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  1. Voice of isengard was easy to find earlier in the year but yeah looking now it seems like it's pretty much out of stock and being price gouged. Khazad-Dum/Dwarrodelf was restocked in february but seems completely gone again. I'm not going to say that the stock situation has been great for this game, and will echo what TheSpitfired said earlier, which is that if you want to get everything you need to be willing to go into a frenzy and buy everything as it comes into stock. In a perfect world I would have been able to just pick up a few packs here and there from my usual internet retailers at my leisure, but that's not how it has been. I've accepted that it's just the price I pay for coming to a game pretty late. hopefully FFG learns something from these reprints and maybe scales up the next round with more product so that they don't have potential customers losing interest.
  2. I was initially frustrated with the stock situation but it seems that after buying into the game earlier this year I have been rewarded with the most lucky run of reprints imaginable? I'm, as of posting this, just 3 adventure packs short of the full set.
  3. fantastic, now if they could just reprint the deluxe expansion.
  4. good to hear there are reprints in the pipeline for this year. Was starting to worry I got into this thing too late. Maybe I did, but at least I'll be able to snap up some more cards for this great game.
  5. well that would be swell if you don't mind. I'm a little budget constrained at the moment but would jump at a copy of Over Hill and Under Hill.
  6. I'm in NY, I'm not trying to hunt down any particular packs with any urgency, it's more like the packs I've been able to get online seem to be limited to stuff after grey havens and then some random earlier stuff. For example, from the mirkwood cycle it was easy to get return to mirkwood and journey to rhosgobel but none of the other packs are available online really, and I was able to track down a copy of the On the Doorstep deluxe expansion but can't find over hill and under hill, or another example is Voice of Isengard is easy to find right now but no adventure packs to be found anywhere for the ringmaker cycle.
  7. new player here as well and it is somewhat discouraging to look at the reprint schedule and see nothing for this game, and just one reprint on the boat right now with the Harad deluxe expansion. The prices on the secondary market for older adventure packs and saga/deluxe expansions are ridiculous.
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