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  1. I thought I read you cannot increase characteristics after creation?
  2. Y a understand sorry is more important I’ve come up with a couple different ones and made 2 characters 1 is a BH who is 3-4-2s the other is the smuggler 2-3-2-3-3-3 both fit story’s Nicley. I just wanna make sure I have fun playing them! Lol water cannon that’s epic! Thanks for the tips guys really appreciate!!
  3. Thanks! 2 months life 4 sessions. The. We can keep our characters but they revert back to OG stats and we start a longer one.
  4. Hello all, thanks for your time. I am a brand new RPG player. longtime strategy fan and star wars fan. about to start my first game. I've read most of core rulebook and many forum posts. Along with the GM there will be 5 PC (all but 1 PC is a first timer) 1 is a bounty hunter, 1 a explorer, and 1 hired gun. I originally planned on doing a Bounty Hunter class but didn't want to leave our group with combat only players. I have some great backstory's made which I understand is very important. but I need a little help I was think of going 2-3-2-3-2-3. however I'm afraid with a group of 5 I may get left useless due to not exceling at 1 area. is that that case or is a jack of all trades decent?? if its not a good idea what's some suggestions? any experienced smugglers out there willing to help a beginner? thanks!
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