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  1. I am guessing that you only play in Casual events. Here is how I have it working: When an allocated event is uploaded, we snag your Asmodee ID and your personal name to update our servers. We can't do it before that for privacy restrictions. The best way to fix that is to participate in uploaded events! Jeff BrowerGEM Lead
  2. I hope this is fixed for you. When new software is released it often gets this response from antiviruses. The second attempt at install should allow it ot be installed. The thing is that in today's world, very little can be trusted. In order to trust even the software that I have tagged with a signing certificate, it must meet a threshold number of installs before many anti-virus systems trust it - even if it is as safe as GEM. Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  3. I have forwarded this to the team. It would seem that this should work to me. Thanks for the post! Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  4. We purposely disallow manual pairings for lots of great reasons and you can read back to find some of my earlier posts about that. We do not want anyone manipulating the tournament for the number of rounds and things like that either - we want the same experience available to players no matter which store they decide to play. A Chainbound at one location must be the same rules and opportunity to win as Chainbound in another. I think your motives are admirable, but when I order a Big Mac here and a Big Mac there I want to be sure that it always arrives the same way so that I know what I am getting. If you run a Chainbound event incorrectly, you can always convert it to Chainbound with the conversion tool. Once you log in, the button appears and by selecting it your event is converted for you. I hope that helps! Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  5. I apologize for the incorrect email address. Your request evidently went to nowhereland. The correct email address: OrganizedPlay@FantasyFlightGames.com If anyone has any problems with allocations or Æmbershards please send an email to that address for resolution. I am told that they have gotten all of the allocations sorted, but if you check and they are not correct - drop a note to that email address. We truly want you to succeed. This discussion forum is primarily here to let those of you who can help each other do so. This is not an official support channel. Dropping an email to Organized Play at Fantasy Flight Games is the correct path for resolution of organized play issues! Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  6. I hate to keep saying soon.... but soon. Like really truly soon. The Client has passed all the smoke tests, but the Client is only one part of the Suite. Oops, did I say that out loud? Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  7. This. So much this. You can't un-ring a bell. Thanks for the post. Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  8. Yes and no. Let's be clear - every game has its official rules and in every official game the number of rounds are set before the first round is played. You and others bring up MTG and in section 10.2 of their official rules it plainly says "The number of rounds should be announced at or before the beginning of the first round; once announced, it cannot be changed.". Pokemon has the same rule. More importantly to the conversation, KeyForge has this same rule. In the KeyForge Organized Play Rules on page 7 you will find "The organizer must announce the number and type(s) of rounds and what size any progression cuts will be before the start of the tournament." The reason is that it gives the same fairness to every player registered. As a retail location, you can run the non-sanctioned and non-official games (Casual in GEM terms) with your own flavor and variations, but sanctioned play must be consistent and follow the sanctioning body's rules. Even though a retailer may wish to have different accommodations for late players, as the sanctioning body we have rules and we code them into our software. All of this is not only already in the GEM Client, but GEM also uses the rules to automatically re-pair the round if needed, add the player as a Bye with a win, add the player as a Bye with a forced loss, or pair the late player with an existing Bye so that they can both play. I think that is a LOT of flexibility for the Organizer. If pairings are already advertised and players are seated, the re-pair is not automatic and the Organizer gets to choose to re-pair - just not over and over to get a desired pairing or manually pair specific players arbitrarily. If the Organizer chooses to enter a late player, the Organizer gets every legal option - but for any rounds where the player where the was absent, losses are automatically awarded. If a player wants to enter after a round starts playing and the Organizer decides to allow that player to enter, the Organizer gets all of the legal options at that point and the player is paired for the next round. GEM actually already gives the organizer more options than you listed above. I have run an incredible number of sanctioned events in card and video games from 8 players to over 1,000 players and I have never once changed the number of rounds after the play has started. Even setting the sanctioning body rules aside, when the rounds are timed, play has begun, and tiebreakers include mathematics