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  1. I could get behind that. Would need to work out if/how it applies to armor X as well though or else things like B2's would be even tougher.
  2. both AT-RTs have white saves, one has surge one does not, maybe you should read the cards for the units that you are comparing, you don't seem to have actually read them. the AT-ST is a SCOUT walker that is designed for combat aganist light vehicles and infantry, that is its role and what it is best at. You shouldn't be comparing it against dedicated ANTI-VEHICLE platforms (the Saber and AAT) at killing other tanks. pretty much all of the Empires vehicles were multi-role meaning that they are never going to be the best at something but being second or third best at multiple things is often desirable when you have limited space (cargo capacity in a star destroyer) the AT-ST should not be as good at killing other tanks as the saber or AAT but is should be better at killing infantry than both of those things, as both of them are not designed to kill infantry. The AT-STs weapons should come down in price and the platform itself could use a price drop but i'm not sure how much. stop trying to compare apples to oranges when they are so obviously not doing the same thing (a goldfish will always be considered useless compared to other creatures if you only judge them on their ability to climb trees)
  3. you mentioned taking standbys on him but wouldnt they get removed if you trigger any of his suppression gains? you would have to be pretty carfull about placement of him before you can take them
  4. personally im most salty about the fact that they are almost always for people in the US, the rest of the world gets no love at all (save germany)
  5. exactly, he never considers the whole, only parts. apparently the sabre is also carrying Plo koon as well as the clone pilot, bit of a tight fit in that tank. the sabre is better than the AT-ST but only on defense, offense is comparable. the main issue with the AT-ST is the cost, its base cost is too high and its upgrades are also too expensive, it doesnt need any changes to it cards except points cost
  6. Ah yeah it is take that clankers card when it says increase the range of ranged weapons. That sucks.
  7. personally i think that the cumbersome keyword should be changed to something along the lines of, "if the weapon is used this activation then the units speed is reduced by 1, if they made a full speed move then they cannot fire it"
  8. one of the wings snapped off anakins fighter so im gonna make it into a crashed one, seems appropriate at least
  9. I see no problem with increasing the range with Take That, Clankers!, the command card says when the unit "performs a ranged attack" and the card for saber throw says "perform a ranged attack" you could have quite a nice attack with a fire supported shot at range 3 with surge:crit
  10. not keen on the jetpacks myself, too expensive this is the list that i took to a tourney last week and won with (only 6 players so not too competetive but still if there had been more then i would not have won, I won all 3 games but only had 4 victory points total, payload twice and breakthrough with no scoring units) Clone Captain Rex (90 + 12 = 102) --Aggressive Tactics (10), Recon Intel (2) Padme Amidala (90 + 0 = 90) R2-D2 (35 + 0 = 35) Phase II Clone Troopers (60 + 35 = 95)--Z-6 Phase II Trooper (27), Overwatch (4), Targeting Scopes (4) Phase II Clone Troopers (60 + 35 = 95)--Z-6 Phase II Trooper (27), Overwatch (4), Targeting Scopes (4) Phase II Clone Troopers (60 + 35 = 95)--Z-6 Phase II Trooper (27), Overwatch (4), Targeting Scopes (4) Arc Troopers (72 + 44 = 116)--Fives (36), Overwatch (4), Targeting Scopes (4) Arc Troopers (72 + 48 = 120)--Echo (40), Overwatch (4), Targeting Scopes (4) Arc Troopers (Strike Team) (21 + 31 = 52)--DC-15x ARC Trooper (31) Commands: Call Me Captain (1), Blast Off! (1), Take That, Clankers! (2), Aggressive Negotiations (2), Were Not Programmed (3), Diplomatic Cover (3), Standing Orders (4) Deployments: Danger Close, Advanced Positions, Hemmed In, Major Offensive Objectives: Hostage Exchange, Intercept the Transmissions, Breakthrough, Payload Conditions: War Weary, Hostile Environment, Fortified Positions, Supply Drop http://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/galactic/p32u68uEMu3auEMuEMp3cuEMuEMuEMuEMp38uEMuEMp33u8cuEMu48u0fuEMp33u8cuEMu48u0fuEMp33u8cuEMu48u0fuEMp3eua3u48uEMu0fuEMuEMp3eua4u48uEMu0fuEMuEMp3du9euEMuEMuEMuEMuEMc40c3fc41c56c3ac4ec08o06o04o05o08z06z05z07z01t08t04t06t07 only real issues with it are the lack of a bid and not too good against armour, may need to increase its anti-armour capabilities for next time maybe drop a P2 Z6 and put in an P1 RPS6,
  11. Personally i think the only upgrades that will be stapled to anakin are Endurance and saber throw, i can see cases made for some of the others but they are usually situational. tenacity would be good but it does mean that you have to have taken a wound to use it so not always the best Offensive/defensive stance are nice but they prevent you from even spending the other token, too much downside for me i think, there are going to be turns when you have offensive stance up to make a fire support attack and need to spend a dodge from padme but cant, it would be much better for the card to be double the cost and remove the caveat. Overwatch may be interesting, spend it to move and then relentless off it into a saber throw with fire support maybe. gonna have to spend the standby off padme most of the time though as he will get the suppression from his cards and loose the standby straight away.
  12. ah yeah, good thought I can see saber throw being stapled to Anakin, at least to start with
  13. thats what it sounds like, yeah, I can see a lot of players getting him to flee when he first comes out
  14. it is not for the clones, it is commander or operative only
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