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  1. That's how I want to understand it as well...lol! To summarise, here is my understanding; A) If a monster spawns in one room and is instructed to move X number of spaces closest to an investigator who is in another room, the monster can open and move through a doorway to achieve the directions of the app B) If a monster spawns in one room and moves as directed but the closest it can get to an investigator is beside the room that an investigator is in and is separated by a wall or a doorway, then the investigator is considered 'not in range' - UNLESS - the app specifically states otherwise or the monster is granted special abilities that break the rules (i.e. Ghosts and walls). I am assuming that this range rule would also apply to Horror checks Thanks for taking the time to answer, cheers
  2. Thanks for the reply icabod. 1) I thought that was the case - thanks 1b. Interesting points here. I know that I can drop items and give items to fellow investigators but would a 'swap' between two players constitute an action for each of the involved players/investigators or is it only an action for the player/investigator who initiated it ? 2) Can you clarify what you mean by "ranged attacks don't have an effect" - the way I am interpreting this is that if the app is initiating a range attack with a Monster on the board, that Monster can't go through a door ? In other game modes, a Monster can go through doors and even walls and other impassable borders if they have special abilities (Ghost) or if the app directs the monster to do so. Am I understanding what you wrote correctly? 3) OK thanks 4) In this case I don't think the app told us. I will review the messages to see if I missed something.
  3. Enjoying the game so far. Tried a couple of sessions on my own and now trying to move through a first investigation with family. There are some niggling details that trip me up from time to time but the session is becoming easier and more fluid. 4 Questions 1) Move Action - You can move 2 spaces with a move action, I have 2 actions per turn. Can I use the move action twice with my turn, thus moving up to 4 spaces ? 2) Monster Range - Monster Range is 3 spaces. Range cannot be counted through walls or doors unless an effect specifically allows it. With regard to Doors limiting the monsters range, does this only apply to doorways that have not been entered or exited by the investigators ? if the monster appears in a room that you are no longer in can it move through the door that you used to enter and leave the room previously ? 3) Attack Monster - I attacked a monster with a Heavy Weapon (2 x 4). The app gave me a strength test, with the ability to roll 2 additional dice if I had suffered 3 or more damage (I hadn't). The result was "The monster suffers damage equal to your test result". In this case, does the Test Result only include the Success result achieved in the dice roll and NOT the additional damage from the Heavy Weapon ? Every time I have used a Weapon the app gave me a test roll + the damage from the weapon and that is why I am asking. 4) One of our investigators picked up a journal. It is now listed in the items section of the app. Reading the journal takes up an action. Can any of the investigators read the journal or is the ability to read the journal exclusive to the investigator that found it ? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and respond, cheers
  4. The bases for the figurines in this game are crap and some have resorted to permanently gluing the figurines to their base. I find the assembly of the monsters to be tedious and annoying with MOM2. If you have painted your figurines or have plans to permanently attach the bases to your monster then the Go7Gaming insert makes the most sense. I made the mistake of buying the e-raptor version which offers the same monster storage solution as Folded space which requires assembly and disassembly with each session, I needed to do more research. If I could do it again I would get the Go7Gaming insert. Aside from the insert assembly time, the one down side to the Go7Gaming insert is that storing your monsters in their assembled state take up more cubic space and you won't be able to fit addon's all in one box and I'm ok with that. First world problems.....lol!
  5. Thanks Neosmagus You are correct, it was 'Damage' not horror....brain slip You are right about the possibility for an unlucky sequence and that is why I wanted to clarify. Seemed like it was potentially a design error to allow something like that to happen. You can get knocked out pretty quickly with something like that.
  6. I pulled a PANIC card from the horror deck Instructions are; Resolve Immediately - Suffer 1 additional facedown damage - Then flip the card facedown My question is this, the app told me to take 1 x horror hit, I pulled the card (as shown above). Do I need to pull an additional horror card from the deck even though the app only gave me a hit of 1 x Horror ? Thanks in adavnace for the help, cheers
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