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  1. Sorry to necro this thread, but I've read, my group has discussed it, and I'm not sure how it works still. It seems that people here say that Dragon Fury can be used with Acklay counter to give +4 shields or +4 damage back, but it can't be used with Dianoga sweep. Why is that? Acklay Counter says you "may spend one style token" As I understand it, you couldn't use Dragon Fury with that card since you are only allowed to spend one token and Dragon Fury says "as if you spent 2 style tokens." Why can't Dragon Fury be used with Dianoga Sweep to have one token give cleave 2? Dianoga Sweep says, "Spend any number of style tokens." Why can't you use the Dragon Fury during the Dianoga sweep ability? Maybe I'm just not understanding abilities and exhaust timing correctly.
  2. One more question concerning possible combinations here (Sorry if someone has posted this before, I just want to see if this is being ruled correctly in case it comes up): As I understand it, CT and Gideon could pull off the following combo with the following XP skills: CT: Pin Them Down, Strafing Run, Wildfire Gideon: Masterstroke Round 1 of a mission: Gideon activates first, command on CT who uses Wildfire for the first barrage. Masterstroke on CT who can then barrage again. CT can also gain 4 movement points because of strafing run. CT also stuns 2 and weakens two. 2nd Activation, CT (readies all his cards) can do four more attacks, stun/weaken two more, and gains 4 movement points using the same abilities. That's 8 attacks, 4 stuns/weakens, and 8 movement points in 3 actions, if I'm ruling this correctly? I know that's a ton of assumptions (there are that many targets in LOS, CT uses surges to recover strain every attack, etc.) Is subversive tactics my only hope?
  3. That's what I thought too. Once per activation. Thanks. This will be painful 😋.
  4. Yeah, I don't really want to use ST, but I feel like it's my only choice IF I want to be competitive. Any other ideas? Also, quick rules clarification: if Gideon commands CT to attack, can CT than use his barrage ability? I know that Gideon can command Fenn, who can then use havoc shot during the attack. but the wording on CT's barrage ability is different than on fenn's havoc shot. CT's says after an attack is resolved, while Fenn's says use during an attack. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hey everyone, Our group is about to start our 5th IA campaign. We'll be doing Hoth. I'm playing as the imperials and the rebel players just informed me of their choices: Gaarkhan, Verena, Gideon, and CT. We're all pretty experienced players, and I'm honestly not sure if there's a way for me to counter this. I don't have to win every mission, I just want to at least be competitive. Any advice? Class deck? Agenda cards? I'm at a loss here.
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