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  1. That's all right, gave me a chance to catch up. I'll expect it when I see it.
  2. I got mine half considering hanging it up on the wall.
  3. An interesting idea. I could see why they would want to take advantage of that series, look at all the Game of Thrones content. In fact, they could even focus more on that series as opposed to the Second Age as a whole. That would fit in with the idea of no new cycles but no second edition either.
  4. I'm in the US, but I pre-ordered directly from FFG/Asmodee. I received an email a few days ago saying it had shipped.
  5. I just got an email yesterday I think it was, saying mine had shipped. Obviously the coronavirus delayed the original shipping dates, everything came to a standstill for a few months there. Can't really fault them for that.
  6. A for me also. When I saw the title of this thread, my first thought was "Aren't they the same thing?".
  7. I started listening to this episode, and I'm not all the way through it yet, but I wanted to comment. I have defeated Escape from Dol Guldur a few times using only the cards from the Core Set in pure solo mode. So it can definitely be done. I certainly didn't have a high winning percentage though, I folded many a game after seeing the flop. If you're not set up right, it isn't going to happen. You have to have the right deck, and some luck. I believe you said - I think it was you, could have been your partner, but I think it was you - that some players have noted that if things don't happen right in the beginning with this quest, there's no point in continuing. And that was my experience. You then said that isn't how you wanted to play the game. And I agree with you. Which is why I dislike the harder scenarios in this game. Some quests punish the solo players, and some quests punish the group players. But there are several which are absolute bears for single hand solo players. You can definitely beat them though, if you don't mind banging your head against the wall for awhile.
  8. Looking forward to hearing that one. Always interesting to see new players' reactions to that scenario.
  9. It's not on my short list, but I expect I'll get it eventually. I just thought it was odd that it was almost never discussed. And I'm definitely not a fan of fiddly mechanics. I'm almost through the Ring-Maker Cycle, and although the storyline is good, I can't wait to put the Time mechanics behind me (I hope). By the way, I don't plan on abandoning the LCG. I just like something lighter now and then. Sometimes the LCG feels like banging my head against a wall. I'll have what I know is a good questing deck, then I'll go to the next scenario only to find out "Hey, you need a better questing deck. And one that defends really, really well, and has high attack". Rinse and repeat.
  10. Yeah, I thought it might be nice as a casual game to play through. I like the LCG, but sometimes it feels like a lot of work, because a lot of the scenarios are pretty challenging. That can be good in itself, but sometimes I'm in the mood for something lighter. And it's Tolkien-based, and like I said before, it doesn't cost that much.
  11. Is there a forum or a thread on the digital version of LOTR LCG? I think it's called Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game or something like that. I was wanting to read what people were saying about it. I may end up getting it someday since it's relatively inexpensive. I understand it's a simplified, stripped down version of the LCG. And I think I've heard it's no longer being supported?
  12. Thanks, yeah that makes sense. Kind of a stupid question, now that I think about it further. Good suggestion on finding a way to ready her, I'll have to look into that.
  13. Started playing Celebrimbor's Secret, which prompted a couple of questions: 1) When Galadriel is wearing Nenya, and you exhaust them both, does that trigger both of their effects, or do you have to choose just one of them? In other words, can you reduce your threat by one, draw one card, AND add her willpower to another character? 2) I had explored Collapsed Tower, and it was in the discard pile. Then I had City Remains as the active location, and I put some progress tokens on it. It says to trigger the topmost Scour effect in the discard pile, which was Collapsed Tower. Collapsed Tower's trigger effect says "Return this location to the staging area and place two damage on it". Should you return Collapsed Tower to the staging area, even though it was in the discard pile and had already been explored? This is what I did, but I wondered about it. Whatever the answer to #1, wow Galadriel is powerful. I may have finally found a Spirit hero to knock Eowyn out of the deck for awhile.
  14. I've played through most of Ring-Maker cycle now and I see why most people rated it so consistently low. The Time mechanic is simply not fun at all. In fact, I would call it annoying. I don't like fiddly quests anyway. The storyline is interesting, I'll give it that. But I can't wait to get out of it, to be honest.
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