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  1. Different priorities / requirements make it hard... Team Covenant (and others) can wax philo and freestyle to some degree. I'm betting that corporate channels like FFG's have approved blurbs and scripts to which they 'must' adhere. That makes the tone and flow choppy at times. Plus, everyone who gets on stage or something for the first time winds up overusing something - verbal pauses, other pauses, speed, jokes, puns... It's hard to sound like yourself if you're trying to sound like an 'approved' version of yourself.
  2. I'm not sure in what way you contend I misquoted you. And my intent wasn't to belittle you, though I did think your "either/or" setup for the game in your closing statement was being a killjoy. I tried to say that cheekily to _avoid_ being too confrontational. I stand by my point though I admit that _how_ I said it could've been perceived as a high-handed swipe. I apologize for that. If you're referring to my parting shot, I think it was entirely fair... I've watched people (not you, obviously) get beat by some particular deck/condition and feel grumpy about it. I don't blame them. But it is amusing to me how many of them then seek out - or 'netdeck', insofar as it goes in the current online world - a deck with the exact same card conditions so they can foist it on someone else. "It's only fun when _I_ get to do it" is a strange value position. I'm curious about a source for your quote re: Garfield on Restringuntus as I've specifically heard him defend that card (and other lockout combinations) in other contexts. Anyway, I stand by my quotations and arguments while apologizing if my tone was more jab than rib.
  3. This certainly makes you sound like a jovial fellow. I bet you're the hit of all the holiday parties. There is no game on the face of this earth in which you will not, from time to time, be steamrolled. I wouldn't dare to imply that it should be 'fun' when you're getting lit up, but it's a game and sometime learning how to lose with dignity is part of life. In this case, maybe there are more sides of the situation than just "Restringuntus is a terrible design choice." If I see Restringuntus in a deck list, I'm trying real hard not to have a bingo hand that leaves me without options. I can't always control it, but you do the best you can. RG and FFG both have emphasized that part of the flavor of this game is the "Whoa! You could do that?" feeling. Restringuntus, like him or not, contributes to that swingy flavor. When he 'hits', he can dominate a game. When he misses and someone's built their plan around him, he can be a big miss. And, I seriously hope that, if you're willing to make comments like this, that you would naturally NEVER feel good about playing a particularly strong combo or card that makes you dominate a game. After all, you don't want the other person to have a bad experience.
  4. Just a thought here: You mentioned above that the casual mode doesn't require login so that the store can farm that out to any schmoe (like me!) who's willing to facilitate a basic event. Would it be possible to flip the authentication on the official, competition mode? That is, could I enter an official event 'on the fly', record the results, but have the upload held until authentication is put in? If you could make that persist just for that session, it would allow the store to delegate some of the overhead in administration and just 'authorize' the upload of the results when things are done. (Could even be done some time later, though I suspect you'd want the batch to die/disappear after 48hrs or so if not submitted.) I work, in part, supervising an app dev team, so this thread is fun to watch. As others have said, Jeff, many kudos for the way you're handling this feedback and requests... It speaks well of you and the companies you represent.
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