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  1. A couple reprints just passed RotS and are shipping now, I don't think stuck in customs is the issue.
  2. A month or 2 ago. I also tried them on Twitter, no response to either.
  3. Wishing a company you ordered a product from would communicate why the product's been delayed by several months with no update isn't entitlement.
  4. I doubt that's the reason. The book's been on the boat since September, typically a 6-8 week period. The government's been shut down for about a month, so there's a month before the shutdown that's unaccounted for.
  5. Andrewjo

    Another Character Generator

    I'm getting that error too, but it's showing up when I try to put attachments on a few pieces of armor, not sure how to fix it or what I'm doing wrong. I imported the files through the data editor, I haven't messed with any files manually. I'm kind of computer illiterate so any help would be appreciated .