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  1. That’s awesome! Thanks for your hard work.
  2. Newish to the Genesys community here. Lots of great content and resources. Just wanting to know if anyone has made a "monster manual" of the official and good community created content. I've seen the adversaries anthology, which is awesome, and I would love a resource for that that includes community content as well. Maybe something that you could split up by genre (i.e. look in this section for fantasy monsters, here for sci-fi). Not yet sure how it could be done or maintained but wanted to get your guys thoughts on the matter and if there was any interest in something like this.
  3. One of my players wanted to be stealthy and make smoke bombs. Here's what I whipped up on the spot. Give me any feedback on balancing it. Smoke Bomb Encumbrance 1 Price 50 Rarity 3 Concealment 1
  4. Hello all! I was thinking of making painkillers (Health Tonics in my setting) have an encumbrance of 1 instead of 0. This would limit the amount that a player could have on them, thus they can't spam painkillers each day (I know the daily limit of 5 per day). I know there is already a monetary cost with painkillers that could limit access, but this will let me keep their cost low without the players having several dozen of them when needed. Thoughts? balance breaking?
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