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  1. Dinode

    Keyforge Lore

    Actually, there is a little bit of lore: at the bottom of the store page you see a section titled "Fiction", which has a few short stories based on each house. Here's the first one, which introduces the narrator, Inka the Spider: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/61/7b/617b8e37-169e-4c61-80a8-9cf94f261a18/frame_story_lorez.pdf
  2. I'm honestly a little concerned with how rapidly they are releasing these things, especially since it just keeps getting more complicated for newcomers. That said, this does appear to be cool.
  3. Dinode

    Getting Data

    What website is that?
  4. I'm pretty sure that since the neighbors "gain" the destroyed keyword, rather than Archimedes saying something like "if a neighbor of this card is destroyed..." then those 2 neighbor cards have that keyword and thus are archived. However, since all the cards are destroyed simultaneously none of the other cards have a chance to gain that keyword, so it only affects those 2.
  5. Dinode

    Getting Data

    So, I'd like to put together a spreadsheet that will do data analysis of all Keyforge decks to predict the strength of any new deck, but I don't know how to pull that data in the first place. Does anyone have any tips?
  6. The "Signature Power" talent is cut off at "This talent may only apply to". What does it only apply to?
  7. First off, this certainly looks cool, and I may borrow some of the ideas on magic if I ever want to make a story in which miracles and witchcraft are a thing. Second, I noticed that a lot of the prices for things like lodging or paying for travel seem . . . unusually low. I mean, how would hiring a porter for a day cost the same as a flagon of ale? Finally, I noticed you made it easier to find lodging, which includes food, than just finding a large supply of food, wouldn't it make more sense the other way around?
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