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  1. No, it is not too late. Personally, I prefer word "Wounded", but I'll think about changing it. You've been really helpful, thank you ))
  2. I like this idea. Currently the Flickr has problems so I am not uploading new items :c
  3. Thank you, Sadgit. You've helped a lot by providing this intel ))
  4. Thank you. I reckon that expansion has to be distinguishable from the others and I will create a custom icon for it in the future to mark the items with. Items expansion would require all small and large boxed expansions.
  5. I've created a Dropbox account and made separate folders for conditions and items. You can find the links in the post.
  6. I would be grateful if you could provide some links to pics with these supply crates. I will create one GOOD condition soon, thanks for suggestion. Thank you for your feedback
  7. Hello I wanted to include several of your relics as a part of my Items Expansion. I will put your nickname in the credits. If you agree, then I would need PDF files of your items. Thanks in advance.
  8. You can just toss in a bunch of tiles and create a story on your own while playing. Place a notorious Waterfall tile and say that the water space is Meriod's spawning point and also contains sacred Water rune under it. This way It takes much less time to setup the game. Encounters will get much more diverse both for heroes and Overlord. _______________ The downside of this is that the heroes will constantly complain that you are going too hard on them. Also the game looses its competitive part, but to me it is still nice to play.
  9. 1. Good catch. Definitely will use this wording instead. Thanks. 2. To me it sounds a little bit complicated, but I'll think about it. Thanks again. I hope to see more feedback from you in the future
  10. The only way I found to do so is through camera roll. I dont know if other people can use it... You can select multiple pictures by clicking on them,even use Shift to select all of them, and then press download button which is displayed on the panel on the bottom of the page. Maybe Its time to create a Dropbox account I'll do this in the future. Maybe after 100 items.
  11. 1. Thanks 2. I took a description for this ability from the hero sheet so I dont think it needs changes. 3. Last round 4. Thanks 5. It is intended. Does it look too bad ?)) 6. I will look into that. 7. Maybe just a little bit. Thanks 8. Terrified is one of the most annoying conditions from the base game. In my opinion Peacekeeper is not overpriced.
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