps buff Legolas up.
  9. What is the advantage with Beravor? The nice thing about Aragorn is getting to scout 3 routinely. Legolas is a frigging beast though, at least in the hunter role. Do you recommend playing around with roles during a campaign? I just stuck with the recommended role, but maybe that was a mistake. There was one odd situation. The app placed the troll outside the map when he first showed up. Then the app wanted to move toward the closest hero to attack. I wasn't sure what to do since the troll was off the map entirely. So I just counted the outside border as one space and moved him in. Was that the right thing to do or not? I couldn't find anything in the rules about it. Maybe it was a bug?
  10. I finally finished the first campaign tonight. It ended in rather disappointing fashion, Legolas was killed by the troll, so I never even got to face Atarin in this last game (although I've faced him before). In hindsight, I should have held Legolas back because his prepared cards were seriously depleted and he didn't have any inspiration left. I didn't want to waste half of his turn though. He failed his Last Stand test by one. At least Aragorn got vengeance and finished the troll off. Would have liked to have won, but oh well. My campaign had 12 games in it and I was 4-8 in them. I really enjoyed this game and highly recommend it to anyone interested in Tolkien gaming. I'd like to take another stab at it, but the thought of starting the campaign over sounds a little overwhelming. It took me months to finish because I only had time for about one game a week. I'll probably start the new Ember Crown campaign instead. Hope I don't have any trouble with it, what with the recent Windows updates. I liked playing with Aragorn and Legolas. Do you think I should try a different pair or are some characters only really good for a large group where they can fulfill a specific role? What are two good characters to play for solo play?
  11. Whoa, you get an extra hero in Saga? I haven't got to the Sagas yet, but I had assumed the game mechanics were the same, except there are some campaign-like features.
  12. I do play progression, so most of those cards you suggested I haven't quite gotten to yet. Dropping Thalin means losing the Thalin/Gondorian Spearman connection, but I'll give Gimli a try. I appreciate the suggestions, and will likely be working them in as I go along. The basic philosophy of your deck makes more sense to me - if a card is worth having, best to have three of them. After much vigilence, patience (and money!), I'm pleased to say I have all the available packs and expansions now. So for those of you frustrated with the lack of reprints, it can be done! So far I've been trying some of my older decks to no avail. It seems like the dwarf deck is the one actually best suited to tackling Into the Pit. That makes logical sense, but I didn't expect it.
  13. I've always played "pure" one handed solo. Never seriously considered doing otherwise, I've enjoyed the challenge of playing one handed. You make a good argument though. Each sphere has certain valuable attributes, and if you're playing one handed you're just going to have to do without some of them. And that can be a pretty noticeable gap. Also, I've been playing some solo "Journeys in Middle-Earth", and you essentially play two handed in that, since you control two characters.
  14. Sounds like a good strategy, although it's unfortunate that Gondorian Spearman doesn't really fit the theme. Of course, neither does Steward of Gondor, but I couldn't live without that one either. This scenario seems tough because it seems to be location heavy, so you can get buried in locations. But the enemies are tough and not easily killed, so you can get in trouble there too. Some of the shadow effects are pretty nasty too.
  15. That has been my observation as well. Throw as many allies out there as quick as you can. Here is my deck, which as I said I got from someone else off the internet. I haven't even really looked at tweaking it yet, but I'm certainly open to suggestions. Apologies that it isn't in the linked format posters here prefer, laziness on my part I guess: Heroes: Dain Ironfoot (Leadership), Bifur (Lore), and Thalin (Tactics) Miner of the Iron Hills 3 (Lore) Erebor Record Keeper 3 (Lore) Erebor Hammersmith 2 (Lore) Longbeard Map-Maker 2 (Lore) Longbeard Orc Slayer 1 (Leadership) Veteran Axehand 3 (Tactics) Gondorian Spearman 3 (Tactics) Gandalf 3 (Neutral) Faramir 1 (Leadership) Gleowine 3 (Lore) Henamarth Riversong 1 (Lore) Daughter of the Nimrodel 2 (Lore) Steward of Gondor 3 (Leadership) Celebrian's Stone 1 (Leadership) Narvi's Belt 1 (Leadership) Boots from Erebor 3 (Neutral) Dwarrowdelf Axe 2 (Tactics) Horn of Gondor 1 (Tactics) Dunedain Warning 2 (Leadership) Durin's Song 3 (Leadership) Khazad! Khazad! 3 (Tactics) Sneak Attack 2 (Leadership) Feint 2 (Tactics)
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