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  1. Xaro Xhoan Daxos house card (Mother of Dragons expansion) The text read: “If you have more ships in the embattled area than your opponent, each of your ships in the embattled area add an additional +1 combat strength.”. Do one count the support aswell to see who has the most ships?. or just the ships without support, because it says in the embatteled area and not all of your participating ships (including supporting) like on Victarion Greyjoy house card The text ability of this card read: “If you are attacking, all of your participating ships (including supporting Greyjoy ships) add an additional +1 combat strength.”
  2. We played with 4 players and one was Arryn (without Essos) with the new modifications from MoD. The new game mechanic played very well and made four players game much more fun than without MoD (So we played with Vassel houses and all the other rules that apply, besides the iron bank and Essos.)
  3. I thought a dead dragon was out of the game for good! But with this, then a dragon can come back? Is it possible in any other way?
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