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  1. Thanks heaps guys. Some awesome info in there. Looking forward to giving it a crack
  2. Hey mate, thanks for the reply. Some really good advice in there. Think I'm gonna bite the bullet and get the kit this weekend and see how i go. I'll never know if i dont try.
  3. Hey guys, hoping someone can help me out and give me some advice. I'm looking at getting the core set as the game seems like a lot of fun. My main issue is that i have never painted a miniature before so i have no idea if i will enjoy it or hate it. I was thinking of getting the reaper bones learn to paint kit and see how i go. If i do enjoy painting (and dont completely suck at it) would the kit be a good starting point for the core set. I know i will need to get some primer for legion but what else would you guys recommend i get for the process? Thanks
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