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  1. HERE is the latest episode of The Bothan Report. This time I'm doing some base work.... "That's where we want to go, way down in Scarif" As always thank you for the support and feedback!
  2. Going to re stream tomorrow as I had audio issues tonight
  3. Hey Legion. I am now moving my regular series " The Bothan Report" into the realm of a LIVE broadcast. I am broadcasting my first episode tonight at 8:30pm PST and you will be able to watch it at www.intothegamenexus.com or at https://mixer.com/TheGameNexus I used to do the Bothan Reports as YouTube videos but I like the idea of a live show so I can field viewer questions and flesh out the opinions etc. It also opens me up to more criticism and trolling but what the heck...I have big shoulders. I would love it if you could tune in and give me a good welcome. You have been very supportive of my content and I appreciate the feedback,
  4. I want to thank everyone here for reading my reports. In a world of instant information I'm sure you are wondering why you would read my report when you could just click on the official FFG announcement and read it there. I create these reports because I love the game and like to present the info in my own way versus just copying a link. The Game Nexus is my pet project and the positive support and comments I get from everyone keeps me spurred on! Bothan Report:Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion
  5. Here is my March Battle Report. Like the last one this will be brought to you in multiple parts. I hope you like the format and style. I am taking a break to from the Game Nexus YouTube channel and focusing on written content for our website. This format allows me to dive into the narrative aspects of the matches and dig up some flavor in our games. Enjoy and make sure you subscribe to our site to get notified when new parts go live! PART 1 " The Kessel Extraction"
  6. Hi all. I just wanted t o show you my tutorial on how I made an easy stream for my Endor demo board. Hope you like it! Making Endor Part 4
  7. Well done! I did something similar with my report that I posted above. I think this style is better than video reports!
  8. I made a Gallery of some of my more creative bases. Not professional level quality but may inspire you. BASE GALLERY
  9. Hi everyone. I thought I would drop this here for all you peeps out there who want a different and very easy way to make Endor trees for your table. Not saying mine are the best but I had fun making them and they weren't as hard as I thought! PART 1 PART 2 PART 3
  10. Thanks for the compliments! I am going to continue to use this format. I find that the Video reports are to time consuming and filled with " dead air" not to mention the camera work isnt consistant. I am a graphic designer so using images and graphics are easier than editing Thanks again for the kind words.
  11. Hi . New Here and looking forward to learning about new terrain ideas and sharing my own. Here is a tutorial I whipped up for my Kessel board from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Tutorial with pics
  12. I am trying a new approach to battle reports and not doing the same old YouTube video report. It is broken into multiple episodes because my daughter couldn't play through a full game in one sitting < dam kids attention span> I hope you enjoy! PART 1 VISUAL REPORT PART 2 VISUAL REPORT PART 3 VISUAL REPORT
  13. Here is my new Kessel Board Full gallery HERE
  14. Your Endor table is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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