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  1. I would switch talent on Echo to Juke. It is 1pt more yes, but I think you will likely get more utility out of it. So I would switch that and then take Sabacc for an even 200. You are right, people fear the 4 red dice on Sabacc and cannot afford to ignore him. Alternatively, Countdown is much more durable and makes for a better piece for end-game situations but doesn't really threaten enough to take the heat off the other pieces.
  2. I considered this, but for my local meta at least, I think the 2pt bid will be handier.
  3. Vader absolutely needs afterburners. And I do mean NEEDS. Agreed with above the Maarek is better off with marksmanship. They both like the FCS so that's a good choice. Always is actually on the x1's. I've no experience with the bombers but... have you considered the unique missile from the Droid expansions? It's unique but gives you the anti-swarm option and retains range 3 threat. Darth Vader (67) Hate (3) Fire-Control System (2) Afterburners (6) Maarek Stele (46) Marksmanship (1) Fire-Control System (2) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (29) Diamond-Boron Missiles (6) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (29) Barrage Rockets (8) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  4. Yeah, RAC is surprisingly durable especially as you are reinforcing a lot (to benefit from his pilot ability too) AND because enemies want to target the sneaky aces first. In the game I played last night, the red coordinate action was also EXTREMELY useful after Soontir got a block that next turn would have sent him over a debris field.
  5. Hello all, I drafted a list and test flew it last night - was great fun to fly and did well. Rear Admiral Chiraneau (76) Darth Vader (14) Soontir Fel (53) Predator (2) “Duchess” (42) Predator (2) Fifth Brother (9) Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Any thoughts/comments/ideas to improve? Cheers,
  6. Super Natural Reflexes on The Inquisitors is key to their mobility hijinks. Predictive shot helps with the limited damage output but still, you won’t be throwing many red dice at the enemy and without the ion missiles you lose the threat of control. The Vader crew is almost mandatory on a decimator...
  7. I flew this list tonight versus Vader (Predictive shot, FCS, afterburners), Soontir Fel (Lone Wolf) and Vynder (protons, advanced protons, crack shot, FCS, advanced SLAM and some other stuff [I think?] - notes: SNR Inqs are incredibly mobile and, being able to double token stack alongside 3 green dice, are surprisingly survivable! BUT - as predicted, they don’t hit very hard at all. 2 hull off Soontir from a range 1 primary and then 5 of Vader’ hit points from as many ion missiles (all 1hp at a time, no ion tokens inflicted). To be fair though, Vader is a tough nut to land hits due to the force and some voodoo green dice - so maybe, just maybe, against a less evasive target, they could bring some clout. Oicunn needs a better pilot than I to shine. He is a wonderful distraction carnifex though - truly. The Vader crew is awesome. 0-0-0 and BT1 pair nicely but I’m not so sure they were terribly effective in this match. I was surprised by how the decimator moved though. That hard 1 turn (albeit red) is just awesome. Could really have used sense to help with the blocking etc. Score: 200-51 to me. Oicunn was down to 2 hull and 1 Inq lost a shield. I benefitted from several mistakes from my opponent, but it flew well after the initial face punch from Vynder and Vader, as they could never get back on target versus the SNR Inqs. Soontir popped on a rock. All in all, this was a fun list to fly but needs some tweaking. I’m not sold on Oicunn... but the SNR Inqs I will try to build in to more lists.
  8. I like the idea of Del Meeko alongside 3 Juke Sigmas. Alternatively, 3 tricked out sigmas could be fun to play... Sigma Squadron Ace (48) Juke (7) Passive Sensors (3) Afterburners (6) Sigma Squadron Ace (48) Juke (7) Passive Sensors (3) Afterburners (6) Sigma Squadron Ace (48) Juke (7) Passive Sensors (3) Afterburners (6) Total: 192 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 If anyone has any ideas how to burn the 8 points I’d be interested to hear them lol
  9. Imdaar Test Pilot (44) Collision Detector (6) Imdaar Test Pilot (44) Collision Detector (6) Imdaar Test Pilot (44) Collision Detector (6) Imdaar Test Pilot (44) Collision Detector (6) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Obstacles? What obstacles? OK - it's a super simple list that you run with 3 gas clouds for extra shenanigans. Aye, without juke / passive sensors etc. they will be variance dependent when it comes to damage output... BUT, it's 4 phantoms that quite frankly, don't give a hoot about initiative bid or being predictable. I'm considering running this list as one of two extended lists in a local league format (2 hyper space lists, 2 extended lists - must use each list at least once in the whole league - no duplicate uniques within a format - each opponent is fought once in each format). This generic phantom list would pair with an FCS-Afterburner Vader, Juke Echo and Juke Whisper list. My thinking is that this generic list, offers enough of a divergence from the acey list to keep opponents on their toes about which of their lists they should select. As with many phantom pilots, I am in love with the platform and its play-style - but fully acknowledge how frustrating it can be for opponents to face. Putting in 4 of them with Collision Detectors will hopefully make that even more so! Thoughts?
