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  1. I always wished they had made Sun Fac and cherteks abilities work if they are tractorred(?). Feels like it would have always been more of a personal choice and not the need to put ensnare on them. they would have also been hurt less by ensnare being removed from HS.
  2. I really dislike the dice trays that are common around here, mainly because i am too timid to speak up and they mean my opponent rolls dice and touches them all without me ever seeing the results. I always feel guilty when an opponent has a lucky roll and my brain goes, now did he get that roll or did he ... Maybe i should be less short so i can see in the little tray thing
  3. Without upgrades? So, even if you pair him with an academy pilot, you'd have 26 points of upgrades :D. Hmmm, if you go light on upgrades, what would be a best wingman for a 160 point vader. Howlrunner? That leaves no bid. Mauler Mithel for a twin aces list.
  4. Not sure if this is a stupid question then, but does the crit that makes manuevers harder then make red manuevers purple now?
  5. Still waiting for stuff to get in stock over here.
  6. I wouldn't say no way. Ibtisam is only 50 points in his ARC and the standard aethersprite isn't looking that much better then an A-wing (worse statline, worse dial, similar ship ability) so if those mods aren't mandatory, that jedi knight could be around 40 points (the 34 points of a I3 A-Wing + 6 for the force point, compared to the Baron and Inquisitor as an example). Asoka naked might be below 50 and the generic ARCs should be.
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