for the number of rounds played, round modification can cause tournament integrity issues - which is why every major game with an Organized Play component has this same rule for their official sanctioned events. That makes my other point in terms of the fairness of having a predictable event. I have noticed that no matter the size of the event, only about half of the players are listening to the announcements. Chances are, even had the judge known, there would have been several players who would still have been surprised. Yup. And that is why GEM allows you to go back to a previous round and change the outcome. Click the prior round, click Reset, click the correct winner. Done. If the correction affects the current pairing, the round is automatically repaired. Literally 3 clicks and the miss-entered result is fixed and the pairings adjusted. Thanks - I plan to make GEM the envy of all other games. But please understand that I am an advanced organizer too. Beyond that, as the sanctioning body, we have rules for our game which we must code into the software tasked with insuring our rules are followed. While we are not attempting to be a retail store game app (which might help a retailer avoid or nudge some of the rules that are not convenient for customer service in a retail environment), we do allow for a whole set of Casual games (which are not allocated and do give somewhat more flexibility). For our Organized Play (officially sanctioned events), we have extensively considered, established, and published a set of Official Rules, just like every other sanctioning body for every other game. We use the exact same software at our own premier events (like the Vault Tour) which we give to retailers for their events, so it must enforce the rules we set which are focused on ensuring ethics, fairness and tournament integrity. We award allocations to retail stores whom we trust to run events according to those published rules and we give them the GEM Client to make staying within those rules a little easier. All that said, I hope you have also seen that I have taken the needs I have experienced at my FLGS, large Cons, and giant premier events and rolled them into the rules document to create a system that satisfies your hunger and gives you that sweet tasty treat that you desire. Everything above you said GEM should do, it does, and more - and if you load the 1.3 release in a couple of weeks I think you will be amazed at how much more of a GEM it is! Thanks for taking the time and thought to write your post. I think it is important that you cared enough to bring your thoughts forward, make suggestions, and give us the opportunity to share our perspective and communicate with the community. I hope I have made this understandable and given you even more confidence in GEM. Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  9. Awesome! Yup! 3 Deck Survival in 3 different game variants! Here is the thing -- the GEM Client that we use in the Vault Tour (and in all our premier events) is the exact same GEM Client that you will have in the stores. Yes, this time out we have a version ahead of you because we tested some spectacular stuff before we release it in the wild, but once we have those new items ready, the next release will have everything you saw in the Vault Tour (plus some). Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  10. I am truly amazed that anyone does not think that maintaining tournament integrity should be an important feature of tournament software. This year will mark 14 years of organizing and managing tournament results for me - from local to world levels - several of these events have exceeded 1,000 players, and many of them had very substantial prizing. I know something about this. So does the awesome staff and substantial development team - who all prefer the highest standards of tournament integrity. We agree that the vast majority of game stores and tournament organizers are exemplary and many are quite knowledgeable about tournament integrity and operations - but are they all? Is every employee at every store? Is every volunteer organizer? When the quality of the tournament and the integrity of the game are enforced by the software so that everyone knows that the event will be fair, even at a store they have never visited, how is that a bad thing? Why do you want software that allows abuse and shenanigans? There are backups taken for every action you make and they are kept separate for every major step - and they are quick Load button click away - how can this, plus the ability to change prior round results (within reason) not give you an adequate safety net in case you screw up that badly? Yes - I admit, there is much to be done - but we are only on release 1.1 and for only the first update of the first release, I think that we can be proud of our debut. Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  11. Glad that GEM is working so well for you! The next release is even better! I am probably going to blow your mind right now. I did that on purpose. Here's the thing, the tournament needs to be frozen when you start. At that moment we have to set the number of rounds, the presence of a top cut and the number of players that the top cut will contain. We are, in effect, creating a contract with the players for what their tournament will look like. They know that the number of wins they need, the number of rounds they will play, the strength of schedule and the extended strength of schedule will all be consistent round to round. We use these elements to fairly pair every round and to select the players that make it into top cut. If we change all of these things from round to round as players are added we change the fairness over and over as people get added to the event. And what of drops? If we are increasing rounds when people add, do we reduce the rounds when people drop? Or are DQ'ed? Does top cut disappear? Double in size? Both? How many players might have to drop and go home or to work if late players add to the number of rounds, especially in best of 3? Is is OK to have someone add in the very last round and add more rounds (and potentially hours of play) that no one expected? Where do you draw the line? That may not be your only surprise. I left other things out on purpose too. You see, the aspiration of great tournament software, in my opinion, should be to guarantee a flat and level playing field for fair play - with no surprises and a predictable game environment no matter where a player plays on the planet - I seek the highest in tournament integrity and consistency. Note that you also do not see manual pairings in GEM, because even if it never occurs, any player with a bad matchup might wonder if their pairing was arranged on purpose (or wonder why the Orgainizer's child or friend got such a great matchup that same round). You will not see the ability to re-pair over and over and over until the operator sees the pairing they like for the same reason -- if anyone thinks for a moment that the Tournament Organizer (or GEM Operator) can manipulate any pairings or results, tournament integrity itself becomes questioned everywhere. Not on my watch! I guess what I am saying is this: Some of the things that we might be used to seeing in other game software may never be a part of GEM because I want GEM to be the gold standard of consistent, predictable and fair tournament software - powerful, yet deceptively simple to use. Make sense? I hope so, and I hope you agree. Do me a favor though -- keep holding my foot to the fire and making those suggestions for improvements. The community is my best resource! Thanks also for the opportunity for me to climb up on my soapbox and make a speech as a response. I want everyone to understand why GEM is what it is and why we can all be proud of the game and the tools that we use to run it. Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  12. I hope that these videos might help those who need help creating the accounts and using GEM, but I have considered doing some videos myself once things slow down - I just keep adding so many new features that finding time is a struggle right now. My hope is that this forum is used by those of you who have figured it out to help those who could benefit from that experience. Please, everyone, feel free to help each other! One of the new features I added was an update check. Of course you have to update to get that version..... Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  13. First, make sure that you are not just outside of the 24 hour window. It might be that you just cannot see them yet in the GEM Client. Go into your account using your favorite browser and make sure that the allotments are there and that you have an event defined out of the allotments you were awarded. If it is there and more than 24 hours in the future, that is why it is not showing up in the GEM Client (to help make sure that you do not accidently choose the wrong allotment). If it is not there, well, this might be one of those times to change the Crucible rather than let it change you. I would send an email saying that you will turn up like a Bad Penny until it is right by pinging Organized Play at: organizedplay@asmodeena.com Hope that helps! Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  14. I would just keep my regular Chainbound event and add a Casual event for the special giveaway! The players are responsible for knowing how many Chains their deck has and what its Power Level is - and we have that information right on their Master Vault application (and they can print all that out if they don't have a phone). You can create your own event and even have them show you the Deck Statistics when they register! Yes, they will not earn Æmbershards on any event that is uploaded - but you are giving a special prize and loads of fun. You can hold these events as often as you like - it is only the allocated events which can only be run weekly. The 24 hour rule is set by the server and not by the Client update. The GEM Client shows you everything the server delivers! If that gives you a problem or to answer your other question about deleting old events you will have to ping Organized Play at this email address: organizedplay@asmodeena.com  Hope that helps! Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
  15. Don't you hate replies like "it depends"? At the Vault Tours we are manually awarding players in all kinds of Casual games, but currently only the sanctioned (allocated) Chainbound events which you hold are uploaded - and the Æmbershard awards come from those uploads. As for future sanctioned events, perhaps you need to turn to Logos and ask Timetraveller what's in store - for sure, this game holds many surprises - for all of us! Thanks for the compliment on the software - watch for more awesomeness soon! Jeff BrowerGEM Client Lead
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