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  1. Found one card when sorting through my decks, and I have no idea where it came from. The deck is not registered, but I thought I would try here. It's a Bellowing Patrizate card. Jim
  2. I'm trying to find out if there is a way to end a tournament early. We have a weeknight tournament that goes from 7-10pm, and we generally start a little late. Up until recently we had no issues with time and generally played 3-4 rounds, depending on numbers. However, now we have had a huge influx of players, but still have the same time constraints. Combined with playing Sealed for the first month of WC, we cannot get beyond 3 rounds, sometimes 4, before we have to break. How can we limit the number of rounds or end the tournament early? Alternatively, is there a way to run two simultaneous tournaments through GEM, ideally one chainbound, and one weekly Sealed (not chainbound)? Splitting folks into two separate tournaments could solve our time problem. Thanks for any help you all can offer! Jim for Game Kastle Sacramento
  3. Lost Khrkhar's Blaster card from my Mx. "Tunes" Nieminen deck (WC) sometime in the last couple of weeks. It could have been at the Las Vegas VT, in organized play in the Sacramento area or in Berkeley. Thanks! MediatorJ
  4. I know it's impractical, but I would love to have custom card sleeves with my Archon on the back (or maybe a multi-colored Archon) for the deck I'm playing. Otherwise, Bumblebird...
  5. It's nice that you can be selective with your archive. I like archiving my opponents' cards but can't release my own archived cards without also releasing theirs, until now.
  6. It means that players at you FLGS were sick and tired of you winning all the time, got a hold of your phone, and took care of their problem deck....
  7. So, I've been told to send the question to @FFGOP (i.e. Organized Play) for an answer. I'll post whatever it is when I hear from them. I'm not that hopeful that a solution will be created, but we can't know if we don't ask. MediatorJ
  8. Question about spending Aembershards at the Vault Tour Prize Wall: Is there any way to buy Prize Wall items for friends who cannot attend, with their aembershards? Would I be able to use their online profile to buy stuff on the Prize Wall? Or can they transfer aembershards to me beforehand?
  9. More Age of Ascension Cards! As we get more game-play streaming from FFG Live, I am updating this post with new cards and carryover cards from the Age of Ascension decks that Megan is playing. As always, for details, pictures, and text of the new cards, there is no better source than KeyForge Compendium (click here), so I haven't duplicated that here. Also, I've updated the KeyForge Card list spreadsheet in the first post. Please let us know in the replies below if any of the information below is incorrect, or if I am missing anything. From 2/28/19 FFG Live Gameplay Video: (click here): New Cards #012 Groke (Brobnar) #013 Into the Fray (Brobnar) #008 Foozle (Brobnar) #273 Life for a Life (Shadows) #276 Ronnie Wristclocks (Shadows) #277 Sucker Punch (Shadows) #291 Nightforge (Shadows) #303 Heist Night (Shadows) #321 Fanghouse (Untamed) #333 Tantadlin (Untamed) #334 They're Everywhere (Untamed) #350 Way of the Porcupine (Untamed) Carryover cards from CoTA #045 Phoenix Hear (Brobnar) #344 Nature's Call (Untamed) #??? Tremor (Brobnar) #??? Miasma (Shadows) #??? Save the Pack (Untamed) #??? Chota Hazri (Untamed) From 3/07/19 FFG Live Gameplay Video (click here): New Cards #053 Aember Imp (Dis) #060 Gub (Dis) #063 Not Finished with You (Dis) #082 Skullion (Dis) #083 Soulkeeper (Dis) #104 Shard of Pain (Dis) #212 Abond the Armorsmith (Sanctum) #213 Aubade the Grim (Sanctum) #216 Challe the Safeguard (Sanctum) #224 Smite (Sanctum) #226 The Grey Rider (Sanctum) #228 Barrister Joya (Sanctum) #332 Song of Stream (Untamed) #366 Shard of Life (Untamed) Carryover cards from CoTA #??? Shooler (Dis) #??? Full Moon (Untamed) #??? Key Charge (Untamed) #??? Mimicry (Untamed) #??? Regrowth (Untamed) #??? Inka the Spider (Untamed) Included in KeyForge Compendium, but not listed above or in the first post to this thread: New Card #365 Roxador (Untamed)
