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  1. I have only played 2 games so far. The first took 16hrs (2 x 8hr sessions over 2 days). The second took 6hrs. I am wondering if this is normal & how people can manage to play under 4hrs? If its a 3hr-4hr game I am super happy to spend the evening on it, but when I start at 7pm & finish after midnight we are struggling with motivation. I realise there is a lot to keep track of & probably gets faster with experience. But after the 16hr session I think we really covered almost every possible question & rule look up. Tonights session seemed pretty speedy through the turns, but it just went on for ages. I think what is dragging most is gates are always surging. We are on 4-5 gates open all night & they keep surging. The doom track doesn't advance. Are there any tips to reduce the play time? My wife & I love the detail & depth of this game, but time wise I think my wife is not going to want to play again unless we can find a way to speed it up. oh, we are playing 2 player. Thanks all!
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