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  1. Lancers Shadow Caster: Generics: This one was totally inspired by @Drasnighta From the squadron card: I probably wouldn't have bothered with all these generics, but RitR actually can make use of these with the ally tokens...
  2. A-Wings Shara: Green Squadron: Tycho is somewhere, LOL. I am working on a Rebels-themed fleet, so I will update with Tycho (when I find him) and the new Rebels a-wings.
  3. Y-Wings Norra (Dutch is sitting in my pre-production queue, LOL): Gold Squadron: Generics:
  4. Hi all - thought I'd share some painting stuff I've been doing (mostly) over the last few months. Special shout out to @Drasnighta for the super helpful guides. I really didn't start painting until about a year and half ago and those guides were awesome. Thanks bud! X-Wings I really don't like the sculpt for the X-Wing. Plus, they were the earliest things I painted. So, at the beginning of the quarantine, I soaked all of mine in Simple Green for a week or so, then scrubbed them and started over. I added some green stuff to make simple nosecones on the models. I think they turned out better than my first ones in any case. Here's Luke: And Wedge: I liked Mel's version of the T-70 sculpt still better, though, so I ordered some of those to play with:
  5. I can’t seem to find a picture with the E-wing’s engine glow color. Anybody know if it’s the pink/purplish of the x-wing/y-wing or the orangish of the a-wing?
  6. So, I have been painting for about two years now - got started doing my Armada squadrons. The only thing I bought was a magnifying glass on a bendable arm - was fairly cheap from Amazon. I am sure there are a million options. I use a hooded lamp (that I already had) to put light on my squads as I am working. I use plastic q-tips with a small slit cut into each to hold squads as I am working on them. And I took a small board and drilled holes in it to hold my q-tips with squads on them. That’s pretty much all I need.
  7. We have interpreted it to mean you just can’t have two of the same ability at the same time. If you drop it and later want it back, we don’t see that as a problem.
  8. Thinking about this, let’s say you exchange that red die for a black die set to hit/crit during some attack. Later, for a long range attack, you exchange one of your red dice (let’s say a blank) for that black hit/crit. Is that now a black die in your attack pool such that if you use a concentrate fire to add a die, that would allow you to add another black die to your dice pool (at long range)?
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