  10. I was curious to see what we could figure out about the Age of Ascension. What do we know? Let me know what I've missed and what new information exists (with sources!). I will keep updating this post with information from later comments, as best as I can, and have included a spreadsheet below. What new cards are there in Age of Ascension (AoA)? (204 new cards) KeyForge Compendium has all of the Age of Ascension cards (42) that we have complete information on so far. Additionally, there are other cards mentioned or shown in the Richard Garfield and gameplay video and not included in the KeyForge Compendium list: Bumblebird Pantacca Anga (Untamed Creature) - spelling? Gives some bonus to every creature to the right of it in the battleline.* Pantacca Jaga (Untamed Creature) - Spelling? Gives some bonus to every creature to the left of it in the battleline.* * I may have the direction reversed for these two cards Finally, there are some additional cards mentioned and/or shown in a picture from the Age of Ascension Announcement. Agent Hoo-Man (Mars Creature) - Elusive. "... a friendly non-Mars . . . enemy non-Mars . . . chosen creatures." Hexpion (#113 Logos Creature, Common) - AI - "Destroyed: Archive Hexpion and the top card of your deck." "I learn. I die. I learn again." Not Finished with You (#63 Dis Action, Common) - "Play: Shuffle any number of creatures from your discard pile into your deck." Haedroth's Wall (Sanctum Artifact) ???spine Mongrel (Untamed Creature) Perplexing ??? (Shadows Action) ????? (Brobnar Action) What Call of The Archons (CoTA) cards are also included? (166 CoTA cards) Shown in the the Age of Ascension Announcement: #369 Witch of the Wilds Mentioned in the the Richard Garfield and gameplay video: The Warchest (Brobnar) Pandemonium (Dis) Poltergeist (Dis) Bouncing Deathquark (Logos) Sloppy Labwork (Logos) Library of Babble (Logos) Harland Mindlock (Logos) #177 Combat Phermones (Mars) Nerve Blast (Shadows) Skeleton Key (Shadows) Subtle Maul (Shadows) Nature's Call (Untamed) Flaxia (Untamed) Fuzzy Gruen (Untamed) Teliga (Untamed) @FFGOP Twitter account tweet: Quiz #13 2/12/2019: #010 Gauntlet of Command (Brobnar) #009 Ganger Chieftain (Brobnar) #041 King of the Crag (Brobnar) #056 Charette (Dis) #058 Dust Imp (Dis) #085 Tentacus (Dis) #239 Potion of Invulnerability (Sanctum) #262 Sanctum Guardian (Sanctum) #267 Bad Penny (Shadows) #275 Nerve Blast (Shadows) #369 Witch of the Wilds What Call of the Archons cards are not included (except possibly as a Legacy card)? Quixo the Adventurer (per the Age of Ascension Announcement) KeyForge Card List 3-07-19.xls
  11. I have 4 in about 55 decks Bumpsy in Untamed Sample Collection in Dis Smith in Mars Dew Faerie in Sanctum
  12. MediatorJ


    House Tamed... does that mean there are PUPPIES....??!! My new favorite non-house!
  13. Not quite as creative, but last night I played my Master of 2 and 4 dust imps on one turn. The next turn I reaped with all 5 and then killed a dust imp (7 aember total). The following turn I reaped with the remaining 4 and then killed a dust imp (6 aember), etc. My opponent couldn't get rid of my Master of 2 before the 3rd turn finished, so I got a total of 18 aember, and still had a dust imp left. It would have been even more effective with some kind of protection (Shadow Self, Taunt creature, healer, or some such). It was fun! Edit: I just looked it up, and I have the only deck with this many dust imps and Master of 2 (Dangercauldron, the Crook of Cheethas). Cool.
  14. Another thought (as mentioned by Deuzerre above): Card draw effects seem less susceptible to sabotage by your opponent. Sure, cards that prevent you from playing actions or using creatures can delay mass drawing by a turn (or more if a draw-card creature gets eliminated), but that's an annoyance compared to someone using Dysania and destroying your plans for an epic turn.... A counterpoint, of course, is that Dysania is rare.
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