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  1. Anyone have some ideas but what creatures I should use or what books I should look in?
  2. What are the stats for the Dorsal turret-mounted rapid-fire rotary laser cannon; Dorsal turret-mounted heavy laser cannon on the juggernaut.
  3. A consistent clone wars time line ever wookiepedia has not figured that out (even after the reboot its kind of a mess)
  4. What do you guys need me to do? I'm going to be on a long car ride tomorrow and so I was wondering if I could test the heavy walker rules, but I don't know what they are (or how to make them).
  5. Whats the range on those weapons because some sources give them a range of 1-2 kilometers
  6. Maybe so rules for attacking minions with treads like using piloting check that dates damage dependent on you sil?
  7. Wary of wheels increasing the speed of walkers only because that would make a juggernauts speed 3. I could also start stating some tanks that fog hasn’t added yet like the t-2b, tie mauler, ect. I all ready have most of the work done.
  8. This might not be my place to say this but it looks like their needs to be a minus 5 and plus 5 Enc crafting options. Maybe it would cost 2 threat/advantage? Or perhaps plus/minus 1 enc opting that can be take a number of times equal to triple sil?
  9. Does the Juggernaut have stats any where or would I have to do it myself?
  10. What about wheeled tanks? My party just stole a juggernaut how should I build the wheels\?
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