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  1. Thanks for the advice. I have already ordered a Second core set and am going to keep both so that i can faction swap if i want
  2. Guys, all of you are complaining about CLT being bad unless you have a TL. Just take R3. I have flown Ahsoka with CLT and R3 for months and it really works well. Fly her with 3 Arc-170s and use her as a flanker. Everyone goes for the Arcs and ignores her cos they don't want 3 Arcs hitting them in the side
  3. a group of us are just getting into Legion, would you guys recommend rebels or empire as a first faction? Personally I want to go clones when they come out but we are starting with a beginner league in the next few weeks so we all start with only the core set and then add a pack each session.
  4. Horton Salm with predator, R4, VTG and Ion Turret Dutch with Expert Handling, R3, VTG and Ion Turret Jek and Garven both with Marksmanship all I4 so you can maneuver them appropriately dutch does 2 TL's and passes another out, Garven attacks first and shares his focus, Jek is never stressed/always has an action and Horton has maybe 4 rerolls depending on where the others are for both his main weapon and the Ion cannon I just went 4-0 in the Kyber cup (online TTS) and made top 8 with this
  5. So why are they not delayed in the USA? I watched a live unboxing last night so they had them available on the 20th
  6. How exactly do FFG keep getting this wrong. Wave 1 was late as well. We thought they had managed to get it fixed after wave 2 was on time but then they drop the ball again on wave 3. This is a very poor show FFG
  7. some questions about the new grappling struts that has been announced for the servants of strife pack. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/8/seize-the-galaxy/ If a red maneuver is revealed does that ship still gain a stress token and then lose it again straight away, does it also skip it's action? Also does the ship flip 180 degrees if a flip maneuver is revealed? Thanks guys
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