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  1. Absolutely love this app. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into it!
  2. I stand corrected. Yes, I agree, based on the FAQ clarification to Konstatine, his effect should impact all enemy players ships so long as 2 of his controller’s fleet’s ships are in range. Well done!
  3. Hmm. Well, I agree that's the likely intent of the rules taken all together, I wish they had simply FAQd Konstantine to make that explicit because if you read the specific rules, I don't think it actually says it has to be taken that way. Specifically: Allied Fleets: Each team’s total forces consist of multiple individual fleets, each with its own commander. Each fleet is exclusively controlled by its player as an individual fleet. Ships and squadrons from a player’s fleet treat ships and squadrons from other players’ fleets on the same team as friendly, with the following exceptions: [So, generally, treat other players' ships on your side as "friendly" except...] • A commander’s “friendly” effect can only be resolved by ships and squadrons of the controlling player’s fleet (see the Assign Targets rule below). • Effects that set aside friendly ships and squadrons can only set aside ships and squadrons of the controlling player’s fleet. [Okay, so if your commander has a "friendly" effect, it can only be resolved by your own ships, not your teammates. Ackbar clearly can't give his teammates' ships extra dice for side only attacks. However, Konstantine is not a "friendly" effect. His rule is below] Ships and squadrons from a player’s fleet count ships and squadrons from players’ fleets on the opposing team as enemy. Assign Targets: After Setup, each player whose commander does not have a “friendly” effect must choose one opponent. The “enemy” effect of that commander only resolves against ships or squadrons controlled by the chosen opponent. [So this part of the rule clearly applies to Konstantine. His ability can only target one of other team's players - not every player on the other team. However, that doesn't answer how to read the "trigger" for this "enemy" effect. The text says: "At the star of each Status Phase, for each enemy ship at distance 1-5 of at least 2 friendly medium or large ships, you may increase or decrease that enemy's ship's speed by 1 to a minimum of speed 1." They didn't say that "friendly" triggers for "enemy" effects count only your ships. In fact, the default rule that begins all of this suggests that they should be treated as friendly. All that rule lawyering, aside, though, I agree that is probably what they meant to happen in this circumstance but I do think there's an argument to be made that the rules allow you to trigger with your allies' ships.]
  4. Yeah, that's how I read it, though I do wonder if the trigger for this is slightly better - as you have more "friendly" ships on your side to help you trigger? Or does that mean the "friendly" part kicks in and only refers to your own ships?
  5. I really hope they release these soon!!! As a new player, I'm really stymied without some of these basic squads!
  6. I like this kind of fleet - I have been working on improving a similar build, though with Hammerhead Torpedo Corvettes and a MC-80 flying pickle flagship. Like you, I've gone with Rieekan now over Dodonna for the zombie factor. The reason I went with Hammerheads is you want to get them close in, so I like the black dice they add for extra potential damage since I'm going to be in knife range anyway. While I like the double taps your engine techs provide, I went with boarding engineers and external racks on my 4 corvettes - once I get some damage on a target, I'm fishing for flipping over double damage criticals. I also expect to lose at least one corvette per star destroyer - that's why I'm now using Rieekan - but prefer to punch them rather than save myself, so have external racks on each as well and all of them are task force Organa. Good luck! It's fun to fly. Oh, also, I went with totally different objectives: Fleet Ambush (I know, I know, folks don't think that's a good choice, but with 5 ships and strategic adviser, plus a few squadrons of a-wings solely to fend off bombers, I like it), station assault, and dangerous territory.
  7. Eh, I emailed this guy about this tournament some time ago as I was considering driving a fair distance to attend. Got a rude response. After I emailed back that he was rude, got a longer response that it was his wife's fault as her English isn't that good and she comes off as "curt." I was not impressed with my interactions with this guy. While I can see both sides here, after my interaction with this guy and his business, gotta say that I don't think I'd ever do business with them, that's for sure. I didn't bother to go to his tournament and I personally wouldn't feel bad, dominosfleet, that you've been "banned" LOL.