  10. In an effort to move away from ace and phantom play (it works, recent point increases included) - I've tried my hand at making a new list, and one that I haven't seen a similar variant of anywhere else... which is probably a bad sign. Captain Oicunn (74) Intimidation (3) Darth Vader (14) 0-0-0 (5) BT-1 (2) Dauntless (4) Inquisitor (35) Supernatural Reflexes (8) Fire-Control System (2) Ion Missiles (4) Inquisitor (35) Supernatural Reflexes (8) Fire-Control System (2) Ion Missiles (4) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 They are all i3 so that gives lots of options. SNR inqs are insanely good in a knife-fight and with the ion missiles, can pin down targets for Oicunn to face-smash. Oicunn has all the upgrades to synergise with his preference for engaging at range 0-1, getting in the enemies faces and making them hurt with damage and tokens. I will test it tomorrow night, but I am anticipating to fly the list with the Deci on one flank, and SNR Inqs on the other - hammer and anvil style. The Inqs can then peel off and dance when the brawl ensues. Obvious weaknesses of the list are the limited ship count and reliance of Oicunn and SNR Inqs on each other. The Inqs aren't overly punchy and Oicunn on his own will struggle. The synergy looks good on paper but also quite fragile... Thoughts?
  11. The x1 lacks boost action and hard one turns. It’s only a good end game piece if your opponent doesn’t have anything too slippy on the table. In a 1v1 knife fight, the x1 really struggles.
  12. Vader and a mini swarm (4x TIE/In's) is quite popular and successful at the moment. Vader (FCS, Afterburners) + Howl + Iden + 2x Academies = 199pts [I think?]
  13. Keeping them at range 2 isn't the headache early on - but maintaining that plus the correct sequences of actions etc. across multiple rounds over multiple games in a day of tournament play probably won't be the walk in the park we'd like it to be.
  14. If you can pull that off in a tournament you deserve the tokens.
  15. I had success with Vader (Hate, FCS) + 3 Imdaar phantoms (199 pts). Went 3-1 with an MoV of 1119, finishing 2nd out of 9. You could always switch Hate and FCS out for Afterburners to land on a round 200 pts. Vader is a solid ship and probably one of the Empire's best end-game pieces. The 3 Imdaars fly as a joust swarm and are terrifyingly efficient. However, if you prefer a more acey feel, you might consider the following... Darth Vader (65) Hate (3) Fire-Control System (2) Afterburners (6) “Whisper” (54) Juke (5) Fifth Brother (9) “Echo” (50) Juke (5) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Vader is probably a bit overkill with all 3 upgrades but he'll hit like a hammer and if played well will be quite survivable with Hate to regen force, FCS to improve action economy (he doesn't need it though tbf) and afterburners to get out of those extra sticky situations or into kill range/arcs. Whisper loves fifth brother. It is possible, after firing, for whisper to be sat with 2 evade tokens, focus and a force token - improves survivability dramatically (in my experience, math hammer may disagree). Juke is an autoinclude for any phantom noting they generate a "free" evade token after decloaking. Echo is very point efficient - plus she's a phantom so you really can't go wrong! All three ships in this list hit hard, have good action economy, good movement options/unpredictability and can all function as late game closers. You've also got a 1 pt bid which won't beat the ace list purists, gives you that edge over fully stocked lists ... Comments on your second list - take the shuttle with the Grand Inq. That pairs beautifully with Vader and Soontir.
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