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  1. Thanks! We had been counting them, but with Officer Vader, was wondering if that was wrong. Glad to know we were right, but sad that Vader doesn't have a super power.
  2. We play fairly casually so we don't really track points too carefully when ships are destroyed, but in thinking about the new Darth Vader officer card, I'm wondering about the effect of discarding cards and how that affects the total points for a ship once that ship is destroyed if a card has already been discarded. Am I right to think that if a card is discarded before a ship is destroyed (whether by its own effect, e.g., Skilled First Officer or External Racks) or because Lord Vader kills your expensive commander before the other side can (LOL), you wouldn't count those points for purposes of the value of the destroyed ship?
  3. Sorry if I missed it, but did we get a clarification about using the same named ship from Rogues/Villains with the new pilots from RitR? For example, can you have both Lando and Han flying the Millennium Falcon?
  4. Good question. Either way, we should know everything else that’s in it from then anyway.
  5. That really surprises me. I thought they were planning on holding off on RitR for another month or so.
  6. Have you looked at collections on ebay? I considered buying a large collection on there a couple of times when I was just getting started, as there were some good savings by buying in bulk.
  7. Yeah, I got in last summer. No Rebel/Empire I fighters to be found at that time except for a King's ransom. I finally broke down and actually ordered some from Italy - as while they were at list and there was shipping (and the cards were all in Italian LOL), it was still a lot cheaper than buying off eBay.
  8. Games Plus in Mount Prospect Illinois is where I play. As of last week, they had most things in stock (one exception was Rogues/Villains which I will pick up when they restock). Give them a call - it will be at list but I think they’ll ship.
  9. For fun, I have played a triple Cymoon list a bit. I've either used JJ or Ozzel as the admiral to help with maneuvering as bringing all your front arcs to bear on the right targets can be difficult otherwise (plus it saves a lot of points). My current iteration of the list has JJ, Intensify Firepower! Wulff Yularen, and Gunnery Team on one, Pryce and Gunnery Team on another, and Gunnery Team on the last. I go with Solar Corona, Contested Outpost and Most Wanted. My list is 400 points exactly.
  10. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
  11. Absolutely love this app. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into it!
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