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  1. I love the idea of transforming the boardgame into a team VS team style game! I also like that you involve more houses into all this. A few concerns i have about it all though: Some of the housecards have their text abilities formulated a bit weirdly. Some are a bit unclear (specifically those that concern routing and retreating), and the Martel card "Prince Lewyn Martel" is just a lot of text thaat no matter what means +1 combat strength to Martel in that combat. Other spesific cards i think needs so attention in regards to words used in text abilities are: Tarly: Lord Mace Tyrell (A lot of text, and a bit spesific. can the first part be shortened? can the second part be simplified/shortened?) Tully: Ser Desmond grell (Can be shortened without loosing comprehension), Brynden Tully (Does this only apply to this specific combat? Can it be both support and retreat if you still lose? Does "along and across rivers" mean you can retreat from greywater Watch to Craclaw Point?), Edmure Tully (This specific combat?), Stark: Eddard Stark ("When fighting against a dornish controlled territory: gain +1 combat strength." <- is oddly spesific. Is it ecessary for balance?) Arryn: Petyr Baellish (Shorten text by writing for example "You may either _____ OR _____) Baratheon: Stannis Baratheon (Text can be shortened drastically. Just the text in the paranthesis is almost enough on it's own.), Davos Seaworth (Isn't this basically how Support orders normally function? "The first group of ships to that support in this way provide +1 combat strength for the battle" <-is a bit long and oddly spesific. Can it be simplified? Why not apply this to all the ships that support this round?) There are also a good couple of cards that could benefit from variations of "gains an additional _____" to avoid confusion and sometimes shorten the text. I know that most of this feedback is centred around simplifying the rules/phrasing of the rules and that some of my comments on these house cards may seem to contradict that, but i believe that with the proper phrasing both can be accomplished It also looks to me that it will be incredibly complex with a great deal of specific rules being added to the already existing complex rulebook. By all means i love your ideas on all this (espescially some of the card abilities), but all of it looks like a bit too much. I like that you chose to divide up a few of the sea-areas some more. Because of the added houses more space is definitely needed to give room to them all. However i think there might be a bit too many small areas around Pyke (Not that big of a deal, just worth reconsidering). One thing that i think could help a lot is if you're able to simplify some of the rules and interactions a bit and shorten some of the texts. It may just be that this was a bit overwhelming to me after reading over all of it in one go, just once, but i'll stand by it. That's pretty much all i can think of. I hope it was helpfull and if not it's just my personal opinion on the matter. Keep it up, Man!
  2. So i'm really, really excited to play the online version on Thronemaster.net, but it doesn't seem to register me properly. I've waited since roughly christmas to be accepted in, but it doesn't seem like their sign-up method worked when i tried to join up. When i try to sign up now it says my mail adress is already in use, but when i try to use the "forgotten password" function it says i'm not registered. The confirmation email never arrived to me despite trying to re-send it. I sent a mail to their help-adress but hass received no reply. despite this thier site seems very active and has plenty of daily games. So i'm wondering if anyone else is experienceing something similar or possibly other related issuess. Or are there certain cirteria that simply disqualify you for being signed up? Thanks in advance
  3. To asnwer your questions a bit orderly in my own opinion: 1. I do not recommend this boardgame as a first boardgame ever. However it is an amazing game and follows the universe really well. If you and a minimum of three of your friends love Either a) A game of thrones B) Complex strategy-boardgames or C) All of the above then you can definitely make it work. However the game has a lot of specific rules and plenty of details in the gameplay that can be detrimental in just the phrasing alone. I have played this game 7 times so far and i am still learning neuances of the rulebook, despite reading it for fun from time to time. I also want to add that missing out on a few neuances in the rulebook from time to time probably won't matter if it's the first time for you and your circle since you'll probably be too oblivious (meant in all friendly honesty) to notice the consequences of not following the rulebook to the point. TLDR; if you and your buddies have a passion it'll probably work out nicely :) 2. It is definitely best with six players even though it takes significantly more time. It works well enough with only three players and for a first game it's probably best to be few. Definitely do max out your games, though! there will be so many more interactions and so much more of the map can be used when all six players participate. The game is least balanced when playing with four/five players because of the way the rules doesn't restrict movement untill the player count is reduced to three. The newest expansion, Mother of dragons, fixes all of the negatives of playing with fewer than six players, though. So if you like the game and you're certain you'll want to play more in the future, then it's highly recommended. TLDR; Six players is best. Three players is second best. four/five players is more fun than three, but also less balanced. Mother of dragons improves all of the bad stuff about the basse game.
  4. The answer to this one lies on the bottom left of page 19 in the rulebook: 1. Any text abilities that include the terms "Ignore" or "Cancel" are first resolved in the turn order of the iron throne track. 2. Any text abilities that include the term "Immediately" are resolved in the turn order of the iron throne track. In this specific example Tyrions ability is resolved first no matter the turn order of the iron throne track because Tyrions card includes the term "Cancel"
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