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  1. My generator won't run. It shows it's open on my tabs but the preview is a blank screen and wont expand. Any ideas? thanks!
  2. Do you think clan Saxon still remains as a channel for the empire a year after Tiber?
  3. What do you think might be going on in Concordia/Mandelor in the months leading up to Yavin? My Edge campaign takes place right before the Battle. Two of my players come from the moon and say they've served in the Mando Army. Another's obligation is that he had an affair with a Mando princess. I want to run an arc there since there's so much backstory to hit but i'm not sure on the climate. Rebels left us with Bo-katan as Ruler to be, but does that include the moon? Are the Vizsla's still in power? Do you think the empire just left the sector alone after the civil war?
  4. Just glanced over the book, it doesn't seem to cover this. Maybe another book compares vehicle speed to PC speed? I think You have the right idea though. Also, beyond just flavor, Attacking a mounted character and not the mount, could be a targeted attack. So it adds some meat shield.
  5. I 'm sure they were overemphasizing the detachable cargo bay, but I agree, it feels in the four range. Thanks all for the replies. I'm going to allow the second maneuver. If nothing else, it will add more strain, giving others more to repair.
  6. Fair enough, but it would give another player something else to do. The true pilot player is already the limelight guy who tries to steer the narrative. I just didn't want starship combat to be so seemingly focused on him.
  7. Just gave my new group a Wayfarer and realized its silhouette 5. Is it game breaking to allow them an extra pilot maneuver for strain, and to allow that to be taken by the co-pilot? I have a pretty large group so most of the other actions will be already happening. The copilot also took some piloting skills and don't wan them lost in just the "co-pilot" action. Thanks
  8. Yeah is was strange, on my Oggdude it wouldn't allow us to take an extra 5 unless our starting was 10, I could have done a grant I suppose but I really didn't mind. They're starting poor, weak, and can't shoot past short range. It's just the reality check we needed after high level D&D play.
  9. Oh nice. I've used the PC builder but haven't dove into Tools, ill try that. Yeah I rolled after our first session to determine the second, and everyone was actually disappointed it didn't hit. I know the book says 5ob for 6 PCs but I wish I would have gone 10ob. It's going to be a rare hit and working a 5 down without killing it off just seems weird.
  10. I've been looking for a blank d100 chart for obligation but can't find anything. Do you guys just write them out, punch it up in excel or what?
  11. Well it went.. amazing! We ran through some creation and a Mos Shuuta variant (they're now supposed to run a spice shipment for Teemo) and everyone had a great time. The level of player involvement built in to this system had them engaged and moving at lightspeed. Instead of sitting back, waiting for an initiative turn, people were hovered over a scribbled-on white board like their lives depended on it. Player x had already rolled a non force user and brought no qualms to the table, so all is well.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Player x assuredly doesn't have the dawn book, and it's just one of the reasons I'm not going to allow it. We have a rather large group so making exceptions out of the gate is just setting myself up for future headaches. Edge encapsulates the setting I want to run, and if FF can divide up the game, I suppose I can too. My fault was quenching their pre-session zero excitement with a generator and description zip that gave them everything under the sun. Now I've got to be the bad guy, lessen learned.
  13. It’s a universal spec? He sent me a PDF of his Oggdude and it’s listing is career- mystic spec- Padawan survivor I’m at work so I can look at the program myself. How would he have only chosen a universal?
  14. With that said, is there a balance shift with the rise spec? Is It, and it’s career counterparts much better than exile? I suppose I can house rule it as a one off spec
  15. Told my players edge line only as I’m new to the system and those are the books I have. Player x wants to play a Padawan survivor. Am I being unreasonable? I barely understand how the different exile powers work, and I’m not sure how much stronger his desired spec/career will make him over time
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