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  1. Sorry, must’ve been looking at an old version of the rules guide then. Thanks for the replies
  2. Does an all Neutral character team still get to include either Hero or Villain cards in the deck? Please cite your sources in the rules, rules reference, or a FAQ. I can see nowhere RAW that disallows it, but especially with the printing of No Allegience it seems that RAI is you should only be allowed all Neutral.
  3. MalaciousMawloc

    Galactic Qualifiers Questions

    Where can I find a list of locations and dates for these tournaments? And what exactly are they, just an "Open" Tournament at like Pax or some other convention or what?
  4. MalaciousMawloc

    Help Finding Cards and Deckbuilding

    Hi! My group is delving into some big multiplayer games, and I want to build the trolliest deck possible with access to as many cards that affect each opponent, all players, etc. or group hug things like healing characters and letting an opponent gain resources or draw a card off of my action. Things like Truce, or Cocky or even Nute Gunray! Thanks for helping if you choose to do so! Color and Faction is not an issue and the deck doesn't have to be good.