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  1. My girlfriend and I have been playing a bit of Armada lately. We own the core set + the Interdictor. We've been looking for fun house rules to make our games more interesting. For ~ balanced teams we've been splitting the 4 ships into 1 big/1 small per side with unlimited rounds. Do you know of any fun house rules we could incorporate? I've been annoyed with the Interdictor containing all my juicy Dodonna crits. We both agree that face up crits are the best part of the game. Is there a way I could change what contain tokens do while maintaining the point value of ships with contain. (essentially a new function for those tokens that is ~as valuable)
  2. I've always loved the idea of messing with enemy speed in Armada but frankly Konstantine is just awful. I want to play and have fun with him without feeling like I'm sabotaging my own fleet. With that in mind, what would be the best way to tweak the wording on his card to make him comparable in power to other Imperial admirals? Here are some possible ideas I had: 1. Change it from TWO medium-large ships into ONE medium-large ship and another of any size. Possible point reduction to 20. 2. Change it from TWO medium-large ships into TWO ships of ANY size (Thematically this doesn't make much sense). 3. Allow him to decrease speed to 0. (sounds the most fun but potentially too powerful?) 4. Allow him to increase or decrease speed by up to 2, down to a minimum of 1. There were a few other cards in the Interdictor pack I was thinking of tweaking as well. 1. MS-1 Cannons. Currently for two points a blue crit exhausts an upgrade card. I can't think of a simple way to balance this. Even at 1 point I would still question taking it... 2. Commandant Aresko. Currently for 7 points exhausting this allows you to gain the same command token as a friendly ship at distance 1-3. Perhaps extending the range to 4 and reducing the points to 5? On the Interdictor you could use him twice a turn to really stack up tokens.... 1. Quad Laser Turrets. A contender for worst card in the game right now. For 5 points it gives a ship Counter 1 against squadrons. The point total obviously needs to be reduced, perhaps to 3 (Don't worry, I'm bumping up the points of a few OP cards). Or would it be better balanced by increasing it to Counter 2?
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