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  1. I was able to reproduce this issue with vulture droids. I have attached the .replay file and image. Please PM with address if you need me to email the .replay file. LastReplay.replay
  2. Let me extend my sincerest thank you for creating such an excellent application. I believe that Fly Casual is extremely valuable to the x-wing community. I have encountered this bug before and only now was able to get a screen shot. Often times the application sees a target as either out of arc or out of range when it is not. Here is a screen shot of what I've been encountering. Biggs (far right X-wing) is being told that Vader is not a legal target. Thank you again for everything that you do.
  3. In competitive tournament play (say, a 75 min game), is there a hard rule on the end of the game? Example 1: The timer has 60 seconds left, you and your opponent have one ship remaining, and you could conceivably have enough time to set dials. One more round? Example 2: No one is paying attention to time. All dials are set except one. Time is called. One more round? Related question. Is there a protocol for slow play? I’ve seen turns go for 10+ minutes on livestream without dials being set.
  4. I have considered 4 I3 and 4 I1. May be worth considering, though I like to choose the order in which I activate my ships
  5. At two recent tournaments I ran 8 vultures with Energy Shell Charges for a 24-die first-engagement Alpha Strike. I struggled with what to do with the 8 extra points, but in hindsight my point vultures need hull upgrades to survive long enough to launch their payload. There's nothing wrong with committing to losing a ship before alpha strike. If the target you alpha strike is worth more than 24 points, you've made a good trade. I went 3/0 in the first tournament and 2/2 in the second. The games I lost were the result of incorrect choices by me.
  6. The entire rest of Black Squadorn
  7. Focus is not bad design. It's value decreases as pilot skill increases because a higher initiative pilot will be using their boosts and barrel rolls to improve positioning. This game is not only a dice game, in addition to a positioning game, it's also a game of reading your opponent, and optimizing actions through proper decision making. A low pilot skill Y-wing who knows his front arc will be dodged by a higher pilot skill opponent has many choices to consider. Does he take a focus to increase his one defense die from 37% to 62%? Does he rotate his arc to get a shot? Does he barrel roll to try and block? Does he target lock to try and set up a shot for later? How do those choices change when that 1 agility 2 attack Y-Wing is instead a 3 agility 3 attack die TIE Silencer? How do those choices further change if a 1-health TIE/FO knows he's going to take a 2-die attack at range 3? Should the TIE/FO then evade, and trust in his 4 defense dice? Similarly, imagine a high pilot skill Y-Wing closing on a target. Does he focus to increase his 2-die primary attack? If he rolls one or two focus results does he save the focus for his VTG Ion Cannon, or doe she spend it? Does he barrel roll to improve his positioning for next turn? Good game design is the incorporation of choice, and excellent game design is the incorporation of ambiguous choice. X-Wing is among the best games of choice I have ever played.
  8. I consider myself a competitive player (though, perhaps, not a vocal one). I actually tend to lean towards swarms as well when I play. I think that large base ships need a balance correction. Normally that correction belongs in the realm of points adjustments (in this case, decreased points), however I believe that large base ships should be powerful, and thus they need something more. Since their stats are hard-coded (printed), the only space available is in upgrades... but most upgrades are bad. Compounding the issue, if you reduce the cost of bad upgrades, people will just slap them on small-base ships. Other than tending to possess more health (often offset by a lower agility), large base ships are at a disadvantage in almost every conceivable aspect of the game from increased chance to bump/overlap an obstacle to being less able to dodge arcs. Is it acceptable that a lone Vulture Droid can block the Falcon while his 7 buddies swarm him from behind too? I don't think it should be. The tractor token was my way of representing a small ship being displaced by a larger one. Perhaps there is a better way to do that, but currently, large base ships (with few exceptions) do not hold up in the competitive scene.
  9. In a recent game I watched one player’s Millennium Falcon slam into a TIE Fighter, stop dead in its tracks, and get shot to pieces because of bad positioning. Blocking is part of the game… but large-base ships need some help. Also, thematically, an A-Wing stopping a Decimator from moving makes no sense. Here’s the idea in very rough form: Configuration for Large-based ships only: Ponderous Bulk - Unknown Points Value (5 maybe? 10?) When a medium or small-base ship overlaps you, roll an attack die. On a hit or critical result that ship takes one damage and acquires one tractor token.
  10. After your Alpha Strike, you're flying a worse TIE swarm. Just use blocking to deny as many actions as possible on shooting turn 2. The sharing of a range 1 calculate is very handy, so stay in formation the best you can.
  11. Corran. Thank you. I was just on Bell of Lost Souls reading about another character of the cob-pipe persuasion. Editing now
  12. I always deployed in my right corner in two rows of 4 facing forward. I faced Darth Maul with Hate + Grevious with some upgrades + 4 vultures. I destroyed Darth Maul on the first round of shooting (8 3-dice shots against Darth Maul with Hate have about an 80% chance of taking him down, which drops to 60% with 7 ships). From there is wasn’t difficult to pick the rest apart. I then faced 2 ARCs and 2 V-19s with various upgrades/Proton Torpedoes/Missiles. Shooting round 1 went poorly for me, and I lost 2 ships before I was able to fire back. On the second round of shooting I was able to drop an ARC that I damaged on the previous round. I will say that I would have lost this match until my opponent maneuvered his remaining ARC in a position facing off the board, requiring a hard 2 or hard 3 to maneuver back on to the board. A maneuver + barrel roll put one of my vultures in a position that prevented the completion of the ARC maneuver, and he lost the ship. It was a cheap move, and I felt bad about it, but it was a tournament. After that, V-19s stood no chance. I then faced an interesting rebel list with Wedge, Corran, Z-wing, and an ARC. Z-wing and ARC dies quickly to my alpha strike. I brought down Wedge by turning my swarm into him at an unexpected time for my opponent. I brought down Corran with some blocking that forced him into a bump + stress. Once I had one turn behind him, he had no chance – though that last round did have some good rolling by me and bad rolling by my opponent.
  13. Because when flying an 8-ship swarm it is better to be able to choose the order in which you move all your ships. Moving 4, then moving another 4 can (and often does) create problems. Also, a huge amount of swarm piloting is blocking. I ALWAYS want to move first and shoot first. Lastly, I'm still assessing whether an 8-point bid is more or less valuable than Munitions Failsafe or a shield upgrade on my point-man (corner drone closest to the enemy). I definitely considered 4 Separatist Drones, but they are the bottom of a list of what to do with those spare points.
  14. Went 3/0 at a recent tournament with 8 Trade Federation Drones + Energy Cell Charges I tend to be of a mind that anything more that 20 points before upgrades for a 3-health 2-defense body is not a good use of points.
  15. So, legal (not necessarily good)?: Ahsoka with Battle meditation + Jedi knight (1) with battle meditation + Jedi knight (2) with battle meditation Flying in formation: Jedi 1 moves + boost Jedi 2 moves + focus Ahsoka moves + ability on herself to use battle meditation to coordinate Jedi 1 and Jedi 2 battle meditation Jedi 1 battle meditation to coordinate boost to Jedi 2 and Ahsoka Jedi 2 battle meditation to coordinate focus to Jedi 1 and Ahsoka Ahsoka then target locks or barrel rolls for her action
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