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  1. fantastic! I just played a couple games with my friend. We can play an entire game of xwing in 30 min. There are a couple of bugs I'll post on GitHub. Stellar work!
  2. Whenever I attempt to load a squad Fly Casual crashes. I tried to install a new code instance, but the problem persists. I assume there is some sort of corruption with one of the squad files. Is there a directory that I can access where I can delete my saved squads?
  3. How would you suggest forum participants validate that your screen shots are not cherry picked to confirm your personal bias? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherry_picking Taken as a compliment, thank you. There is no developer who does not have the powerful experience of a user wringing their hands about broken functionality. The developer looks into it only to discover that the functionality is working correctly and it was user error that resulted in the hand-wringing. Despite that developer’s best efforts, the user is convinced that the fault lies with the technology, and not themselves. Contrary to popular belief, developers WANT to identify bugs within their applications and are thankful to those who find them. To give more weight to the small sample of unreasonable hand-wringers over the larger sample of quiet contents would be an exercise in salience bias. https://thedecisionlab.com/biases/salience-bias/
  4. The dice are completely random. Your perception that they are not is salience bias in action. My question is how should the developers remediate your negative experience regarding this functionality? I am not a representative of the Fly Casual development team, but I am an application developer, and I genuinely would like to know the answer to this question.
  5. What would be the best way to remediate an individual’s negative personal experience correlated to bias regarding functionality that is working correctly? Are you asking for a “favor player” or “favor the AI” dice mode?
  6. This is a case study in Salience Bias https://thedecisionlab.com/biases/salience-bias/ This phenomenon is not evidence that there is a glitch in the dice. The salience is more prominent in Fly Casual because you can play many games in the time it takes you to play a single game of live X-Wing. As a result bias mechanisms will often push players to the conclusion that there is something wrong with the dice. The dice are actually completely random. Sometimes variance kneecaps even the best-laid-plans, and that burns into our memory.
  7. i3 vultures is entirely a meta call. I have yet to see any advantage at i3, and consider nearly guaranteed blocks to be far more valuable than possible initiative kills.
  8. I fill my bases to the brim with Silcone Rubber. They are so non-slip you have to get used to them. One order of this stuff will do probably over 100 bases, so go in with a couple friends and make an evening project. https://www.amazon.com/Smooth-Silicone-Making-OOMOO-30/dp/B004BNF3TK/
  9. Interesting. I think that the application is a superb piece of programming. I honestly think that FF should reach out to Sandrem to better fund his project. Playtesters can get in 3 or 4 times as many games in the same time they need to play one physical game. There's huge opportunity to improve the game through this application. As for the AI, I have the entirely opposite experience. I can't remember the last time I lost a game even when running total jank. I very much hope that the online player vs player functionality is implimented some day.
  10. After playing one game with Vonreg, (thanks to Barnes and Noble Gift Card + Membership for free shipping. I'll always choose my LGS over B&N otherwise) my professional opinion is... I need more games before I can establish an informed opinion. However... He does seem about right. I6 is nice, but 4 health goes pop easy. If you lose initiative to a squad containing Vader of Fen, you had better do some fancy flying. Similarly, if you run up against 5 X-Wings, TIE swarm, or Vulture swarm, being able to initiative kill one ship isn't gonna help you if you get blocked.
  11. When I worked as a software developer, and a technical update needed to be made in correlation with a marketing or business announcement, we had an updated version of the software ready to go ahead of time. We just flipped a switch on the day, and everything was updated. Development and testing had been completed days, sometimes weeks, ahead of the announcement. Why wasn't squad builder updated yesterday ahead of or immediately after the livestream? There are tournaments going on tonight and this weekend that are perfectly happy to use alternative squad builder apps, but why? Is there an unqualified tech lead/project manager in charge of squad builder? Are the developers on vacation? This is not a challenging technical or administrative task. YASB and LBN were updated by ONE developer within hours of new points update. What is the issue?
  12. With crits and additional damage 6 Hyena’s and 6 Torrents can have all 33 damage cards on the table with the game still in progress. 7 Hyena’s, 7 Torrents, and 6 TIE Bombers can easily do it without crits. Is the proper protocol to collect damage cards that have been dealt to all your destroyed ships, shuffle them up, create a new damage deck, and continue playing as normal?
  13. I believe Hyenas have a tremendous amount of versatility that has yet to be explored in competitive play. I suspect they will get a points drop in January. The unlocked versatility will be revealed, and their points (or the points of their mods/squad-mates) will go back up in a future points adjustment. I own 3 and often consider getting a 4th. I currently run 1 on my competitive list.
  14. This will be the last time I repeat this argument. If you still have difficulty understanding it after having had it repeated numerous times throughout the thread, I cannot help you. A player can deliberately roll too many dice, hope to put one over on their opponent, and then self-correct for a re-roll if their first roll is not advantageous. I understand precisely how random events work. You understand that rolling too many dice and self-correction into a re-roll of an initial bad roll provides two avenues for unfair advantage, correct? Instituting rules rulings designed to insulate against bad actors is not bad faith. The assertion that it is, suggests that you are personally bothered by protecting the community from cheaters. I’m not asking to decide which rolls they get to keep. I’m asking for a tournament judge to weigh in so I can reference the ruling in future games until FFG makes an official ruling. There isn’t anything elaborate to the merely keeping two of the three dice that all had the same result. It’s extremely strange to me that this seems too complex for you. I will no longer respond to your input in this discussion until your tone become more civil and you are able to wrestle your accusatory rhetoric under control. You are not advancing this discussion constructively, you are being provocative and your input does not contain value.
  15. Rolling three dice and keeping two if they are all the same does not reduce sloppy play. It helps to reduce the advantage a player gains when leveraging sloppy play (deliberate or otherwise) for re-rolls. As stated previously, if I am a deliberately sloppy player and roll too many dice and the results are favorable, I can use the pace of the game against my opponent to keep the result. If the result is not favorable, I can self-correct into a re-roll. If I must keep two of my three identical results I lose my decision tree a significant percentage of the time. Conversely, if I am a player who deliberately omits information to allow my opponent to roll more dice and force a re-roll after the fact, I lose my advantage when my opponent gets to keep two of the same three results.
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