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  1. https://hiddencityrollers.podbean.com/e/hidden-city-roller-derby-episode-027-bert-invents-the-hantei-toreadory-jiai-25-01-2019/ Episode 27 is now live! Tune in to hear our thoughts on the new imperial cards. An interview with unicorn winner of an elemental championship and the updates to OP in 2019!
  2. Episode 25 is now live! https://hiddencityrollers.podbean.com/e/hidden-city-roller-derby-episode-025-three-hatamotos-and-a-budder-2018-11-18/ Lion receives a good card! Is lion splash out of Scorpion the new meta? With a New Crane Box announced and Warm Welcome ruling to discuss please join Ben, Bert, Glen and Nathan for a new cast that addresses all the news and Bert attempts a 'Deck Doctor'! Join us over on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HCRDPodcast/ Join us on Twitter: @HiddenRollers Visit us at http://www.hiddencityrollers.com/
  3. Episode 24 is out! Remedy and Simcof bring in the new year with this look at all the great things due in 2019. https://hiddencityrollers.podbean.com/e/hidden-city-roller-derby-episode-024-every-sandwich-2019-01-04/
  4. Hi everyone! We are a group of players from Melbourne, Australia who love to talk about Legend of the Five Rings whether it be jank, tournaments, community content or just good old aussie banter you can rely on us to have it! As 2019 begins to get into full swing we thought it would be great to start a thread to regularly update when new content is available. Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to a wonderful 2018! We hope to bring better, stronger content moving into 2019 with both the cast and youtube channel be revamped for the coming tidal wave of cards. Thank you all and if you'd like to learn more please head over to facebook and join our active community there! https://www.facebook.com/HCRDPodcast/ or follow us on twitter @HiddenRollers we also have a website http://www.hiddencityrollers.com/. If you'd like to catch up on our 2018 podcast episodes you can find us on itunes or your podcast app of choice. Alternatively you can find us here: https://hiddencityrollers.podbean.com/
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