  8. I just started playing 3 months ago. It's been a blast.
  9. Ooh. Nice idea on Wulff - hadn't thought of that. Never have played with Jerjerrod - will have to give him a try. The minus will be needing a navigation token and dial to slow down enough for the engaging ships. The plus will be easier time for the flanking Cymoon. Will give that some thought. Yeah, wasn't totally happy with one XI7. Problem with QBTs is the speed issue - find I'm usually facing cautious Rebels at slower speed (unless they're running away). Maybe I remove SO and XI7 for one QTC - if I get an accuracy, I get a second one. Or perhaps one SFO and Spinal Armament.
  10. Thanks Mad Cat. The problem I had with QBTs was the speed concern as I often have my Hammerheads flying really fast so they can get in and start ramming a target as soon as possible since I'm likely going to lose at least one of them in any engagement with a star destroyer (my last battle, one of my own even self-destructed with thruster fissures to get out of the way for a close-up double shot by one of his brother hammerheads) - so didn't want my MC80 to get left behind. Maybe coupling with engine techs will help allay that concern. I really like the idea of Hondo - super helpful to power the boarding engineers. Hmmm. Trying to keep the bid reasonable, as I want one of these objectives - and to be second player. Will work on it some more. Any thoughts on Fleet Ambush with this fleet? I've never used it, but the more I'm thinking about this fleet, my goal is to try to bring lots of firepower to bear on one of the enemy's ships as quick as possible (divide and conquer) - thinking that might make it more likely?
  11. First, thanks ovinomanc3r for originally posting this. As a new player, I really loved the simplicity of this fleet design - though as I've played it, I do think you have to know how to navigate really well to pull it off - I've done well, awful, and great in playing this fleet and think it's come down to navigation in every match. In any case, here is my take on triple Cymoons - I went with Ozzel as he helps with points and his ability to really speed up and down has helped me get into position and then stay there: TrypCy (400/400) Empire - Author: Aahz Commander: Admiral Ozzel Objectives: Blockade Run, Contested Outpost, Solar Corona [flagship] Imperial Star Destroyer Cymoon 1 Refit (112) - Admiral Ozzel (20) - Intensify Firepower! (6) - Commandant Aresko (7) - Gunnery Team (7) = 152 total points Imperial Star Destroyer Cymoon 1 Refit (112) - Support Officer (4) - XI7 Turbolasers (6) - Gunnery Team (7) = 129 total points Imperial Star Destroyer Cymoon 1 Refit (112) - Gunnery Team (7) = 119 total points
  12. Thanks, Nomemories. However, I don't have any A-wings sadly as I can't get Rebel Fighters 1 without paying an arm and a leg (plus another hand and a foot) on eBay at the moment. I like them as anti-fighters better as you're right, that's all they're supposed to be doing here - tying up enemies squadrons, but can't do anything about that at this moment.
  13. I am also considering whether to swap out Hyperspace Assault with Fleet Ambush. Any suggestions appreciated!
  14. Hi all - New to the forum and to Armada. Just trying out some fleet builds - while I prefer Imperials (more straightforward builds IMO), I have been working up a Rebel fleet when my group needs a Rebel player. It's intended to be a Hammerhead ram you/jam you fleet, with a coup de grace by a MC80. Anyway, I present, for your feedback, Dodonna's Hammer: Dodonna’s Hammer (381/400) Rebels - Author: Aahz Commander: General Dodonna Objectives: Dangerous Territory, Advanced Gunnery, Hyperspace Assault [flagship] MC80 Command Cruiser (106) - General Dodonna (20) - Defiance (5) - NK-7 Ion Cannons (10) - Intel Officer (7) - Enhanced Armament (10) = 158 total points Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) - Garel's Honor (4) - Boarding Engineers (2) - External Racks (3) = 45 total points Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) - Task Force Organa (1) - Boarding Engineers (2) - External Racks (3) = 42 total points Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) - Task Force Organa (1) - Boarding Engineers (2) - External Racks (3) = 42 total points Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) - Task Force Organa (1) - Boarding Engineers (2) - External Racks (3) = 42 total points Squadrons (52/134): 4x X-Wing Squadron (52)
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