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  1. This video (and his second video were both super helpful) thanks a ton
  2. I know mox in Seattle has open play on Wednesday’s? Wednesday’s aren’t great for me, are there any other places that hold tournaments and open play that people are aware of? Thanks!
  3. Nice, well I will see you there soon!
  4. I am new to 2.0 and I am curious what the best places to play and learn are in the area...
  5. Thanks for the tips, they are all very much appreciated. Ya that is why I chose imperial I love the idea of a tie swarm and that whistling noise as they dive in! Is the bidding the same as the first player token?
  6. This will definitely be my next run. I really liked the mauler mithel card and that's is why I bought another Tie/LN expansion. Ill let you know how it goes!
  7. -Thanks for the advice. I was starting to get overwhelmed trying to buy ships, but now that I have this set I felt like I should be able to make a fun squad to learn with. Just played the vader/4 black squadron ace one and it was GREAT, gotta get way better at maneuvering though. Any advice for flying a swarm kind of build like this? I feel like I should try and stay close and barrel roll into bullseye arc shots. -True that on the starfighter pilots. Any idea when those will drop? This website seems to be vague with release dates.
  8. Thanks again, ya I got the 2.0 TIE/LN. I plan on just getting the 2.0 ships unless there is a must-have ship such as the lambda class shuttle (I saw it was in the worlds tournament last year) then I will cough up the dough to upgrade it.
  9. Thanks for this advice. This seems like a good build to get familiar with the game and keep learning! I may also toy around with that howlrunner and iden versio build here and there as the combos seem legit. One more clarification, in order to get older ships such as bombers and punishers I would need to get the 1.0 expansion and then an upgrade kit correct?
  10. Hey there, I am a new player and looking to build a legit imperial squad. So far I have 2 core sets, 1 tie/in expansion, and 1 tie advance expansion. I am looking for recommendations on a good relatively simple build and also possibly what ships are a must have to complement what I already own. Thanks in advance.
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