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  1. My FLGS had loads of RZ-2's in the other week when I picked one up but they've clearly sold well as they're now not due stock until the 20th. https://elementgames.co.uk/wargames-and-miniatures-by-manufacturer/fantasy-flight-games/star-wars-x-wing/star-wars-x-wing-rz-2-a-wing-expansion-pack
  2. I'll place a token for any face up damage that isn't a Direct Hit. Best way to remember. I only place one token per ship, regardless of how many crits it has assigned to it, it's just a reminder to check my cards. Talk to your opponents too, "What's the crit on this ship?" "Weapons Failure." So now I know I've got one less red die coming at me and can plan accordingly. It's on you to talk to your opponent, you can't get salty for not knowing what they have going on and failing to maximise any potential you might have! It's also a solid reminder for yourself to repair the damage if you get a chance.
  3. I've started chucking my Resistance lists into the app to play-test ideas etc and I've found that C3-PO, Paige Tico and Ferrosphere Paint are missing. Regarding Death Troopers, I like them on the Decimator which I play as a blocker. Also when using Rose Tico - and this might be that my friends and I have misinterpreted the rule - but her card says "Spend 1 of your results..." and a blank is technically a result, which is why it's so powerful combined with Finn; so going by my understanding of the rules, the app auto-picks a result for you where as I think you should be able to choose, similarly to how you can choose blanks or blanks and focuses when rerolling for Target Lock. Feel free to correct me on this, I've tried to FAQ it and not found anything to tell me otherwise, which is why we play it this way happily. Thanks again for all of your hard work.
  4. Ahhhh, that's where I'd gotten myself confused - I wasn't locked but was focused!! Surprising how much difference being able to actually see the tokens makes eh. Thanks for clearing that up
  5. I've encountered quite a few pilot abilities and upgrades that don't activate when they should or work correctly, and some missing upgrades (Death Troopers off the top of my head.) Great application though but slamming Oicunn into the enemy and not being able to attack is frustrating, as is the configuration on Alpha Star Wings not letting them attack after performing a SLAM. Minor in the great scheme of things as the dev is clearly working hard.
  6. Looks interesting. How comes Ion over HLC?
  7. Yeah but the Nu pilot build is 49 points... 😏
  8. I think 51 points is fair for what they can do!
  9. Yes, reload is a white action on the Star Wings. As long as you're running Advanced SLAM you can perform a white action and treat is as red after fully executing the SLAM. Advanced SLAM is essential for this to work though.
  10. Valid points, hadn't really thought about it that way!
  11. Personally, I'd be inclined to swap the two astromechs around, it gives Wedge that extra survivability seeing as Luke has his force defensive ability. I completely understand the idea of fortressing points and keeping Luke alive until the time runs out but surely there are pros to keeping both of them alive?
  12. There is a 3 point step up to Rhu which unlocks a Talent slot. I've only used it on my Decimator list as I run Ruthless so I can bump the Decimator into the enemy with its 12 hull and push hits through should I whiff my dice. I have that list written up twice with Nu and Rhu pilots for the points difference. Personally I think the Star Wings are effective enough without a Talent, and Major Vynder with the correct build is brilliant. Major Vynder (39) While you defend, if you are disarmed, roll 1 additional defense die. Fire Control System (3) Advanced SLAM (3) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Ion Cannon (5) X-g1 Assault Configuration (0) Total: 55 points Slow your enemy up, get into range one, smash them to pieces, SLAM (red focus) escape for that extra die. SLAM red reload is also a useful ability. Remember that the Star Wings don't have K-turns or T-rolls but they can SLAM hard turns to about face, utilise your disarms/stresses and pilot abilities (and support abilities if you have them) and they can be a real menace. Thanks
  13. The Advanced SLAM upgrade is great on these. I like to fly them as a support for something huge like a Decimator Nu Squadron Pilot (32) FCS (2) Advanced SLAM (3) Proton Trops (12) OS-1 Config (0) 49 Points.
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