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  1. I have no desire to continue playing. Thanks anyways.
  2. Jexal nods in return. ”That would be fine. I have a number of texts to read through.”
  3. “Nordin. A pleasure to meet you.” The Gotal says with a smile. ”Been roughing it by myself for a while, wouldn’t mind some company.”
  4. Jexal introduces himself to the others, doing his best to be amiable despite his extended time in the solitude of his research. ”My belonging are frugal, everything that I could not bear to lose I have on my person.” He says to Elias. ”I would very much like to see your ship, perhaps familiarize myself with the systems.”
  5. Nordin lets out a sigh as the group of large Mandalorians back down. ”I thank you for the aid. That group cornered a couple of pacifists before I stepped in. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a brawler.” He says to the stranger that aided him.
  6. Sorry guys, I was only following the IC. I didn’t see an opportunity to proceed with my padawan so I was just kinda waiting. I’ll post today.
  7. Nordin stops for a moment, eyeing the Mandalorian in front of him up and down. He points back towards the three men in armor quickly approaching the doorway. "If you would fight then I would stand as well, these men know nothing of honor."
  8. Jexal pauses, taking in the motley bunch of force users in front of him. He thinks for a moment on the new information. "I have tried for a long time to do some good in the galaxy. These gifts we have are capable of bringing much light into a sometimes dark place... but as you said, there are others who would seek to stop us, or corrupt that light. I have survived a long time on my own, and it has allowed me to research a great number of topics. I would hate to see your hopes for a new order serving simply as a unified location to destroy more force users." he speaks carefully, hoping to be blunt but doing his best not to seem harsh. After a moment he sighs. "You said you hope to teach these new students in the ways of the force? I too recall the old order, though I was very young when it was destroyed." he trails off for a moment, seemingly lost in thought. "I recall the way people remembered the Jedi, and how they were a beacon for good once... If I were able to serve in some capacity to help bring that light back into the galaxy I would certainly jump at that chance."
  9. He also eyes the stranger up and down for a moment, then looks around for the others he mentioned. “I am not yet certain whom it is I seek. Or perhaps who seeks me?” He says as he raises an eyebrow. After a moment Jex relents. ”Well, lets see your friends. I will have you know that I will not go easily if your force my hand.”
  10. The Gotal pushes out the door, but slides to a halt as he does so. “Di’kut.” He manages as he gestures back towards the bar.
  11. Looking around to see the couple had already fled, and realizing himself as under matched Nordin eyes the exits. Just as the large warrior squares up to throw another blow the Gotal turns to flee, hopping the banister and heading for the door. He pushes his way past the two strangers near the entrance. In the midst of the park, Jexal once again draws on the force to follow the powerful force users in the city. Having narrowed his search to this area he was fairly certain they remained within the park, but he was still uncertain as to what had drawn him here. It was possible that some dark agent might have sought him out, and if they were as powerful as he had first believed then many more might be in danger.
  12. It doesnt matter in the long run I suppose. But from what I can tell its an action to commit, but I dont see the thing that says you cant commit to separate abilites. Just the part in individual powers that says you cant commit multiple times within. Either way, I will post now.
  13. Boy what a bunch of heroes Nordin has found. Nordin would probably just flee on his own, was just trying to keep things quick but maybe that’s metagaming. With regards to the suppress bit I don’t wanna be pushy but I thought you could commit to multiple separate abilities can’t you? If I am already continuing to use sense and then later commit a separate die to suppress?
  14. I will make a post on my master I guess then. Ideally he would get to the park and locate the source, and then approach it without being detected if possible. Also, if possible I would like to use Suppress to mask my connection to the force if I can. The description says you create a dampening bubble to prevent the force from being used to harm you. If not I will just approach cautiously and try and see what theyre up to. (Also, Nordin's plan was really just to buy those people enough time to get away and then flee himself... He thinks he can take him in a lethal fight but hes no brawler)
  15. Nope, I honestly don’t think I can make it through his armor with just my fists and I don’t wanna kill the guy, so that’s it. Also with regards to Jex I assume you will tell me when he finds somebody?
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